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Can You Eat Coleslaw When Pregnant? (Explained)

Carving for something during pregnancy is a strange feeling, and if you haven’t been in at least once in your lifetime in such a situation, then you are not able to understand what I mean by saying this.

When pregnant, you should be careful what you eat since it directly impacts the baby. You might find yourself carving for different meals, and coleslaw might be one of them since it is a delicious dish.

Nevertheless, there comes the question: “can you eat coleslaw when pregnant?”. In this article, I will answer the query and explain everything regarding this topic. So better read this article carefully.

Main Points

  • Coleslaw is a very delicious cold salad, that many people consume a lot.
  • Yes, you can eat Coleslaw when pregnant, but there are some aspects you need to consider.
  • Coleslaw’s main ingredients are cabbage and carrots. These two veggies are so beneficial during pregnancy.
  • The other ingredient found in Coleslaw is mayonnaise. Make sure that the mayonnaise you use is not made of raw eggs.
  • Raw eggs may increase the risk of Salmonella infections.

Can You Eat Coleslaw When Pregnant?

Yes, you can eat coleslaw when pregnant. I am sure that most of you craving coleslaw waited for this straightforward answer, and you are about to eat it, but let’s see what are some things that you need to consider.

First and foremost, coleslaw is a cold dish; due to this, it is stored in many markets or places where you can buy food.

This is the first factor you need to consider before eating it. Also, the way how the coleslaw is prepared and the ingredients in it play a vital role. Another factor you need to consider is also the type of mayonnaise used in the preparation process.

Coleslaw is a popular side dish, but can it be safely consumed by pregnant women? While it’s generally safe to eat coleslaw during pregnancy, it’s important to be mindful of the ingredients used and to check for any potential food safety concerns, for example, can a pregnant woman eat KFC ?

What Is Coleslaw? – Ingredients

Coleslaw is served as a side dish that originated in the Netherlands. Coleslaw is one of my favorite side dishes since it contains all the ingredients that I am in love with. Basically, it is a mix of cabbage and carrots combined with mayonnaise.

This type is the most popular coleslaw since there are some other variations of it. Yet again, this is my favorite and original one. Coleslaw is served in many restaurants, and you can find it in some other food markets as stored.

Are There Any Benefits of Eating Coleslaw When Pregnant?

Pregnancy is the most delicate period of your life, so you need to eat healthy food rich in nutrients if you want to have a healthy pregnancy.

Besides it, when pregnant, you need more beneficial nutrients than usual since the fetus needs those nutrients for healthy development. Accordingly, you need to consider consuming food that is rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Eating coleslaw when pregnant might be beneficial since it contains some veggies that contain many nutrients you need during those months. Below I will mention the ingredients that coleslaw contains and explain their many benefits of them.

Cabbage and Carrots

First and foremost, cabbage and carrots are the main ingredients found in any type of coleslaw. I guess most of you know that both veggies are rich in many nutrients, so here is the point why it might be beneficial eating coleslaw during pregnancy.

However, cabbage is very rich in folic acid, which is one of the vital vitamins you need when pregnant. Moreover, you need to increase the intake of folic acid during these delicate months since it has a big impact on the development of the fetus and it protects the fetus from many neural tube birth effects.

During pregnancy, you might face blood pressure issues, and cabbage will help in lowering high blood pressure.

When it comes to carrots, they are very rich in vitamin C, which is crucial during pregnancy. Accordingly, eating carrots will also lower the risk of anemia that most pregnant women face. This is not all; carrots also impact your and your baby’s eye health.

For more information on specific foods that may be safe or unsafe to eat during pregnancy, also read can you eat grapes when pregnant? for more insight.

Why To Avoid Consuming Coleslaw When Pregnant?

Besides the benefits, there are also some reasons why you need to avoid eating coleslaw during pregnancy. As you already know, coleslaw contains a significant amount of mayonnaise, and it is an ingredient that might cause some issues when pregnant.

Homemade mayonnaise is made of raw eggs, and you all know that consuming raw food when pregnant is not allowed. Accordingly, if the coleslaw you eat is prepared with homemade mayonnaise, it is better to avoid consuming it.

Coleslaw is a cold dish, indicating that you don’t have to cook cabbage and carrots. Worth mentioning is, before preparing the coleslaw, ensure that you wash the veggies properly to avoid some bacterial infections.

Listeria is one of those bacterial infections that might affect the palcenta badly and increase the risk of miscarriage, unfortunately.

However, if you want to avoid this kind of issue, it is always better to prepare the coleslaw at home and make sure that you wash the veggies properly and use pasteurized mayonnaise.

You can buy coleslaw in many salad bars or supermarkets, where they are found in large open tubs. In my opinion, you need to avoid buying coleslaw from this kind of place since it might increase the risk of bacterial infections, and this might cause many issues for you and your cute little one.

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Final Words

Coleslaw is a delicious side dish, and I love consuming this cold salad. You can eat Coleslaw when pregnant, but there are some aspects you have to pay attention to, to avoid some severe issues.

One of the main ingredients of Coleslaw is mayonnaise. This ingredient is the main reason why many people avoid eating Coleslaw during pregnancy. However, cabbage and carrots are the veggies that you should consider when pregnant since they have many benefits.

I have mentioned all the benefits and drawbacks of eating Coleslaw when pregnant, so the last decision is yours. I would also recommend you consult your gynecologist for better and more detailed information.

Hope you liked this article and find value in it.

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