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Who Pays for Baby Shower? Is It The Guests?

Waiting for a baby to come is an expensive wait! I say that because parents-to-be have lots of expenses and things to buy long before the baby comes.

Now I am pretty sure you have heard about baby showers! Parties made to welcome the baby into the world! Still, there are questions about this party, especially if you come from a place where they are not that common.

Who pays for baby showers? It is this question that stands as the purpose of this article and I will answer it while adding some extra information for you!

Main Points

  • Baby showers are parties made for the celebration of the baby and to welcome a new baby into the family. 
  • A baby shower should be paid from whoever organizes it. No matter whether the parents do it, close friends, or family members.
  • Baby showers with all the fancy things surely cost some amount of money, avoid fancy places specifically. 
  • There are some ways how you can throw a baby shower party on a budget, especially if you hold it at home. 
  • Remember that the baby is coming for you and not for everybody in the neighborhood. A small list of people means less expense!

Who Should Pay for a Baby Shower?

Traditionally, in places where baby showers are special parties running around for years, it is the hostess who pays. So, if the parents-to-be are hosting the baby shower party, they pay for it. In case it is a surprise party organized by friends or relatives, it doesn’t matter either, those friends and relatives pay for it.

Who organizes the party, they pay for it!

Do Baby Showers Cost a Lot?

The whole payment for a baby shower depends on some crucial factors. For example, it depends on the number of guests, what you will offer to the guests (food and drinks), the place for it, and the decorations.

If you have a large list of people, you want to buy the food, find a perfect and luxurious place, and have the biggest and most amazing decorations, your baby shower will cost anywhere between 500-700$.

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Holding a Budget Baby Shower – What Can One Do?

The number mentioned above is surely too much for someone, but still, I want to mention that there are some other things or methods you can do to get rid of them as quickly as possible without having to pay for lots of things.


If you haven’t heard, there are some baby showers that are made with donations! It is a new method that has inspired many people and they have chosen to have a baby shower party completely run by donations. How does it work?

In case you desperately want to have a baby shower but you are afraid of too many expenses, you can ask for donations from your friends and family members! If they agree, you can hold the party without worrying about expenses of any kind.

I want to mention that donations for baby showers don’t only include money! You can ask the people you will invite to bring whatever they have if they have children, something that was left since then! Many people bring cribs, bibs, swaddles, and clothes as well.

Group of People

If your wallet isn’t approving you paying for the baby shower you want and you don’t think that donations are the best way to go, have a talk with your people.

In case you want to hold a baby shower party including your best friends and family members, make sure to have a chit-chat with them and tell them about everything. I am pretty sure they will offer lots of help regarding the payments that are needed to be done at this party.

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Bring Anything

At a baby shower, there are a lot of things that should be paid for, but you can save money on the food in case you tell everybody to bring something!

It is like a gift registry, but instead, you make a food registry! Make a list of things/food, you want to have at your baby shower and you can share it with everybody who is invited there.

Everybody will stick to the list and you will have one expense less. You won’t have to pay for the food that will be served!

Avoid Fancy Places

Hotels, yachts, and restaurants are some common fancy places people hold their baby showers. Well, fancy means expensive, so you better avoid them in case you don’t want to spend money!

Holding it in your home/apartment would be the best thing to do. You don’t have to pay for anything plus you are familiar with the place just like a hostess’ place should be! Familiar all the way up!

Rent Decorations

Instead of buying the whole crew of decorations, make sure to find some places to rent them! Once you find a place like that, make sure to find the best decorations one ever had in their baby shower.

Rent them and you will see that a lot of money will be held in your wallet. Of course, you should have in mind to return them after the party is over.


Long lists of people surely mean more expenses, and you don’t want that! Make sure to keep things straight and tight, and invite a smaller number of people so you don’t have to spend too much money on anything.

The closest friends and family members will make your baby shower unforgettable, so make sure to have them there and not everybody you know!

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Final Words

Baby showers are truly fascinating and meaningful parties overall and the hostess that organizes them ensures all the guests and family have a wonderful time.

However, if the parents-to-be organize this party, they should know that expenses can ruin the whole fun, and you can be left without having this party.

If you read the article above carefully, I am pretty sure that you now have a better idea regarding baby shower expenses overall and some tricky ways how you can avoid giving too much money.

I hope that based on this article, you have a clearer idea of who pays for baby showers! Good luck!

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