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Nuna Aace Review: A Great Baby Seat

Your child outgrows the usual baby car seat, and it leaves you wondering, what now? The child doesn’t seem quite big enough for the car seat, but he’s overgrown his baby car seat.

The solution you’re looking for is a booster seat, a seat intended for children that have outgrown their baby seat. This is where the Nuna company excels with their Nuna Aace, the complete booster seat.

To show you how good this seat really is, I will be making a review.  I’m going to cover a few of the make-or-break attributes of a booster seat, those being the design, the practicality, the comfort, and the safety. Let’s get into it.

Main Points

  • Nuna Aace has side-impact protectors for extra safety
  • It is significantly heavy boasting 15.6 in weight
  • Nuna Aace consists of ventilation seta panels to keep the seat nice and breathable
  • It has a 3D Growth System that allows you to adjust the seat in 3 different dimensions
  • Nuna Aace has the LATCH system that uses lower anchors and tethers for installation

Meet The Nuna Aace

Just like anything Nuna comes up with, the Nuna Aace is a top-tier product. It may have a heftier price than most booster seats, but it sure has the attributes to justify it.

What sets this booster seat apart from the rest is its ability to adjust to the size of the child as it grows, making it a popular purchase among parents ever since its release.


The Nuna Aace actually comes in a few different looks, six to be exact. Having a good variety of options, there’s one for anyone’s liking.

When it comes to the Nuna Aace’s structure, we can say that it’s quite rich. You have cushiony seat padding for the toddler’s comfort, side wings that keep it snug, side-impact protectors for extra protection, a headrest, armrests, a steel frame, and most importantly the belt and belt positioner keeping the toddler safe and stable.

You can also purchase a cup holder as an add-on.

Here are the dimensions of the Nuna Aace:

  • Highest position – L 15 x W 22.5 x H 33 in.
  • Lowest position – L 14.6 x W 21.5 x H 26 in.

The Nuna Aace weighs 15.6 pounds, making it heavier than the usual booster seat due to its steel frame.

The inside of the Nuna Aace holds ventilation seat panels that help with keeping the seat nice and breathable, and the energy-absorbing foam that significantly reduces the weight of the impact in case of a collision. Its knit fabric also keeps the seat cool for the toddler’s comfort.


This is where the Nuna Aace really thrives. Its 3D Growth System that allows accommodation for the child as it grows, the ease of the installation of the seat, and the backless or high-back options make this booster seat one of a kind.

We should also note that, unlike most booster seats, the padding used on the Nuna Aace is machine-washable, and its cup holders are foldable in and out for an easy wash.

How Does The 3D Growth System Work?

The 3D Growth System essentially allows you to adjust the seat in 3 different dimensions: height, width, and depth.

To raise the height, you need to raise the headrest. That can be done by the button on the back that you can push and pull to adjust the seat’s height to one of its 9 height settings.

The width increases concurrently with the height, by expanding the shoulder wings as the headrest goes up.

For the depth, there are 3 settings to keep the child’s thighs comfy. You can also push the seat base forward and backward to allow the child to have as much legroom as needed.

How Do I Install The Nuna Aace?

The Nuna Aace has the LATCH system, which means it uses lower anchors and tethers for installation.

The lower anchors are used to secure the bottom of the seat and allow it to recline in its 8 reclining settings. You can also use the vehicle’s standard belt to keep the seat safe and stable, it may be best to use the anchors.

Backless or high-back?

Converting it from the backless to the high-back setting couldn’t be easier, all you need to do is push down on the back with minimal force until it unclips.

To determine whether your child needs the back connected, you should take a look at the requirements.


For the backless setting, your child needs to be between 38 and 60 inches tall, and needs to weigh between 50 and 120 pounds.


For the high-back setting, your child needs to be between 38 and 60 inches tall, and needs to weigh between 40 and 110 pounds.


This booster seat is a child’s dream, and for no other reason than its comfort. Its premium materials allow this seat to be one of the best options if you want to see a smile on your little one’s face. Its cushiony padding makes it a soft seat, while the mesh panels inside it allow it to stay nice and breathable.

The adjustability means that you can set it to your child’s liking, so when buying this product, you don’t need to worry about your kid’s comfort.


Safety is obviously the main priority for any parent, and the Nuna Aace has this covered. With its LATCH system that keeps the seat as stable and safe as it can be, the belt positioner also allows you to perfectly set the belt for your kid’s protection.

The side-impact protectors (SIP) and energy-absorbing foam, together with its all-steel frame make this one of the safest booster seats out there.

Other Things To Note

It’s important to consider that the Nuna Aace is a bit more costly than most booster seats, and even tho it totally justifies its price, we still can’t neglect our financial situation. Another thing to note is that Nuna gives you a 2-year warranty for this product.


We can only give credit to the Nuna company for this amazing product. Would it be looks, how easy it is to use, or the effectiveness of the Nuna Aace, it thrives in any aspect. If you have the budget, this may be the best booster seat you can get.

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