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Can Toddlers Sense Pregnancy? Is It Just a Myth?

Toddlers are so interesting, and sometimes they sense amazing things that we cannot feel. There are many statements and stories about the sense of toddlers, and one of them is that toddlers can sense their mother’s pregnancy.

You might wonder whether your toddlers know you are pregnant before you telling it to them.

Can toddlers sense pregnancy? It is one of the most frequently asked questions; for that reason, I decided to write an article regarding this topic and answer this interesting question. So, let’s get started and see whether this is true.

Can Toddlers Sense Pregnancy?

There is no scientific statement that toddlers can sense pregnancy, yet there are many interesting stories about this case that many mothers tell, and the answer to this question is still a myth.

Toddlers have some interesting behaviors, and sometimes we can’t understand why they act like that. In one moment, you will notice your toddlers are cranky for no reason.

Besides that, they start immediately to cuddle and kiss your tummy, even though you haven’t told them that you are pregnant. As we already know, pregnancy is the most delicate period of our lives, and we experience something different, but all pregnant women get a bit strange, and they are full of stress.

Toddlers might not be able to detect pregnancy, but without any doubt, they can sense their mother’s stress, and maybe this is the reason why they start to cuddle us and act strange.

As a mother of two when I was pregnant for the second time, it was the most stressful period of my life. I was nervous most of the time, and I guess hormones were the reason for this case.

I was so worried about how am I going to tell this to my toddler but to be honest, it was easier than I thought. My toddler immediately started to act strange and he just started to kiss my tummy and wanted to be with me all the time.

Accordingly, this was the moment when I realized that my child senses the stress and knows that something is going on. Life is interesting if you have a toddler and you are pregnant for the second time since you will be experiencing many different things.

Some Facts And Myths About Toddlers Sensing Pregnancy

For years many stories were told about this case. Many moms stated that their toddlers sensed their pregnancy, yet whether these stories are facts or just some myths? Honestly, we don’t know the answer to these questions since something will always stay undefined.

Your baby might get strange and start to cuddle and kiss you, and this might be a sign that your toddler senses pregnancy. But this is just a myth since there are some other facts about this kind of behavior of your child.

Many professionals state that extra clinginess is something normal in toddlers, and this is due to separation anxiety. There is a time when toddlers think that their parents will leave them, and they start acting strange or they just want to have more skin-to-skin contact.

Also, you may notice your children start to act up, but this has nothing to do with the case that they sense pregnancy since it is just a myth.

Toddlers act up for various reasons, and one of the main reasons might be stress. Kids get stressed too, and you need to fight it to have a psychologically healthy kid.

If you haven’t told your toddler that you are pregnant, and he or she starts to talk to your belly and kisses your tummy, it is most likely because they notice that your tummy starts to get bigger and they get fascinated due to these changes as well.

To sum up, toddlers don’t sense pregnancy, but they notice the changes and start to act up, get clingy or kiss your tummy. They also feel the stress of their mom, and this might be the main reason for their strange and undefined behaviors.

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Do Toddlers Get Strange When You are Pregnant

Receiving news from your mom as a toddler might be heartbreaking. When I was 4, my mom told me that she was pregnant and that I would have a cute little brother; it was the worst day of my life, to be honest.

I couldn’t put my emotions into words since I felt left out and like they would never love me again, but then I realized that I had my life companion, and now I am so thankful because my brother is always by my side.

Once you tell your toddler that you are pregnant, you will notice that he or she will get clingy and aggressive or act up like never before. This is all normal since they might feel jealous and think that their life will change totally.

They also might be afraid that you won’t love them anymore and that you are replacing them with someone else. Yet, this is not meant to be for all toddlers since many don’t react this way, and they feel happy that they will receive a sibling.

How You Should Tell To a Toddler That You are Pregnant

There are no specific ways of telling your toddler that you are pregnant. Ensure that you keep it straightforward and without complicating too much.

Firstly, before telling them that you are pregnant, start conversations with your toddler and tell them how great to have a sibling is, and try to tell them that a brother or a sister will be their best friend for life and so on.

Furthermore, tell your toddler that you love them so much and you will never replace them with someone else. Once you do so, telling them that you are pregnant is just a breeze. Make your toddler feel loved and not left out, and tell them you have good news.

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Final Words

Hearing some stories that toddlers sense pregnancy is great, but there isn’t any scientific evidence for this topic. Moreover, these stories are only myths and have nothing to do with reality.

Yet again, there are always some possibilities since toddlers are interesting, and sometimes, we can’t define their behaviors.

When you are pregnant, you are more stressed and aggressive, and your toddlers can notice this; it might be the reason for clinginess and some other strange behaviors. Although it was a fun topic, I enjoyed writing this article.

I hope you liked this article and found answers to your questions.

Stay tuned; many other articles are on the way.

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