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Neocate vs. Puramino: Which Is Better For Your Baby?

Having to choose the best hypoallergenic baby formula for your infant is a hard process. We all want what is best for our loved ones in the end. This struggle is no different when the dilemma Neocate vs Puramino surfaces.

These two formulas created specifically to target sensitive babies have their benefits and drawbacks. Although great in many aspects you cannot make a well-rounded decision without knowing all the important information regarding the two.

So, by the end of this article, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge required for Neocate and Puramino baby formulas.

Main Points

  • Neocate and Puramino are hypoallergenic dairy-free baby formulas.
  • Neocate is also soy oil free.
  • Puramino has soy oil in its mixture which may cause a reaction.
  • DHA/ARA is present in both Neocate and Puramino.
  • Neocate is ideal for babies with issues in their intestinal digestive tracks.
  • Puramino is great for infants that have issues with the absorption of nutrients.
  • Neocate offers six flavor variations for its junior line while Puramino provides only one.

In short: Which One Should You Choose?

If by chance you just want the straightforward answer to the question “Neocate vs Puramino” I can provide that as well. The superior choice in baby formula is Neocate.

It offers more caution when it comes to hypoallergenic infants and makes sure to aid your child in the long run by providing numerous variations of its formula.

It is also ideal for babies with issues in their intestinal digestive tracks. All in all, I can assure you that you and your infant will be extremely happy and pleased with Neocate.

Neocate Formula – A Brief Overview

Created by the brand Nutricia the hypoallergenic amino acid baby formula known as Neocate is ideal for infants that suffer from allergies of various categories. A great benefit of Neocate is that is it also dairy free, a benefit which helps children who are lactose intolerant at a great level.

However, Neocate is not known only for the above-mentioned characteristics. Thanks to its formula this powder aids your infant in other situations as well including fussiness, reflux problems, soy oil sensitivity, and so on.

Offering solutions for a lot of issues that appear in your child Neocate is recommended by a lot of parents. Of course, this is for solid reasoning since the results are visible. All of these fantastic features combine to make Neocate an impressive competitor.

Worth knowing is that Neocate and Puramino are hypoallergenic formulas for babies with food allergies. Neocate is extensively hydrolyzed and uses glucose syrup solids. Puramino is partially hydrolyzed and uses corn syrup solids. Consult a pediatrician or dietitian for the best option for your child.

Puramino Formula – What Is It?

Puramino baby formula is also a hypoallergenic amino acid-based powder filled with iron. This formula is targeted towards sensitive babies that also need a boost to their immunity system.

This formula is also lactose-free and by combining this with the nutrients present Puramino is easily eligible for infants with numerous dietary contrariness. We cannot forget the care towards sensitive digestive systems that this formula also has to assure your child the best.

Overall Puramino baby formula is loved for understandable explanations, but this differs from child to child. Due to its vast likability as a formula, it presents a great argument when the question “Neocate vs Puramino” is formed.

Compare Puramino and Elecare, two hypoallergenic formulas for babies with food allergies. Puramino is partially hydrolyzed with corn syrup solids, Elecare is amino acid-based, 100% free from cow’s milk protein and lactose

Formula Nutrients

The ingredients that the formula is created on effect a lot of topics and it is the main decision-making point for parents with delicate infants. This being the case I have planned to discuss this topic first.

Both Neocate and Puramino are dairy-free baby formulas. This guarantees infants with severe lactose allergies a secure nutrition intake. Together with this these formulas also have DHA/ARA components, key for the development of the infant.

The only difference here is that Neocate has a higher percentage of these elements than any other basic baby formula. A characteristic that can be beneficial or detrimental to many infants’ diets.

Neocate has several other nutrients present that helps the growth of the child. Ingredients such as Linoleic Acid, Choline, and Inositol are all offered in Neocate.

Although it is worth noting that the amount of these elements in Neocate per 100kcal is lower than in the Puramino formula. This is because puramino focuses on infant weight gain, so a higher intake of these components is natural for them.

In case you are looking for a formula that has natural oils in its creation to help your infant Neocate has you covered here. Besides the necessary vitamin and minerals, Neocate offers refined vegetable oils, variations of sunflower oils, and canola oil. Elements that cannot fully be found in Puramino.

Puramino has the upper hand when it comes to iron as well. Known as a formula for the boost of iron it delivers fully. A major disadvantage that Puramino has is the soy oil in its formula.

While Neocate is soy-free Puramino is not. This could be problematic for infants who are allergic or sensitive to the ingredient.

Main Acknowledged Benefits

As parents, the benefits on paper are meaningless unless we see them visually. This being the case when you acknowledged the beneficial impacts of the formulas you can make a better choice.

Neocate is known for soothing your infant upon being fed. Designed with purpose towards babies that have sensitive digestive systems Neocate puts great importance on that area. This formula is also great if your infant has gastroesophageal reflux or gas constipation.

Using Neocate and assisting your little one in critical areas such as these allows your infant to have a healthier and more relaxing development physically and mentally.

Puramino on the other hand is great in cases where your child has problems with processing and absorbing formulas.

By the specific formula, it has Puramino will now only help your child digest the proteins more smoothly but also fully use them in their respective systems. Puramino comes to the rescue when babies are underweight or have difficulty being fully fed.

Formula Sensitivity Attributes

Having an infant that is allergic to several elements makes a guardian take more interest in the sensitivity of their food. How sensitive the formula in question is toward the need of the child depends on the ingredients used.

In this case, we have seen that Puramino has a higher value of nutrients which logically leads to the assumption that it covers more ground in the allergy section. Surprisingly this is not the situation.

The increased value in nutrients has benefits of its own but when it comes to sensitivity the oils and ingredient mixtures in Neocate prove to be superior.

This formula is more sensitivity aware and battles more allergies than Puramino. By doing so it appeals to more infants that suffer from a combination of allergic reactions.

Formula Variations

The specific lines that a baby formula has are a great benefit for an infant because it eliminates the need to constantly change the brand and type of formula intake.

Neocate provides a formula for infants ages 0 to 12 months. It also offers a specific line of formula for babies that are 6 months of age and older. The junior line for ages one and up even has two variations, a powdered version, and a ready-to-feed variant. With these lines, Neocate makes sure to cover all the needed age groups for your child while they develop.

Puramino has two main formula lines. The first is targeted towards infants, to be more specifically babies aged 0 to 24 months. While their junior line targeted children one year and older and comes only in a powdered form.

Flavors Available

If you have a child that is selective about flavors, then the struggle of taste is well known to you. From this point of view having a selection of flavors available is important for a baby formula brand.

Neocate steps in to solve this issue by providing six extra flavors for the junior line of formula. Of course, these are an addition to the unflavored formula. Here it includes Vanilla, Chocolate, Tropical Fruit, Grape, Strawberry, and Orange-Pineapple.

Puramino has only one additional flavor for its junior line. This is a vanilla variation. As usual, it does have a basic unflavored formula but when it comes to a selection of fun child appealing flavors it lacks a lot.

Final Words

The argument “Neocate vs Puramino” is not an easy one I know. However, I hope to have assisted you in your journey to select the best formula for your child. In the end, both manufacturers have given their all to provide the best for your baby, and you cannot go wrong with either option.

Nevertheless, you can consult a pediatrician or dietitian to find the best option for your child. It is advisable to check the expiration date before using any medication including Destin.

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