Time Management for Parents

Here are 3 interesting tips about Time Saving Tips for parents:

Tip #1 is an attitude and mindset tip.

Tip #2 is a household concept.

Tip #3 is a very practical nugget.

There are hundreds of additional tips in my book, Creating Hours.

Time Management For Parents

What would you do with an extra 2-6 hours each and every day?

Best wishes for productive days:)

Melody & Kit

P.S.  Order your copy of Creating Hours today; you will learn hundreds of new time management tips for parents and have an abundance of time for the people and things you value most!

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  1. I really love the tip about getting rid of stuff- you are exactly right, I can’t run through a crowded room, and that’s what I keep trying to do!

    No wonder I keep on tripping!!

    Great video, I’m off to check out the book- I certainly need this one:)

    Mandy S.

  2. Ellen, this is great stuff. I have a huge “maybe” pile on my desk, so I really needed to hear about how decision making saves time. I’ve never thought of it from that perspective.

    I bought the book yesterday and I will read it tonight!

  3. I need this book right now!!! I’m totally stressed and overwhelmed!!!

  4. Great tips! Thanks! I do need to be more decisive. So, tomorrow when I make my things to do list, I will put an asterisk next to the items that MUST BE DONE instead of just listing it.

    • I used to think about decisiveness just in terms of a personality type, but now that I learned how much time it saves, I’ve learned to make quick and accurate (usually accurate!) decisions.

  5. Hi Ellen,

    Congrats on your new book. It sounds great! I’m sure it will help a lot of people find more time in their day.

    you know… The Clean Freak… Remember me? 😉
    Your site is looking awesome by the way!

    • Carole! Nice to hear from you again… it’s been a while… email me an update on your projects. And, yes, the book is selling like hotcakes… lots of happy customers:)

  6. Thanks, Ellen

    Like always, this email came at the perfect time; I’ve been procrastinating on some important tasks, so I am buying your book now- I always appreciate your wisdom:)

  7. Peace2christa says:

    Enjoyed the video…and the tips. Thank you.

  8. Hi Ellen,
    where on earth does one purchase that toothbrush? I haven’t seen one over here(Denmark)
    Thanks for a really inspiring site.

    • Hi, you can buy the toothbrush here. It’s not that saving 1:40 every day will turn your life around, but the concept of shaving off a few minutes here and a few minutes there (with many more techniques in my book) that will change your life and create more hours in your day.

  9. You are so right!!! Your clear concepts and techniques are to the point. They are presented in such an upbeat ‘you can do it’ attitude. You show how even doing small ‘simple’ things can really make a difference. Such truth!! First decision: I must buy your book. I am definately excited to read it and see what other ideas you have. Great job on your website.