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What Happens at a Baby Shower? (Things You Need To Know)

Expectant parents require all possible contributions, from kind words to the most spectacular presents. When I say soon-to-be parents, you have undoubtedly seen a baby shower.

I’m sure you have seen a baby shower held in a film or television series, even if it is not a celebration made in your culture or nation.

In this article, I will tell you what exactly happens at a baby shower, and you can decide whether it is worth it to have one!

Main Points

  • A baby shower is a perfect party in which many people are there such as family members and friends. 
  • Baby showers are made to celebrate the parents-to-be and welcome a new member of the world!
  • Decorations, food, drinks, games, and gifts are the things that happen at a baby shower. 
  • Something special to make at a special occasion like the baby shower is to reveal the gender of the baby.
  • A baby shower can be thrown wherever you want, no matter whether it is at home or at a super luxurious hotel! The purpose is to have fun!

What Does Baby Shower Mean?

A baby shower is a party that is thrown by family members and friends of the parents to be, to celebrate and welcome a new baby into the family. The baby shower is done four to six weeks before the due date and is made for expectant parents for entertaining purposes.

In a baby shower the parents, mostly moms, get everything they need for their future child!

It is also worth talking about a come and go baby shower which is a type of baby shower that allows guests to drop in at their convenience and still be able to celebrate the new arrival

What Exactly Occurs at a Baby Shower?

Now that you know what a baby shower is, I want to mention specifically what happens when you go to a baby shower. Also, give you a better idea in case you are planning on throwing a baby shower party for yourself (which is quite rare) or anybody else.

Decorations, Food, and Drinks

At a baby shower, some things should be there including decorations of any kind and something for the guests to eat and drink.

Decorations are a must-do thing for some people, but still, that includes high expenses so you can go without them as well. Anyways, some people love to have a specific theme related to decorations where they choose the main color, most of the time, the mother’s to be favorite color.

In terms of food and drinks, it is completely up to you what you want to give to the guests! You can have dinner or you can just go with a buffet of cocktails and some snacks.

So, at a baby shower, people see decorations, eat, and drink in the honor of the baby that has started its way of coming into the world!

Bathing the baby in the sink is an additional aspect that can be considered when planning the shower, as it offers a convenient and practical option for cleaning the baby especially when the guests are around.


Gifts are one of the main purposes of a baby shower! At a baby shower, people bring different things, all related to the parents and the baby itself.

Something worth mentioning about gifts is that most moms do gift registries which means that the mom-to-be brings a list to a specific store with the things she wants as gifts. That way, every guest invited to the baby shower has an idea of what they can bring to the parents so that they have one-of-a-kind gifts.

For the mother-to-be, people bring out different kinds of gifts, diapers being on top of the list. Also, they bring diaper bags, diaper baskets, baby wipes, most needed clothes for newborns, bathtubs, and also gift cards overall.


Sometimes, at a baby shower, many people love to play fun games including other family members and friends. I want to share that the most played game during baby showers includes “who knows mommy best” where the ladies gathered can guess the age of the mom by just taking a look at the moms’ pictures.

Also, including gentlemen, if they are there, there is a quite common game that is played and it includes changing diapers. I know it may sound a bit silly, but have in mind that you will have your eyes completely closed and you will have to change the diaper of a doll. Weird enough, but yes! This game includes dads!

Some other games are related to the baby’s gender in case it isn’t revealed yet (more on it below).

Gender Reveal

Even though most people know the gender of their babies at the 14th week of pregnancy, they can keep it a secret if they want to have a super-fun baby shower party.

Gender reveal is one of the favorite things to do at baby showers and it includes different guesses and different opinions from the people who are invited there.

In my opinion, leaving the gender of the baby unmentioned until the time of the baby shower is the best thing to do!

Where Do Baby Showers Take Place?

Choosing the right place for holding a baby shower, even though may sound strange, is the easiest thing to do. First and foremost, if it is a surprise party for the parents, make sure to not organize it in their place, or if you want to, you can keep them away from everything that is happening in their house.

The place also depends on many things, related to the list of guests you want to invite and the budget you have divided too. If there are not too many people on the list, you can easily organize baby showers at anybody’s home and at pools which are favorite places to throw baby showers.

You can also have baby showers at different hotels, boats, rooftops, farms, mansions, and even churches. Basically, baby showers can be held wherever you want!

To find out more about this you should read various options for a perfect venue for the shower.

Final Words

Baby showers are the most loving parties for many people, and they are a perfect celebration for parents-to-be. Everything that happens at a baby shower is to have fun and bring joy to everybody who is invited there; family members, friends, colleagues, or anyone else.

So, I think after reading the article above, now you know what happens at a baby shower and what is its main purpose! Good luck with planning your baby shower!

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