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Can You Eat KFC When Pregnant? Is It Healthy?

Carving fast food during pregnancy is the most common thing that happens. Many pregnant women would like to eat anything from KFC, which is also one of my favorite fast foods. Whereas, when pregnant, you need to be more careful about what you consume.

If you want to have a healthy pregnancy and keep your baby safe, then you must make some sacrifices. In this article, I will answer whether you can eat KFC when pregnant. I will give a straightforward answer to this query and then explain everything in detail regarding this topic.

Main Points

  • KFC is a popular fast-food restaurant chain worldwide, and it was founded in the 1930s.
  • Yes, you can eat KFC when pregnant, but do not repeat it frequently.
  • If you are carving KFC, it is always better to go for grilled chicken or some salads.
  • KFC food contains high amounts of sodium, sugar, fats, and calories that may cause some issues during pregnancy.

Can You Eat KFC When Pregnant?

Yes, you can eat KFC when pregnant. However, you should have limits when consuming fast food. As you already know, fast food is not that healthy, and you need to avoid consuming daily. When pregnant, you have to be more delicate and try to eat healthy food rather than fast food.

Based on my experiences, pregnancy is a very delicate and interesting period, and you can find yourself carving for anything, and fast food is always the first option that comes to our minds.

Whatever, I can’t state that eating KFC when pregnant is safe since some specific dishes are better to avoid consuming. Accordingly, it all depends on what you are eating. In the sections below, I will discuss those things in detail.

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What Is KFC?

KFC is my favorite, honestly. It is an American fast-food restaurant chain. KFC is popular worldwide and you can find it wherever you go. They are specialized in fried chicken, and it is amongst the most delicious ones.

KFC was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders; back in the 1930s. The history of KFC is interesting since he started selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant found in Kentucky. Today, KFC is one of the most popular and preferred fast-food restaurants by most people.

Their fried chickens are what everybody loves to eat; due to their crispy outside and juicy inside. Carving KFC when pregnant is very usual hence nobody wants to stay away from this delicious taste.

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Which Of the KFC Meals Are Healthy To Eat When Pregnant?

You can eat KFC when pregnant, but do not make it a habit and try to consume more healthy food, like veggies, fruits, etc. Chicken is a nutritious food, but when pregnant, you should consider how it is cooked, rather than other things.

The chicken in KFC is fried; during pregnancy, you may have issues with your blood pressure, diabetes, etc. If you want to avoid these problems, then it is better to stay away from fried meals.

Besides the fried chicken, there are many other meals that you can eat at KFC. If you can’t help yourself and you want so badly to consume anything from KFC, then the best option you should go for is grilled chicken. Chicken is a good source of protein and when pregnant, you will need protein more than ever.

However, chicken is also rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B, which is necessary for the normal development of the fetus. What I have to point out, in this case, is that you better consume grilled chicken than fried.

Accordingly, when eating at KFC, it is always better to go for grilled chicken since it is healthier. Furthermore, you can also order some of the side dishes available at KFC, such as different salads, coleslaw, or some desserts.

Coleslaw is allowed to eat during pregnancy since it contains many veggies. KFC’s coleslaw is amongst the most delicious ones. Whereas, before consuming ensure that it is stored properly and the mayonnaise used for the preparation of coleslaw is pasteurized. Homemade mayonnaise from raw eggs might cause issues for you and your baby.

Keep in mind that overeating fast food or fried meals are not healthy for you and your baby. If you are badly carving for French fries or fried chicken, you can go for eat but do not make it a habit or a part of your daily diet. Always try to go for grilled options and side dishes that are found at KFC.

Which KFC Meals Do You Need To Avoid During Pregnancy?

As I have stated above you need to avoid all the fried options available at KFC. Do not take me wrong, you can eat some fried chicken or French fries, but do not repeat it frequently. Eating fried chicken or some other fired meals in massive forms will cause some severe issues, unfortunately.

Food at KFC is rich in sodium and MSG. Monosodium Glutamate is a flavor enhancer that is widely used in restaurants to make food more delicious. Whereas many people are scared of MSG, but there is not any statement that MSG is harmful to you and your baby.

Drawback Of Eating KFC When Pregnant

The food at KFC is full of fat, calories, and sodium, indicating that overeating at KFC may cause some serious issues, especially during the most delicate period of your life which is pregnancy. During this period, you need to be more careful than ever. There are many drawbacks to consuming fast food when pregnant.

Overeating at KFC may cause high blood pressure due to the high amount of sodium and MSG that the meals contain. High blood pressure might lead to many complications that nobody wants to face during pregnancy.

Consuming massive forms of KFC will cause weight gain more than necessary. Everything you eat when pregnant impacts your baby’s health and development.

Diabetes is another issue that might occur if you consume too many meals at KFC. Gestational diabetes is a condition where the glucose is too high and the insulin is not able to work properly and stabilize the amount of sugar in your blood.

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Final Words

KFC is amongst the most popular fast-food restaurants, and many of us love eating fried chicken at KFC. When pregnant you need to limit yourself in consuming fast food. Many of you are asking whether you can eat KFC when pregnant, and this query has a straightforward answer.

Yes, you can eat, but you need to avoid overeating since the meals in KFC are high in sodium, sugar, fat, and calories. All of these ingredients may cause some issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Consuming KFC during pregnancy is allowed but do not make it a habit or a part of your daily diet.

I hope you liked this article and you got all the answers to your queries.

Have a nice day!

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