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Mamaroo vs. Rockaroo: What’s The Difference?

Swings for babies can come in different varieties from which parents are enabled to choose the one that they think their baby will enjoy the most.

Mamaroo and Rockaroo are swings used for babies that have grown in their popularity because of their newly renowned efficiency.

Both of these baby swings are known to be worth the money because they can save parents the trouble of having to constantly hold their babies in order for them to easily fall asleep.

Main Points

  • Oftentimes, parents are in the need of a baby swing so that they are able to rest while still providing their baby with calming motions.
  • The design of the Mamaroo is very desirable for babies because it reminds them of being held in their parent’s arms.
  • The Rockaroo swing has less advanced features in comparison to Mamaroo.
  • Both of these baby swings provide comfort for babies.
  • Because of the larger size and more advanced features, Mamaroo is less cost-effective when it is compared to the Rockaroo swing.

Mamaroo vs. Rockaroo – How Do They Differ?

Parents may sometimes need additional help when it comes to helping their babies to fall asleep faster and calming them down.

For this reason, the Mamaroo and Rockaroo swings are commonly used and they both provide a soothing feeling for babies.

However, Mamaroo and Rockaroo differ in the way they are designed, offering different features for comfort as well as being suitable for children of different ages.

The levels of durability for both Mamaroo and Rockaroo are also important to consider before deciding to buy either of the two.


The Design of Mamaroo swings is inspired by natural movements of parents. Because of this, babies usually feel that they are held and swung in their parents’ arms with the Mamaroo swing.

In comparison, the Rockaroo swing is designed in such a way that your baby is moved smoothly backwards and forwards. Babies love this swing because it provides a feeling of being safe and stable.

The Rockaroo swing also includes a harness in order to safely secure your baby in place while it is being rocked in the swing.

Both of these swings contain soft seats that provide comfort for the baby as well as the possibility of playing soothing music.

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The difference in design between Mamaroo and Rockaroo also leads to them offering different features to satisfy the needs of your baby.

The Mamaroo swing allows the parents to shift the motions very easily depending on the baby’s needs as well as offering the possibility of playing different music every time your baby is on the swing.

In addition, the speed settings can be easily controlled with the Mamaroo swing which makes it both fun and practical for the parents and also for the baby.

Because of the reason that Mamaroo offers several different motions, it is important to mention that the Rockaroo swing only offers one motion.

Apart from this feature, the Rockaroo swing also offers the possibility of playing music to your baby as well as different speeds that can be easily adjusted.


Before buying a modern baby swing such as the Mamaroo and Rockaroo, parents also have to consider whether they are worth it according to their levels of durability.

Apart from the high efficiency features of the Mamaroo swing, parents have complained about the low-quality additions such as the music speakers.

The speakers that are included in the Mamaroo swing are characterized as being low in quality and not durable enough in order to last a long time.

In comparison to Mamaroo, there have not been any complaints about the music speakers of the Rockaroo.

The quality of the speakers does not make Rockaroo more durable than Mamaroo. However, it is an important factor to consider before buying one or the other.


Babies tend to feel the highest level of comfort when they are being held in their parent’s arms. However, the parents may be too exhausted at times and in need of a swing that will replace their arms so they can rest.

Both Mamaroo and Rockaroo swings offer a high level of comfort for babies, but one of them is slightly more advanced in the way of providing comfort.

Because of the reason that the Mamaroo swing produces similar motions as being held in the arms of the parents, babies tend to feel more comfortable and safe.

This does not mean that the Rockaroo swing is not comfortable. Instead, the babies simply prefer the parent-like swinging motions of the Mamaroo.

Age Suitability

These two swings also differ due to their age suitability. Very small babies may not be as comfortable while being swung on both Mamaroo and Rockaroo.

The Mamaroo swing is designed to fit and comfort babies that are not older than 6 months. The reason for this is that once the baby can sit on their own, it may not be safe to use the Mamaroo any longer.

The Rockaroo swing is suitable to be used for newborns because of its small size and compactness which makes it comforting and safe for small babies.

Both of these swings can be used for young babies, but it is important to keep in mind that the Rockaroo swing is smaller than the Mamaroo swing and it may not be suitable for all babies.


Because of their differences in design, features as well as size, Mamaroo and Rockaroo also differ when it comes to their cost.

The Mamaroo swing is more expensive when it is compared to the Rockaroo swing because of its more advanced features and larger size.

However, this does not mean that the Rockaroo swing is affordable in any way. The Rockaroo swing is actually pretty expensive, only less costly when it is compared to the Mamaroo swing.

Both of these baby swings are costly and a huge investment for parents who truly need additional assistance.

Final Verdict

Depending on whether you need more advanced features that a swing can offer in order to successfully soothe your baby, a good option for a baby swing may be the Mamaroo.

If your budget plays a big role in your decision of choosing which one of these baby swings to purchase, in that case, Rockaroo is more affordable.

With all being said, both Mamaroo and Rockaroo swings are an investment for parents that can help them rest while their baby is enjoying the motions in their swing.

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