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Best Double Strollers For Travel

It can be pretty troublesome with finding a decent stroller if a parent has more than one child because that also means you have to carry more stuff with you when you take your children out, or even if you plan on traveling.

Some strollers are more portable, easier to carry and more lightweight, while some are a bit heavier than expected, in this case, double strollers. Don’t let anyone fool you because double strollers are definitely heavier than those single-child strollers out there, starting from the fact that double strollers are bigger in size, however, that isn’t necessarily a disadvantage, bigger in size also means more space for you to store things, but we’ll get to that later in this review.

Now, taking into consideration that the market is pretty huge nowadays, I tried to compile a list of 5 best double strollers for travel out there and seeing that this is a struggle for almost every parent I’ve talked to, I saw it reasonable to do some research first.

Top 5 Best Double Strollers for Travel

5. Evenflow Aero 2

The Evenflo Aero 2 is relatively new to the market, but due to its quality and compactness, it has managed to crawl on top of the chain. There’s really a lot to talk about this double stroller, but what you will notice first is the budget-friendly price which comes without sacrificing quality at all, for the most part.

Design-wise, this particular model has an ultra-lightweight construction, yes that’s a real word and it’s durable at the same time while it comes with an easy-to-push design that makes it easy to move, considering the fact that two infants will sit on it.

In addition, the Aero 2 features a 50-pound capacity per seat and also offers multiple parent-friendly accessories.

Now, remember during the introduction when I said it’s really important for a stroller to be compact and decently sized for you to store it in your trunk or fold it, well, that’s exactly what the Aero 2 is about. The Evenflo Aero 2 boasts a quick and easy-to-fold system, while it can fit into smaller spaces and it can stand without any effort or additional gears on itself.

Furthermore, if you’re someone who likes to carry stuff along when you go on travels or take your children out with you, the Aero 2 lets you store whatever you want in the bonus storage basket that snaps onto the front of either seat when riding with one child. To be more specific, it stores easily underneath the seat.

But that’s not all, there are a couple of other features which are very parent-friendly as well, starting with the extra seatback storage pocket that can make your experience with the stroller and children a lot easier, due to the fact that it gives you easy access to all your accessories such as phones, keys, or wallets.

On the other hand, the two mesh in-seat pockets are the ideal choice for keeping snacks and toys within reach, so as you can see, you’ll be pretty well equipped indeed.

Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable yet budget-friendly double stroller which has been engineered with real-life usage in mind, then the Evenflo Aero 2 would be your ideal choice.

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4. JOOVY Twin Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller

Checking up next, we got the JOOVY Twin Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller. Similar to our first product, this as well falls into the lightweight double-stroller category, more precisely, the TwinGroove Ultralight has an overall weight limit of 100 lbs and weighing just 26 lbs, so in other terms, this particular model has all the needed capacity plus some extra with none of the bulk.

Different from our first product, this one comes with a relatively higher-price, however, it does pay off in terms of functionality and quality. So, let’s start by pointing out a couple of interesting facts about its construction.

The JOOVY Twin Groove Ultralight can fit through doors and checkouts easily, however, take note that it is suitable for newborns and kids to up to 50lbs. Okay, let’s continue, it has independently reclining seats, water, and stain-resistant fabric, adjustable leg rests, two extra-large canopies, kid-accessible mesh pockets, zippered parent pocket for valuables, and it includes 3 cup holders. So, right off the bat, you can see that with this double stroller you get pretty much everything and anything that you can possibly ask for.

In addition, the aluminum frame that covers most of the product is as strong and as durable as you can imagine, it can handle the extra cargo of two kids without losing quality, it will still be narrow to fit through standard door frames. If you combine all of the above-mentioned features into one piece, you can see that with the built-in storage, cup holders, and an included carrying strap, this double stroller was built with portability in mind.

To get more into the details, this is one of the safest double strollers for newborns that you can find, it has soft seats which transition effortlessly to bassinet mode for a nearly flat ride that’s perfect for napping newborns, but that’s not all since the built-in foot enclosure keeps the baby safe and sound.

Now, just as we mentioned, each seat features a mesh pocket for toys or snacks, so getting them in and out will be pretty easy, and your kids will never have to share their part.

To get to the best part, this particular model features separate extra-large canopies that are able to provide UDF 50 sun protection with road-ready reflective material on all four sides for added safety.

Moreover, the JOOVY Ultralight also has a peek-a-boo window in the canopies which means that even will all that sun protection, you can also keep your children in sight.

To conclude, you should really take the JOOVY Ultralight into serious consideration, because it truly has everything that you could possibly ask for, and above all, it portable, lightweight and secure for your children.

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3. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller

For those that are after brand name and reputation, Baby Jogger would be the ideal solution, and I’m going to show you why in just a bit. This company is around since 1984, it has been mainly inspired by children as you can imagine, and the potential to create ingenious solutions for everyday problems. You’ve probably used a Baby Jogger product before, seen one or even saw one on the internet while you were doing your research, well, that pretty much sums it all and tells about what kind of product we’re talking about here.

In terms of aesthetics, this particular model is mixed and combines the essence of City Mini Double’s urban mobility with some notable GT comfort upgrades including all-terrain wheels, an adjustable handlebar, hand-operated brake, and a plush seats that hold up to 100 pounds total.

In addition to this, there are also a couple of accessory options that will allow you to transform this stroller into a travel system, which is also the essence of this article, and since you’re reading this, you’re obviously after such a stroller. Anyhow, besides that, this stroller includes the people’s choice and beloved UV 50+ sun canopy which is able to offer a lot of shade on a sunny day, and it can effectively protect your children from sunburn or something similar.

However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t get to watch your children during their ride, there’s also a peek-a-boo window included which gives you the ability to quietly check your little ones and can be adjusted to multiple positions as you open or close it.

For added convenience, this particular model can also fold, which makes it preferable for people who travel a lot with their little ones. To fold this model, all you need to do is to lift the straps and the City Mini GT Double stroller folds itself, simply and compactly. But that’s not all, there’s also an auto-lock included which will securely lock the fold for transportation or storage, and that’s pretty much everything you need to do.

Furthermore, there’s also a customized travel system possible, basically, you create your own travel system by pairing your City Mini GT Double stroller with the company’s City GO infant car seat, but your current infant car seat will also get the job done if you use the company’s car seat adapters.

To sum up, if you’re looking for a reliable and quality double stroller that comes with premium features and functionalities, then the City Mini GT Double stroller is your answer.

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2. UPPAbaby G-Link

Just as we mentioned above, it can be really troublesome having twins or a second child, it basically means more to juggle. However, that won’t be a problem with the UPPAbaby G-Link because this particular model is a very versatile unit that will allow you to effortlessly get the job done. What I mean by effortlessly is the fact that the G-Link has independent reclining seats and adjustable footrests that can support different nap times. But that’s not all, the G-Link also features very uniquely simply fold and carry handles that keep you moving.

This particular model combines a lightweight design with four sets of wheels which makes the stroller very easy to push and steer, but that is not the best part, both the included seats have the capability to recline and include plush head inserts with snap-on mesh foot barriers to transform the stroller into a safe and comfortable environment, pretty fascinating huh?

In terms of compatibility, this particular stroller is suitable for newborn children to up to 55lbs per seat, so make sure you write that somewhere just to know for how long you can use this stroller.

What makes this stroller really special and why I like it the most out of all the other strollers we’ve mentioned in this product list is the fact that it allows for one child to take a nap, and the other to see the sights if he/she wishes. This is all possible due to the independent reclining seats and adjustable footrests that ensure everyone is equally comfortable.

For added convenience, just like the rest of the strollers out there, here you also get a peek-a-boo window that will allows you to keep an eye on your little ones, while for added security, the extendable UPF 50+ sunshades make sure to protect your children from the sun, and it does that pretty conveniently and effectively.

When it comes to portability, the UPPAbaby G-Link features a one-action fold that requires almost no effort with no foot action at all, so once you fold the stroller, you’ll also notice that it can stand on its own to help keep the dirt away, while on the other hand, what’s convenient is that the carry handle gives you one free hand to tackle stairs, pretty impressive huh?

Moreover, you’ll also be happy to know that there are also double storage pockets on the back of the canopies that will allow you to keep your personal items properly in order and within easy reach. However, that’s not all, the easy-access storage basket holds larger items as well, while on the other hand, there is also one cup holder for you so you stay hydrated during your steering and pushing.

Overall, I really like the UPPAbaby G-Link, it is a bit expensive, but all I can say is that it pays the debt in every aspect, and you simply can’t go wrong with it.

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1.  Zoe XL2 Best v2 Double Stroller

Last on our list, we got the ZOE XL2 Best Double. It is the people’s favorite and it is a highly-rated double stroller which comes with many advantages, features, and functionalities, for which we’ll talk in just a bit.

It’s mainly made for on-the-go parents, and that’s also why we ranked it as our number 1 because it has features that specifically serve for travelers.

First, let’s start by pointing out a couple of interesting facts about the design, shall we?

The Zoe XL2 Best v2 Double Stroller features high-grade aluminum construction, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is heavy, in fact, this product only weighs around 19-pounds, which is pretty decent. Anyhow, that’s not even the best part, this well-thought-out double stroller also boasts a very unique compact fold which enables it to fit in a backpack, and don’t get it wrong, it can easily and quickly be folded to suit your needs. So, as you can tell only by the fact that this double stroller can fit in a backpack, the Zoe XL2 packs some serious portability within.

It is smart, secure, and very efficient to suit the needs of even the most demanding parents out there. To get more into the specifics, the Zoe XL2 is also patented for its tandem system capability, it has a one-of-a-kind add-on expansion, and here comes the best part. What made this stroller really popular was its ability to be much more than it tells, basically, the manufacturer gives you the ability to turn this stroller into a triple or quad to match your growing family, so even though you welcome a third or fourth child in your family, you won’t ever need to buy another stroller for them. Although take in mind that in order to use the triple or quad system, you’ll need a comfortable tandem-seat add-on that matches and attaches to the XL2.

To continue, the Zoe XL2 boasts 4 independent 4-panel canopies which can effectively block out the wind, sun, and passerby. Other than that, it features 165-degree reclining seats, comfy color-matching padded harness strap covers, a double belly bar, one child snack cup, and for added convenience you also get two children, snack holders. In terms of usability, this particular model can accommodate newborns up to 50 pounds in each seat, pretty impressive, right?

The advantages that come along with this stroller aren’t just for the kids, but they are for the parents as well, to be more precise, there’s the elastic storage basket which can hold snacks, toys, and anything you may want for yourself, while in addition to that, you also get a detachable parent cup holder that keeps your favorite hydration close, and the dual magnetic peekaboo window makes it easier for you to take care of your little ones. Other than that, there’s also rear storage which serves as a phone holder, lets you store your keys, wallet and more.

Moreover, the Zoe XL2 is the ultimate lightweight twin stroller that will not only accommodate your little ones, but it will also provide you with a great experience, easy accessibility and plenty of useful features.

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What strollers are allowed on airplanes?

During my research, this was the most asked question across the web, what strollers are allowed on airplanes, so let’s clear that out, shall we? To be sure whether to take your stroller with you or not, your stroller should meet the measurements with a collapsed diameter that doesn’t exceed 25.5 cmd and a length that doesn’t exceed 92 cm, so if your stroller meets those requirements, then you’re good to go.

For security purposes, you can check the size of your stroller at the gate, once you leave it there, it will be delivered to you at the aircraft door at the end of your flight.

Buying Guide

Specifically, this list is based on durability, portability, quality, and size obviously.

Mainly, there are three types of double strollers in the market today, and depending on what your requirements are, that’s how you’re going to define which strollers fill your needs the most.

Just to point it out, these three types of double strollers include:

  1. Side-by-side double strollers – (they also come in subcategories such as double umbrella strollers, general-purpose double strollers, all-terrain double strollers which are the most popular in the world, and the double joggers).
  2. Tandem double strollers – (subcategories include twin car seat frames, convertible all-terrain strollers, all-purpose tandems, and sit and stands).
  3. Strollers for three or four children

So, as you can see, you have a plethora of options to choose from, which can be frustrating, but at the same time relieving because you can always find the one your looking for, at least at some point. However, it’s important to note that the most important type of stroller from all of the abovementioned is the all-terrain double stroller which falls in the side-by-side double stroller category.

All-terrain double strollers feature heavy-duty all-terrain wheels, and more commonly with front wheels that have the ability to swivel or lock. But there’s a downside to these types of strollers, which for some people can be very crucial, such as the heavy and bulky construction, which makes them take much more space when storing it in your trunk or something similar.

The most logical option if you’re looking for a lighter double stroller would be the double umbrella strollers, they are pretty lightweight and have small wheels that can fold compactly, nonetheless, such double strollers also have their downsides.

Traveling can be pretty harsh with more than one child, so traveling with a more compact and maneuverable gear is very important, so, let’s not spoil any further and get straight into the topic to see what makes these double strollers be so special.


As we reached the end of this article, by now I believe you have enough facts and information to come up with a decision of your own, and as we got our introduction and all the products out of the way, I doubt that you’ll need anything else to choose the one that meets your requirements the most.

I hope this article was helpful enough for you to accommodate your little ones properly and in the right way, so if you have any other questions regarding this topic, make sure you contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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