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Can You Eat Tzatziki When Pregnant? (Answered)

You might be familiar with the fact that when a woman is pregnant, she must be careful what she puts in her body. Even though the things you should stay away from are not a lot, their impact on you and your baby’s health is very high.

Many people don’t know what to eat precisely or not to eat during pregnancy. One of those foods is tzatziki, so let’s explore it a bit more.

Main Points

  • Dairy products should be pasteurized when consumed during pregnancy
  • Tzatziki dip contains Greek yogurt, so you should ensure it is a pasteurized yogurt.
  • Too much garlic can cause heartburn and indigestion, so only consume it in small quantities
  • Vinegar and lemon are beneficial and nutritious additions to your food
  • In the tzatziki dip, you can use herbs according to your liking. Just make sure they are allowed to eat during pregnancy
  • Some herbs can cause premature contractions and low baby birth weight

So, can you eat tzatziki when pregnant?

Yes, you can eat tzatziki sauce without the fear of causing harm to your baby or yourself. It is safe since it is a pasteurized product that does not threaten you or your baby.

The ingredients present in the tzatziki sauce are in no way harmful. For example, it does not contain unhealthy artificial flavors or colors.

It is all-natural pasteurized Greek yogurt, cucumbers, salt, garlic, and olive oil. You can also add lemon juice, vinegar, or herbs, according to your preference.

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When can tzatziki sauce be unsafe?

If you prefer to make tzatziki sauce at home on your own, you have to be careful what you use. The risky ingredient is yogurt; you must use pasteurized yogurt for your dip.

What if you use unpasteurized yogurt?

Raw milk and other dairy products made from unpasteurized milk pose a high risk, especially for pregnant women.

Natural dairy products may contain many harmful bacteria and germs, which can cause serious health problems. The milk can contain bacteria like Escherichia Coli, Salmonella, Brucella, Cryptosporidium, Listeria, etc.

These can cause mild or sewer reactions in your body, anywhere from vomiting, pain, and diarrhea to even worse illnesses and symptoms. Pasteurization eliminates all the known bacteria and germs in the milk and removes any possibility of unwanted reactions and symptoms.

Some unpasteurized products on the market may contain listeria but don’t pose a very high risk for most adults except for mild flu-like symptoms. Those products are feta cheese, soft cheeses, yogurt, and pudding made from unpasteurized raw milk.

They are not a significant threat to the general population and are consumed daily without consequences. But for pregnant ladies, newborns, and tiny toddlers, it is a significant threat; the bacteria that might be present in these products can cause severe reactions, even hospitalization.

For that reason, they should be avoided at all costs. Therefore, if you plan on preparing a homemade tzatziki dip while pregnant, you should be very cautious about what type of yogurt you use.

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The herbs in the tzatziki dip

Being a pregnant woman is not easy at all; despite all the aches, pains, and weight your body must endure, you must also be very aware of what you eat and drink. Many ingredients which are harmless to other people can pose a threat to pregnant women and their babies.

Some herbs should be avoided during pregnancy because they can cause distress to the baby or cause premature contractions of the uterus.

But the ingredients used in the tzatziki sauce are safe to eat for pregnant women. For example, lemon is a safe and nutritious fruit, so you can freely consume it during pregnancy.

Also, garlic and vinegar are safe to consume but try not to overdo them. They have antiviral and antimicrobial properties, so they benefit the mother-to-be. But try to stay within the daily limits since no known studies might guarantee that you will not have any side effects.

Greek yogurt health benefits

Some pregnant women tend to develop gestational diabetes; therefore, they have a limited choice of foods they can eat. In addition, when being digested, many products turn into sugar instead of energy, which can become quite a big problem for a woman carrying a baby.

It can lead to many complications and risks, so being cautious over what you put in your dish is always a smart move during those months you are becoming a mother. Plain Greek pasteurized yogurt is always a great choice, not just for the tzatziki sauce.

The straining process removes the carbohydrates; therefore, it does not cause your blood sugar levels to rise. Also, you will get the much-needed calcium intake that your body requires during pregnancy. However, since the baby will take most of your calcium storage, you must double your consumption.

I have noticed women try to stay fit during pregnancy, so they try to count their calories and avoid certain types of food which they believe might increase their weight drastically. But that is a mistake, and you should continue to eat healthy food; you and your baby will need the nutrients.

Many pregnant ladies end up having problems with their teeth and bones after pregnancy because they don’t have a high calcium intake during their pregnancies.

They should search for food with enough beneficial ingredients and low in carbohydrates and fats. But they should still cut down entirely on the food they have been eating prior.

Greek yogurt is an excellent product, and it will give you all the benefits you need without causing any spike in blood sugar, fat intake, or gut problems.

You have to make sure it comes from pasteurized milk, and you will be ready to start making your homemade tzatziki dip according to your taste.

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Final words

If you crave light salad sauces and dips, you can freely continue to satisfy your cravings even after you get pregnant.

It is a type of food that will not harm you or your baby’s health and will fill you with beneficial nutrients that both you and your baby need.

Also, it is a very refreshing food recipe, especially during the summer when your body craves some fresh and light ingredients which will not cause indigestion, morning sickness, or heartburn.

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