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5 Formulas That Taste Like Breastmilk: Tested & Reviewed

A mother’s milk is a newborn’s primary source of food for a year or two. However not all mothers have milk, so they have to use baby formulas. All baby formula products are tested to make sure that they are safe for your young one.

They can be found in different forms like powder, liquid concentration, and ready-to-consume ones. So, first, let’s check out some baby formulas that taste like breastmilk, and then read through a detailed overview of milk and its content!

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Which baby formulas taste like breastmilk?

If you are in the market for formulas that taste like breastmilk, we are here to give you some suggestions.

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The Garber Good Start Gentle Pro

This baby formula is well known among parents and is very highly rated by internet users. It is made to mimic the constancy of breast milk as closely as possible. The formula has added prebiotics and probiotics that can be found in breast milk and are essential for a baby’s growth. It is widely available, and affordable and it’s made by a trusted and well-known brand.

Plus, the packaging is recyclable. don’t you just love eco-conscious companies? A possible downside to this formula that some people point out is that it lacks iron.

Enfamil Enspire Infant Formula

This is also very highly rated among baby formulas that taste like breast milk. What’s special about it is that it contains lactoferrin, which is a protein found in breast milk that is beneficial in brain development and immune system support.

The added dual probiotics not only boost the immune system but can help with digestion. This baby formula is the perfect breast milk substitute for babies up to 12 mounts old.

Pure Bliss Similac Infant Formula

This is another favorite. The Pure bliss baby formula is free from GMOs, artificial dyes, and flavors and doesn’t contain any preservatives. It is also gluten-free so it will be the perfect choice if you have a feeling that your baby may be sensitive to gluten.

It also contains iron and calcium that help your baby develop a strong immune system, bones, and teeth.

Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula

The Happy Baby organic is another GMO-free formula. It contains 2 types of probiotics that feed on gut bacteria. Because of this, it is reviewed to be one the of the best formula for gassiness problems in babies.

Similac 360 Total Care Infant Formula

This baby formula comes ready-made in a package, so it’s great for when you’re in a hurry. If you find the ready-made baby formulas unpractical, there is also a powdered version. It is made to closely mimic breast milk and it has 5HMO probiotics which are beneficial for your baby’s gut health.

A Detailed Run-Through


Breastfeeding is when a mother feeds her newborn child with the milk from her breast that is created after childbirth. Breast milk should the child’s primary food source for at least two years.


Breast milk includes all the nutrients that a newborn needs until it is around 6 mounts old. The components of breast milk, are:

Proteins: Breast milk contains a lower concentration of proteins than animal milk or some other types of plant milk, which makes it more suitable for newborns. The protein beta-lactoglobulin, which is found in cow’s milk and can cause lactose intolerance, is not present in breast milk.

Fats: In every 100 milliliters of milk there are 3.5 grams of fats, however, the amount a baby consumes may vary from feeding to feeding. The fats in breast milk are important for the overall development of the baby, especially neurological development.

Carbohydrates: The lactose presence in breast milk is higher than in other types of milk and serves as an energy source. Carbs give energy and aid in optimal growth.

Vitamins and minerals: Breast milk has a good amount of vitamins, that are essential for your newborn. The only essential vitamin that it lacks is vitamin D. To make up for this deficiency, the baby needs to be exposed to sunlight.

Baby formula

Happy baby is smiling on her own holding a bottle of milk in her hands. Three month old child keeps the mixture himself lying in bed

Baby formula is a man-made manufactured product that is made to be a substitute for breast milk. Most of the time you’re supposed to mix it with water if it’s in powder form or add more water to the liquid concentrate. You can also find ready-made baby formula as well.

Baby formula is meant to be consumed from a bottle mimicking the mother’s breast in order to feel natural to the baby.

It is made to mimic human breast milk and most common baby formulas contain cow’s milk. The whey and casein in cow milk are the main protein sources and the fat comes from added vegetable oil. The carbs come from lactose and a blend of vitamins and minerals is added depending on the manufacturer.


Baby formula is considered to be safe as long as you’re following the manufacturer’s instructions. If your baby is only a few weeks old, however, you might want to sanitize all feeding items in order to protect your baby from cronobacter.

The formula is only as good as the water you are mixing it with. Make sure you have safe drinking water from your tab or use bottled water just to be safe.

Bad reputation

Some mothers tend to mistrust baby formulas and this is probably because of the baby formula scandals that were happening in Africa in the 70s.

Back then in order to increase profit, baby formulas were recommended instead of breastmilk by manufacturers.

Also, they were sold in poor African countries which lead the mothers to dilute the formula to the point where it wasn’t effective anymore. Plus, they didn’t have clean water to mix with the formula so as a result babies got bacteria and were malnourished.


Nowadays rules and regulations are a lot stricter. Manufacturers are not allowed to use lies and deception for marketing purposes especially if it’s a product that is used by babies. Baby formula is not a spot-on copy of breastmilk, but is a good substitute for mothers that don’t have milk.

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Picking the right formulas that taste like breastmilk can be tricky. There is really no way to do a taste test you just need to hope that your baby is not a picky eater and likes it. It is useful to check for reviews online to see what other parents are saying about that particular product.

There are a lot of different baby formulas nowadays, and to be honest most of them will taste like breast milk because that is one of the manufacturer’s most requested features besides the nutritional value.

A mother’s milk is always going to be the best option, but in cases when that is impossible use our list to make the right baby formula purchase.

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