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Uppababy Minu vs. Yoyo: A Head-To-Head Comparison

Picking the right stroller is very important for parents because they require practicality and easy usage. Parents are already overwhelmed with taking care of their baby, so a stroller can only make their life easier.

When it comes to strollers, there are many different types on the market. Very popular types of strollers among the large variety are the Uppababy Minu and Yoyo.

These two strollers are known for their high levels of efficiency and different features that they offer. So, let’s see who the winner between the Uppababy Minu vs Yoyo is!

Main Points

  • The Uppababy Minu and Yoyo strollers are known for their high levels of efficiency and different features included in them.
  • They differ in terms of travel practicality and the size of their protective shields.
  • Both of these strollers are durable and lightweight.
  • The Uppababy Minu stroller can be used for longer periods of time in comparison to the Yoyo stroller.
  • Even though both of this strollers are safe for your baby, the Yoyo stroller has a protective fabric on the sides which the Uppababy Minu stroller does not have.

Uppababy Minu vs. Yoyo – How Do They Differ?

Two strollers that can be folded are Uppababy Miny and Yoyo. However, these two strollers are different in a couple of ways.

The Yoyo stroller is often known to be very compact, easy to pack and light for travel. In comparison to Yoyo, the Uppababy Minu is not as compact and easy to pack.

In order to be able to travel with the Uppababy Minu, buying a separate travel bag that fits this stroller.

Apart from travel practicality, the Yoyo stroller comes in various different colors and the fabric from which it is produced, can be easily washed in a washing machine which makes it durable.

Even though the Uppababy Minu stroller is also durable, it requires a higher maintenance than the Yoyo stroller.

Although the choice of a stroller ultimately comes down to the parents who think about their baby’s needs, it is important to determine what features these two strollers can offer.

Uppababy Minu Stroller Review


The design of the Uppababy Minu stroller is often referred to as minimalistic and simple. Apart from its classy design, this stroller is also known to be very lightweight and easy to fold by using only one hand.

The strolling is very smooth by using the Uppababy Minu stroller and it also has a basket for storage of all necessary items that you might need for your baby.


The strolling with Uppababy Minu is very smooth due to its unique and durable design. When it comes to its performance, many people find it impressive.

Because of the reason that the Upperbaby Minu has a protective shield that is produced from high-quality materials, it can protect your baby from harsh weather conditions such as strong wind, snow and heavy rain.


The Uppababy Minu stroller can be used from infancy up until your child reaches the age of four. This makes it very durable and suitable to use for a long period of time.

Even though this particular stroller is known to be lightweight, it is produced from high quality materials which make it very durable.


The wide seat of the Uppababy Minu stroller is what provides comfort for your baby. Apart from the comfortable seat, this stroller also offers a shield in order to protect your baby from direct sunlight when it is time for rest.

Travel Suitability

Even though the Uppababy Minu stroller is lightweight, it can be too big for travelling. In addition, it requires the purchase of a specific travel bag that fits this stroller which still cannot fit everywhere.

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Yoyo Stroller Review


The Yoyo stroller is known for its compactness and simple design. Parents can easily fold and unfold the stroller without any trouble while at the same time being able to travel with it easily.

Because of the compact design of the Yoyo stroller, it can easily fit anywhere without taking up too much space.


The practicality of the Yoyo stroller has been its most commonly mentioned characteristic. Even though the wheels of this stroller are smaller than the Uppababy Minu, the Yoyo stroller is known to be very stable.

It is also easy to move without the possibility of getting stuck and causing unnecessary problems.


The Yoyo stroller can be used from your baby’s early days up until it reaches 6 months of age. Even though it is small and lightweight, its quality is what gives it its durability.

This stroller will last you a long time without getting easily damaged or broken. It is also easy to maintain because the fabric can easily be washed in a washing machine.


Babies can comfortably fall asleep in the Yoyo stroller because of its suitable seat which is also protected on the sides with a fabric. In this way, you will make sure that your baby is both safe and comfortable during their sleep.

Travel Suitability

The Yoyo stroller is perfect for parents who love travelling with their baby because it is compact and easy to fit everywhere. In this way, you will be able to travel with your baby while at the same time not requiring too much space in order to pack the stroller.

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Final Verdict

Although both of these strollers are a good choice for parents who want only the best for their children, they differ in regards to their offered features and travel practicality.

The Uppababy Minu stroller offers a protective shield which can prevent your baby from being exposed to harsh weather conditions as well as a mesh addition that provides breathability.

In comparison to the Uppababy Minu stroller, the Yoyo stroller does not have a mesh addition and is also characterized as having a smaller protective shield.

The Yoyo stroller is more practical and compact for travelling when it is compared to the larger size of an Uppababy Minu stroller.

The choice of a suitable stroller depends on the parents’ needs and it is important to determine whether they will travel with their baby or opt for a larger protective shield.

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