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How to Hide a Pregnancy Bump for 9 Months: Tips & Tricks

Pregnancy means a lady will completely change, from her emotions to her whole body. For some people, pregnancy is a journey they love to share with other people; for others, it is a personal thing they want to enjoy alone.

In this article, I will be more concrete about the second group of people. Stick until the end if you want to know how to hide a pregnancy bump for nine months because that’s what I will be talking about!

Main Points

  • Pregnancy is one of the best periods of life for some women and they want to keep it for themselves; all the emotions and the joy!
  • On the ways of hiding the pregnancy for nine months clothes are on top of the list and they can help you perfectly. 
  • Avoiding junk food will not only help you not gain weight but will also help you have a healthy pregnancy.
  • Avoid touching your belly too much when in public, as it is one of the most common reflexes pregnant women have. 
  • Blaming the doctors for quitting smoking and coffee is the best thing to do! Tell people you are quitting everything; a choice of life!

Keeping a Pregnancy Bump Hidden for Nine Months – Some Ways

As I mentioned above, some moms-to-be want the journey all for themselves and don’t want to share it with anyone. Still, since a baby bump is quite noticeable, overall, I will share with you some ways how you can hide your pregnancy bump properly for nine months.

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Don’t Wear Tight Clothes

Clothes are one of the most essential parts that tell everything about a person and besides the styling part, they can show and hide pregnancy perfectly.

As you want to hide your pregnancy bump, make sure to not wear tight clothes! Loose clothes will never get too fit on your body and there is no way that the bump will be shown.

However, make sure you start wearing loose clothes at the moment your start the second trimester so that things don’t get complicated when you are in the last trimester of your pregnancy where your belly will surely be shown more.

Layers of Clothes

Again, related to clothes, you can wear more layers of them! This version is even better if you pass your pregnancy months during winter when wearing layers of clothes is a normal habit many people do.

During the second trimester, you can wear different layers of clothes and you can be more than sure that you won’t show any sign of pregnancy. Yet, make sure to wear loose clothes again because a pregnancy bump can find its way along tight clothes.

Eat Healthily

Gaining weight during pregnancy is a pretty normal thing because there are many factors that play the role in eating different types of foods, they are the pregnancy cravings many women have. I wouldn’t want to say that you shouldn’t gain any weight, though.

Something I want to mention is to avoid junk food as much as possible! Even though the weight-gaining process is quite normal during pregnancy, junk food tends to make this procedure even faster, and to be honest that’s not even healthy.

While avoiding gaining weight you will also have a super healthy hidden pregnancy.

Don’t Touch Your Belly

Pregnant women have a completely different reflex from other women, and it is the reflex of touching their belly, especially because it is getting bigger and there may be some skin irritation, which is normal.

Anyways, if you want to hide your pregnancy bump during the whole nine months way, you should avoid touching your belly, at least in public.

Accessories and Scarves

Interestingly enough, many moms-to-be have found a way to hide pregnancies until giving birth with the help of different accessories and scarves. Now scarves go in the group with winter clothes in general, but when it comes to accessories, I mean as many pieces of jewelry as you can.

Different colors and different necklaces or earrings can draw the attention of people without noticing your belly. It has helped many women!

How to Hide Pregnancy Bump for 9 Months? – Medical Conditions

Every pregnant lady goes under some medical conditions that are related completely to pregnancy. For example, you may have morning sicknesses and mood swings. Also, if you are a smoker or an extreme coffee lover, you may have to do something about them as well.

Morning sicknesses are the most normal thing during pregnancy and if you want to hide them you should have fresheners and refreshing snacks. These are mostly if you work and can’t avoid morning sicknesses the moment you enter the office.

Managing mood swings isn’t an easy thing to do but there are some activities to do in order to kind of forget about them. Make sure to exercise, meditate, and maintain a regular sleep schedule. You will clearly notice that mood swings will be rarer.

Now, for smokers and coffee lovers, you can blame your doctors! The moment you find out that you are pregnant you should avoid smoking and alcohol, meanwhile, for coffee there is a limitation on how much you can take.

Avoiding the things mentioned above means leaving behind a routine, but for them, you can have excuses related to your doctor. Tell people he/she prohibited them and you are entering a new phase. It may sound weird to some, but it is the simplest way on giving up those things during pregnancy.

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Final Words

Pregnancies can be hidden for many reasons, but most moms want to have the whole experience for themselves, without having to worry about anything else.

If you read the article above, you can notice that there are some ways or some guides on how to hide a pregnancy bump for nine months. You can go along without anyone noticing it, and the way you wear your clothes surely stands on top.

I really hope that the article above will help you hide your pregnancies for nine months if that’s what you like. If you follow everything I mentioned you will have great results, they will surely help you and nobody will notice anything! Good luck!

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