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Spectra S1 vs Synergy Gold: Which Is Better?

New moms surely know how important a breast pump is, and as there are many of them, you can never find out which one is the best, so it is a complex thing when it comes to deciding, just like we have two most popping up names like Spectra S1 and Synergy Gold that come from the same brand!

This article aims to find which is better, Spectra S1 vs Synergy Gold! Without further ado, let us get this battle started!

Main Points

  • Spectra S1 and Synergy Gold are impressive breast pumps that many people worldwide use!
  • If your concern stays on the portability a breast pump offers, go for Spectra S1; it is one of the most portable-friendly breast pumps compared to many others!
  • Spectra S1 and Synergy Gold are quiet breast pumps that do their job precisely, not bothering anyone!
  • Synergy Gold comes with two types of flanges, 24mm and 28mm, and is more versatile!
  • Overall, the motors of Spectra S1 and Synergy Gold breast pumps are powerful and are used in hospitals too.

Spectra S1 vs. Synergy Gold – Meet the Breast Pumps

Spectra S1 and Synergy Gold are the two most used breast pumps by many new moms worldwide, and they are great and easy to use! Yet again, I want to introduce you to their main features and specifications!

Exploring Spectra S1

Spectra S1 is the most outstanding breast pump that one can find in the market and coming from a brand that deals with new moms, it is more than obvious how great this device is.

What is unique about this breast pump is that it is easy to use and offers different modern practices, if I might say so. It is an electric breast pump that offers impressive usage and portability and can last many years.

Exploring Synergy Gold

Synergy Gold is also a breast pump that many people love, and from my experience, I can say that it holds true to its promise. If you’re into looks, you’re going to love the Synergy Gold.

Synergy Gold allows impressive adjustability and is one of the most versatile breast pumps a mom can find! It is a very comfortable breast pump that won’t cause any discomfort while using it; it doesn’t cause any pain to your breasts as is common with most breast pumps.

Spectra S1 vs. Synergy Gold – Head-to-Head Comparison

Now that you know who these two devices are, I want to start the battle between them! You will find some differences regarding their key specifications and features, but I will mention them specifically, feature after feature!

Design, Portability, and Build Quality

One always expects that two devices from the same brand will look similar, but that isn’t the case with Spectra S1 and Synergy Gold.

The first thing you will notice, and the first difference they have regarding looks, stands on the carrying handle that Spectra S1 has on top!

Meanwhile, Synergy Gold doesn’t own it! If you are a mom who has to travel around mostly, you should know that Spectra S1 will always come with you, plus it is lighter in weight compared to Synergy Gold.

Yet again, Synergy Gold is a decent-looking device that can stay in the corner of your room without getting too much attention. Both Spectra S1 and Synergy Gold have a built-in night light, which you can use during the night without turning on any other light.

Regarding durability, these breast pumps are known to be durable and can be your companion for many years to come. By the way, many moms say that they have been using after three to four births.

When in use, Spectra S1 and Synergy Gold are pretty quiet. In fact, it’s one of the things that truly made me love these breast pumps.

Electric Capacity, Accessories to Use, and Strength

Something unique about these two electric breast pumps is how they work in terms of battery! Spectra S1 is a breast pump that works with a rechargeable battery, and once fully charged, it can last two to three hours.

Meanwhile, the Synergy Gold breast pump works only with AC power. However, the electric connection is quite impressive if you consider it overall.

Regarding accessories and things to use with these two breast pumps, it is essential to note that you will find two included bottles and the flanges. Spectra S1 owns only two 24mm breast flanges, and Synergy Gold has two 24mm flanges and two 28mm flanges.

Considering that they have two flanges, you can easily use both Spectra S1 and Synergy Gold breast pumps to vacuum the milk from two breasts simultaneously. Their vacuum capacity is the same, as they both work on 270mmHg.

When you check deeply into the details about these two breast pumps, you will find the phrase hospital grade, is related to the strength of their motor! Spectra S1 and Synergy Gold are breast pumps with powerful motors; the kind of motors you can find in hospital breast pumps overall.

For a more specific comparison of Spectra S1’s and Synergy Gold’s key specifications, check out the table below!

Key SpecificationsSpectra S1Synergy Gold
Vacuum Strength270mmHg270mmHg
Massage Modes15
Hospital GradeYesYes
DisplayLCD ScreenLCD Screen
BatteryBuilt-In Rechargeable (2-3 hours batt life)No
Bottles2 Included2 Included
MaterialBPA FreeBPA Free
Weight3.3 pounds5.5 pounds

Final Words

Choosing a winner between outstanding devices, like Spectra S1 and Synergy Gold, is hard for me, and I know it is hard for you too.

Yet again, based on everything I mentioned above in the article, you will be distinguishing your winner, which in my opinion, it is Synergy Gold!

That’s because it offers massages and comes with two types of flanges that fit your breasts precisely, with only one disadvantage: the portability issue.

I hope that from everything that I explained in this article you were able to find the answers you were looking for, and the winner of the battle between Spectra S1 and Synergy Gold.

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