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Can You Eat Fish Fingers When Pregnant ?

Seafood is very nutritious and beneficial to have in your diet at least two times a week. It is packed with healthy fats and vitamin D, which is suitable for your blood vessels, brain, bones, etc.

But it can also be harmful since it can contain parasites and bacteria. Also, it can contain large amounts of mercury which is very dangerous for the human body.

So, you should be very careful when buying or ordering sea products, especially if you are pregnant.

Main Points

  • Seafood is healthy for you and your baby if cooked properly.
  • Raw and undercooked fish should be avoided during pregnancy.
  • Raw and undercooked fish contain parasites and bacteria which might harm you.
  • Cooking at high temperatures kills unwanted parasites and bacteria.
  • You can eat fish fingers when you are pregnant but in moderation.
  • Choose types of fish that contain the least amount of mercury.
  • Every wild-caught fish contains mercury, some less and some more.

Can you eat fish fingers when pregnant?

Yes, you can eat fish fingers during pregnancy. However, you must make sure you buy them from a trusted seller and ensure they are adequately cooked.

Nutritionists recommend seafood for pregnant women at least two to three times a week. Seafood is an excellent source of vitamins and good fats, especially omega 3 and vitamin D.

But not all seafood is safe during pregnancy; some of them can cause adverse effects on you or your baby if you are not careful. Although, fish fingers are one type of seafood that is very safe to eat, so feel free to enjoy your favorite fish snacks without the fear of side effects.

They are usually made from high-quality fish, low in mercury. Also, they are very light food, so they will not add more distress to your stomach.

Seafood is easy to digest and will not give you heartburn or acid reflux. When I was pregnant with my son, I use to have horrible heartburn, nausea, and morning sickness.

Only when I ate fish could I breathe freely without taking antiacid pills. Before I had my son, I used to hate the smell of fish, but since I got pregnant, I have loved to eat fish, and I still do, even after three years. I guess pregnancy changes a woman’s taste.

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How to properly cook fish?

Eating fish during pregnancy is very beneficial, especially the omega-3 fatty acids, which help the baby’s brain and nervous system development. But to be safe to eat, you must cook it properly and thoroughly.

Fish meat is known to have parasites, so you must cook it at high temperatures so that the heat destroys any bacteria and parasites.

During pregnancy, raw fish meat is not allowed nor recommended to eat. So, avoid eating raw or undercooked fish meat.

If you love eating your salmon undercooked, you will have to wait until you give birth to your baby and then return to your previous eating habits.

If you prefer eating fish fingers, you should do it sparingly since finger fish is deep-fried in oil and can lead to excess fat in you.

Or you can do what I did. You can bake your fish fingers in a baking tray in the oven without any oil. The fish fingers will not be very oily or bad for your health, and you will be able to eat them more often.

But if you want healthier versions of fish dishes, how you cook your fish is what makes it a healthy or unhealthy dish.

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Mercury in fish

Many fish contain mercury in them, some less and some more. But generally speaking, most of them have some amount of mercury.

Mercury is a natural element that occurs naturally and can be found all around us, in the waters, air, and mostly in food.

But the most deadly mercury is the mercury we ingest from the fish we eat. Fish take up mercury while feeding in seas and oceans. And when we eat fish, we ingest the level of mercury that is in them. So if the amount of mercury is very high in the fish, or if we eat a large number of fish during short periods, we can get mercury poisoning.

Mercury poisoning affects mainly the muscles, brain, and nerves. So, as a pregnant lady, you should be very careful about what kind of fish you eat.

Do your research on the type of fish you want to buy. Some fish have low levels of mercury, and therefore you can consume them without any problem.

Which kinds of fish to avoid during pregnancy?

There are some fish that are safe to eat while you are carrying a baby. But not all seafood is safe. Some have a substantial quantity of mercury, which can lead to severe consequences.

The fish that contain the highest amount of mercury is the bigger fish, like a shark, bigeye tuna, swordfish, marlin, king mackerel, etc.

These big fish are on the top of the ocean’s food chain. They are very high in mercury, and if you eat them, they can cause brain and nervous system damage in your baby.

You can eat small fish and consume shrimp, sardines, wild salmon, mackerel, trout, herring, crab, and lobster.

Small fish contain mercury too, but the amount of mercury in them is meager, and that’s why it will not cause any adverse effects on you or your baby’s health.

Fish fingers are usually made from whitefish, like cod, hake, haddock shark, or pollock. So before buying them, you should read the manual and see exactly what kind of fish they contain.

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Final words

It is already a proven fact that no matter what you are eating, too much of whatever food is not healthy. The consumption of every kind of food, beverage, or product you are craving should be moderate.

Normal quantities of whatever ingredient will not cause you any harm. But if you overdo it, even pure water can cause harmful side effects. So, you can eat seafood during pregnancy, but you can do it in moderation and be very vigilant over the type of fish you buy.

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