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Do I Need a Baby Monitor? Benefits & Drawbacks of Purchasing One

In this modernized world that we are living in today, there are certain tools that help parents of babies sleep better at night.

One of these tools is a baby monitor from which you can hear every time if/when your baby needs you even if it is crying from another room.

A baby monitor is a very practical tool for new parents. However, there is a dilemma of whether a baby monitor is really a necessity.

Main Points

  • Parents use baby monitors in order to be able to hear every time their baby needs them even if it is crying from another room.
  • Baby monitors provide reassurance and stability to new parents.
  • It is not necessary for every family to have a baby monitor.
  • The effectiveness and capability of the baby monitor should be tested before buying.
  • Baby monitors are useful if you are living in a big house and sleeping in a different room from your baby.

Do I Need Baby A Baby Monitor?

Certain types of baby monitors are very helpful for parents because they are effective in providing good audio so you can hear your baby crying during the night.

However, baby monitors are not a necessity in order to properly take care of the baby, they are simply devices that can help you monitor everything your baby is doing when you are not in the room.

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Why are Baby Monitors Used?

Baby monitors are modern tools or devices that provide the transmission of audio from the room in which the baby is sleeping to the parent’s bedroom.

The majority of parents are very thankful that devices such as baby monitors exist because it helps them provide constant monitoring of the baby.

Baby monitors are most commonly used if the baby is sleeping in a separate bedroom from the parents. In this way, they are able to hear the baby crying during the night and they can easily provide comfort to the baby.

Certain types of baby monitors also provide the possibility of watching your baby on camera. Apart from being able to listen, you can also watch every move that your baby makes in order to ensure its safety.

The practicality and helpfulness of the baby monitor are what draws parents towards buying it. Especially if the baby sleeps in another room, without a baby monitor the parents may not hear it crying.

When Do You Need a Baby Monitor?

Baby monitors are not a necessity for every household. Some people raise their children in smaller homes and are always able to hear what is happening in the other room.

Also, some parents prefer to sleep in the same room as their baby to make sure that they are present whenever their baby needs them.

While in that case, a baby monitor is not necessary to have, it is recommended to purchase one if you happen to live in a large home and the nursery is separated from your bedroom.

For this reason, parents buy a baby monitor to ensure that they can hear their baby as soon as it starts crying.

During the first weeks and months of your baby being born, is probably when the baby monitor may be most needed. This is a sensitive time for everyone, especially for the new parents because of the fear that their baby is left alone with no supervision.

Buying a baby monitor is not necessary for every family because some parents are sleeping right next to the baby. Babies need supervision and constant attention, so if you feel the need for help in this process, buying a baby monitor can be of great assistance.

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What to Look for in a Baby Monitor

If you decide on buying a baby monitor to keep your sanity and also provide a sense of security for your baby, there are certain things to consider:

Inclusion of movement sensors

Before deciding to buy a baby monitor, make sure that it includes sensors for your baby’s movements.

For example, in order to ensure that the baby will not fall out from its crib, certain types of baby monitors come with these movement sensors and you cannot miss any movement of your baby.

The capability of recording at night

If the baby monitor also has a camera installed in it, make sure that it can record while your baby is sleeping. Babies usually sleep in a dark room so the capability of recording at night is an essential feature of your baby monitor.

Accurate audio transmission

Certain stores that sell baby monitors allow for the devices to be tested before the customer purchases them in order to prove their effectiveness.

Make sure that the audio is transmitted from one room to another in an accurate and clear way so that you can hear the baby crying and immediately react on solving the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you start using a baby monitor?

During the early years of their existence, babies need the most amount of monitoring. Baby monitors can be used starting from the day they were born until they can function on their own without constant supervision.

Is it necessary to have a baby monitor?

Although the use of baby monitors provides reassurance and a sense of safety for the parents, it is not necessary to have them, especially if your baby sleeps in the same room as you.

Should you have the baby monitor on all night?

If your baby is only a few days, weeks, or months old, it is good to have the baby monitor on all night. Once you make sure that the baby is sleeping peacefully throughout the night, it is better to turn off the baby monitor.

Final Words

Devices such as baby monitors can be helpful even though they are not necessarily a must-have item for every family.

The need for a baby monitor can differ according to different families with contrasting needs as well as deciding on whether the parents will sleep in the same room as the baby.

The best thing about baby monitors is that you can watch and listen to every movement that your baby is making, without even being in the same room.

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