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Nice Way to Say No Visitors after Having a Baby: Polite Tips & Tricks

The day a baby is born is the happiest day in any parent’s life. You get to enjoy and soak in the good memories and moments with your baby while it is still a newborn.

The majority of people consider these early days as the best period in their lives because that time is when you truly connect with your baby. However, friends and family members may also want to visit you and your baby, and sometimes parents need privacy and time to settle in.

Main Points

  • Right after their baby is born, the parents need privacy in order to adjust to their new lives.
  • Respecting the parents’ wishes is very important during the early days with their newborn baby.
  • Having visitors after your baby is born may be challenging because of many different reasons and it may cause a lot of stress and pressure.
  • Parents can send their friends and family members a message letting them know that visitors will be allowed on a certain date in the near future.
  • Not wanting to have visitors after the baby is completely understandable and nothing to be shameful of.

How to say no to visitors after baby in a nice way

A nice way to say no visitors after you have a baby can be connected to parents by sending friends and family members a message letting them know that the baby can be visited on a certain day in the near future. It can become difficult for parents to deal with the birth of their baby as well as having visitors in their home so it is very important to respect their privacy.

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The Importance of Privacy after Having a Baby

New parents experience joy and excitement after their baby is born healthy and safe. This is the time of pure celebration of life and how a woman’s body can produce a human being.

During this time, the parents need privacy with their baby in order to learn what their baby requires, how many times during the day it should be fed and how much sleep it gets during the night.

Disturbing the parents during these early days can cause a lot of stress and pressure for the baby and also for the parents. Every new parent tries to adjust their life to be able to properly raise and take care of their baby and grasp how different it can become.

Once the baby is settled in a comfortable environment and the parents are starting to get the hang of their newly produced obligations, it is polite to visit the baby and help the parents with whatever they may need.

Challenges Connected to Having Visitors after Baby

Friends and family members may be very excited to finally meet your baby and visit you and your partner. However, this may be challenging for new parents who are struggling to adjust to their new life.

It is important for parents to set clear boundaries with their friends and family when it comes to visiting their baby because of the reason that newborns are very sensitive and they can easily catch bacteria or illness from the outside world.

Having visitors immediately after your baby is born may prevent you from having quality time with your newborn. This is the time when the baby is supposed to get used to seeing their parents and being fed and swaddled by them.

Another challenge of having visitors after the baby is the need of hosting get-togethers or parties when the mother still feels vulnerable and weak after giving birth. This is a time of healing and relaxation and there is no need of getting stressed over having guests over.

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Three Ways of Politely Saying No to Visitors after Baby

Sometimes, it can be hard to directly say to your friends and family members that visitors after the baby are not allowed. For this reason, there are three simple ways of saying no to visitors after you have a baby without offending your loved ones:

Send cards to your friends and family

After soaking in the first moments with your precious little baby, the best way to delay having visitors is to send cards to your friends and loved ones.

On these cards, you can schedule a date on which everyone can come and visit your baby. This will eliminate the feeling of stress and pressure when it comes to having visitors right after having a baby.

Write to them on social media

A simpler and quicker way of informing your friends and family that your baby has just been born and you are enjoying every moment together is to send them a message on a social media platform.

Informing your loved ones this way will make it clear to them that you need some privacy before showing your baby to other people.

Set clear rules

Be clear and precise about your needs and requirements. It is not shameful to ask for privacy when you need it and people should not get offended by it.

Because of excitement, members of your family or some of your friends may be a bit pushy when it comes to seeing your baby, but try to set clear rules with them regardless of whether you are very close or only acquaintances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to not want visitors after having a baby?

After having a baby, your wishes need to be respected because you are in the process of healing and adjustment. It is completely acceptable and understandable to not want visitors after having a baby and your true friends and closest family will respect that.

How long after having a baby should you allow visitors?

Allowing visitors after having a baby depends on when the parents are truly ready for it. When the period of settling in and adjusting to new environments passes, the parents can decide when they should allow visitors.

Is it OK to have visitors with a newborn?

Only the members of your closest family such as the grandparents of the baby can be allowed to be around the newborn baby. However, for the members of your extended family and for your friends, you should wait for your baby to get used to the environment.

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Final Words

There is no better feeling in the world than the moment your child is born. These moments are cherished and remembered forever, so do not let them get destroyed by allowing people to visit. Everyone will get a chance to see your baby and visit the new parents, but it is important to clearly point out that you need privacy during the early days of your baby being born.

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