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Can Babies Wear a Regular Diaper in Pool? (Taking a Baby Swimming)

When getting ready for beaches and swimming pools, you already know what to bring and what not to, but with babies, things certainly change!

You surely want to take your child in the pool, it’s cute after all. So, can babies wear regular diapers in the pool? Can regular diapers withstand any amount of water? Read on to find out!

Main Points

  • Regular diapers are not meant to be worn in the pool; they will give you and your baby a super hard time and some pools don’t allow them.
  • The absorption feature of regular diapers is the main reason your babies shouldn’t wear them while swimming. 
  • If your child is wearing a regular diaper while in a pool, besides the absorption, it will fall off and sometimes completely fall apart.
  • The best diaper type to use in a pool is a swimming diaper; they are specific diapers made for these things.
  • Important: If your child is going through a condition, such as diarrhea, don’t go to the pool! It is not recommended, even if they are wearing swimming diapers.

Are Regular Diapers Good to Wear in the Pool?

Babies cannot wear regular diapers in the pool. Some private pools also have a restriction rule for cases like this. The best thing to do as a parent is to purchase swimming diapers which are specifically made for scenarios like this.

We’re going to talk more about swimming diapers in the sections down below. Although if you are interested in which swimming diapers you should get, I used to use Pampers Splashers on my kid, and they are wonderful.

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Why Shouldn’t My Baby Wear Regular Diapers in Pools? – Main Reasons

For one, regular diapers are not intended for pools, so they are not efficient in keeping the water from entering and coming into contact with your baby’s bun. Apart from that, it can cause a mess in terms of leakage.

In this article today, we’re going to list essential factors which will add to the following query and to why you shouldn’t take your baby in a pool with a regular diaper.

Main Purpose

The main reason why it is not recommended to take your baby to a pool with a regular diaper is that germs from the poop can come out. Don’t get me wrong, regular diapers are perfect for absorption and taking care of your baby on a regular day, but for a pool, you’re going to need diapers that will keep the poop inside.

So, swimming diapers are built with that in mind, and as in addition, they will also perform remarkably and differently in water absorption. As an end result, a stress-free vacation day for you and a stress-free day for the baby.


Regular diapers can have a perfect fit as long as they are dry and not flooding in water, although when coming in contact or dipping into the water, the fit can change and make your baby uncomfortable.

Related to wearing them when there is a lot of water, like in a pool, you should know that they could fall off quicker than you can imagine.

A regular diaper full of water inside will always give your baby a hard time and complete blockage of movements.


Many parents are worried for the safety of their children, especially when in a pool, and it is a fact no one can deny. Yet again, when I say safety referring to regular diapers being worn in the pool, it is more related to skin safety. Regular diapers are made of safe materials in general, but when they are dry!

When your children wear regular diapers while in water the diaper tends to get quite odd overall and can cause not only rash to your baby’s skin but also cause many infections that can fully harm them.

Falling Apart

When a regular diaper gets too wet, you can expect it, besides falling off, to fall apart! That is again related to the materials and the feature of absorption.

A super heavy ordinary diaper will fall apart as the materials can be quickly divided, especially the taps that are used to secure the fitting part. They will completely get out of hand.

Things to Know – Usage of Swimming Diapers

Babies can’t wear regular diapers in the pool, but they can surely wear swimming diapers! As I mentioned above, they are the best thing to use, and it is because of the purpose they were made for and hence their name; swim diapers are specific diapers one can use in the water.

Swim diapers differ from normal/regular diapers as they are completely non-absorbent.

These diapers are divided into two groups, disposable and reusable! Disposable swim diapers are the ones that need to be thrown in the trash after use, meanwhile, reusable swim diapers are more durable and can be used and reused easily, of course, after you wash them.

However, something very crucial to mention is the fact that if your baby isn’t feeling well and is having any diarrhea or other condition similar to that, they aren’t allowed to go in the pool, even with swim diapers.

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Final Words

With all that being said, I think you pretty much have all the information you need regarding this topic. Overall, I would recommend you get swimming diapers and you’ll be surprised and thrilled to see how well they work in swimming pools, and how great your baby will feel.

I hope this article was worth reading, see you in the next one.

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