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How Often to Replace Breast Pump Parts? In-Depth Guide

Have you started your breast pump procedure? Because you are here in this article, I can say yes, you have!

Breast pumping is a hate-love procedure for some moms, but breast pumps are devices many moms need when they give birth.

Breast pumps, in general, have lots of parts that make them a whole device for you, and it is essential to know that you should replace them. Yet again, how often to replace breast pump parts? In this article, you will find everything related to this question!

Main Points

  • The parts of a breast pump that need replacement are tubes, backflow protectors, flanges, connectors, and valves.
  • Generally, many people mention that you should replace breast pump parts every three months, but still, there are a lot of specifications. 
  • Tubes are the parts of a breast pump that need replacement occasionally if they have any damage.
  • Backflow protectors and flanges can go well until six months, meanwhile, valves need replacement every two months.
  • You should change the breast pump parts because they can block the milk from moving around. 

How Often Should Breast Pump Parts Be Changed?

There are a lot of things that make a breast pump complete and they include the motor within, tubes, backflow protectors, flanges, connectors, valves, and the milk bottle. All of them should be changed, besides the motor and the milk bottle (if in good condition)!

As a general rule of thumb, many moms say that they change the parts every three months, but there are a few specifications I would like to add including the pieces of a breast pump, the ones I mentioned above.

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The tubes of a breast pump are the parts that move the milk from your breasts to the milk bottle. You have to check out the tubes of the breast pump you use most of the time, but in general, the breast pump tubing should be replaced occasionally.

Yet again, if the tubes of your breast pump are in perfect condition and not torn in any piece, you can use them as long as they go.

Backflow Protectors

Hence the name, the backflow protectors of a breast pump doesn’t allow backflow to get onto the machine’s motor.

The replacement of the backflow protectors depends on how often you use the breast pump. If you use them three times a day then the replacement should be done every three months. Meanwhile, if you use the pump less than three times, you are good to change the backflow protectors after six months.


Flanges, otherwise known as breast shields, are quite an important part of a breast pump, and they are in direct contact with your breasts. Their job is to vacuum the milk out of your breasts with the help of the motor.

You will want to replace the flanges once in six months, but again, it is also related to the fact whether there is any kind of damage to them. If so, change them once you see them damaged.

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There is a small piece that connects the flanges and the tubes of the breast pump, and as basic as it is, it is called a connector. The connectors of a breast pump combine in fact three things: the milk bottle, your breasts, and the breast pump machine.

The connectors of a breast pump are some small parts but still, they have to be replaced every three to five months. If they are damaged, change them immediately, don’t wait any minute!


Valves are the parts of a breast pump that stretch when is time for vacuuming and release when there is milk coming in the bottle milk that you use. Basically, since they have more movement when compared to other parts of a breast pump, you should replace them more often.

Valves on a breast pump should be changed or replaced every two months.

Breast Pump PartsReplacement
Backflow ProtectorsEvery Three Months – Every Six Months
FlangesOnce in Six Months
ConnectorsOnce in Three to Five Months
ValvesEvery Two Months

Things to Do: Dealing With Old Breast Pump Parts

Now that you know when to replace the parts of a breast pump, I want to share with you whether they can be recycled or not. That way, you can have a better idea of where to put the parts of the breast pump that you don’t need anymore.

  1. Tubes– you can’t recycle the tubes of a breast pump; you have to throw them away.
  2. BackflowProtectors – as some backflow protectors have plastic parts in the exterior, you can recycle them. The other white piece added to it should be thrown.
  3. Flanges– flanges of the breast pump can be recycled in many manners, so make sure to do so.
  4. Connectors– connectors can also be recycled.
  5. Valves– throw them away, the valves cannot be recycled in any manner.

Why Change/Replace Breast Pump Parts?

We all know breast pumps and their parts are not disposable pieces or machines that one should throw away and replace. Yet again, we come to a conclusion and a question on why should one change the parts of a breast pump or is it a must?

You should change the parts of a breast pump because the milk that comes out of your breast can slightly damage the parts I mentioned above. You can go without changing them, but still, there will definitely be some blockage, and the milk won’t come out just as it is supposed to.

Breast pumps are durable items moms use when they give birth, but still, when I say parts, I don’t mention the machine as a whole. Changing the pieces of a breast pump is a must if I might say so, all based on the damages that can occur to those parts.

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Final Words

As said in the article, breast pumps are essential machines for some moms, especially if they can’t breastfeed their babies properly without the help of this device.

Yet again, it is crucial to change or replace the parts of a breast pump to allow the machine to work as it should, and after the replacement, it will work as new.

I hope that based on the article you read above, you know how often to replace breast pump parts! Good luck!

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