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Chicco Myfit Vs. Graco Tranzitions (Detailed Comparison)

Parents always know what is the best thing for their children, but since there are a large number of car seats in the market, it is difficult to distinguish which one is the best and in this way, they go through many questions in their head like: is my child in the right car seat?

Is it properly installed? These are questions that many parents struggle to answer. So, if you’re looking for a deep comparison of these two popular car seats, to make it easier for you to choose in this post I’ll be comparing Chicco Myfit vs Graco Tranzitions in several key categories.

  • Price
  • Composition and design
  • Safety
  • Dimensions
  • Installation

Chicco Myfit vs Graco Tranzitions – How Do They Differ?

Both of these car seats have so much to offer and I can say that both of them ensure safety for your baby, but the differences between them are major because when it comes to Chicco Myfit it is built with stronger features.

Here’s a direct comparison between Chicco Myfit and Graco Tranzitions

It has a LATCH installation systemIt has a seat belt lock system
Has 4 reclining positionsHas no reclining positions
It has plastic body constructionIt has a metal body construction
5-point harness type5-point harness type

Price – Chicco Myfit and Graco Tranzitions

Chicco Myfit is a little bit more expensive than Graco Tranzitions but it is a high-quality car seat and helps keep your baby secure, then it is worth investing.

Winner: It’s a tie.

Composition and design  – Chicco Myfit and Graco Tranzitions

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Chicco Myfit

Chicco is one of the best brands producing baby items all over the world. When it comes to Chicco Myfit is an incredible car seat that ensures safety and comfort for your little one.

It has an energy-absorbing base and it has plenty of padding. It includes a no-rethread harness with 9 position headrest and 4 recline positions which help position your child however you want ( harness or booster mode that also include bubble level indicators ).

It has a LATCH installation system and an integrated LATCH storage compartment. With its dual guard side protection and deep seat pan, this infant car seat can support bigger kids with longer legs without discomfort.

Additionally, it has two cupholders and optional strap and buckle covers. It has a metal body construction and offers three years warranty.

Graco Tranzitions

Graco Tranzitions goes from forward facing harness to a high back booster then finally to a backless booster. It keeps your baby protected and safe for a very long period of time from toddler to youth.

It is very lightweight so it’s really easy to transport from one place to another and I can say it’s the ideal car seat to make your busy and active life easier.

It has plenty of padding, body support, and harness covers which are very comfortable and machine washable.

It incorporates the Simply Safe Adjust Harness System, which allows you to easily adjust your headrest and harness to any one of eight height positions, with no rethreading.

It also has dual cupholders so your child can enjoy having a drink while relaxing. It has an open-loop belt that guides you in correctly positioning your vehicle’s seat belt. It is made from metal and plastic parts.

Winner: Chicco Myfit because it has stronger features.

Safety – Chicco Myfit and Graco Tranzitions

The most important thing for a parent is to keep their little one safe and secure, both of these car seats offer this but Chicco Myfit offers a dual guard side protection specialty.

On the other hand, we have Graco Tranzitions which offer a single guard protection. Both of them have a 5-Point harness type.

Winner: Chicco Myfit

Dimensions – Chicco Myfit and Graco Tranzitions

Chicco Myfit dimensions are ‎18.75 x 17 x 27 inches and Graco Tranzitions dimensions are 19 x 17.4 x 26.5 inches.  Chicco Myfit is heavier than Graco Tranzitions, it weighs 25 pounds while Graco Tranzitions is only  1 pound.

When it comes to weight limitations I guess is the same for both of them, Chicco Myfit is from 25 to 100 pounds, and Graco Tranzitions are from 22 to 100 pounds.

Chicco Myfit can be used for a longer period of time because the height limit goes from 38 to 57 inches on the other hand the maximum height recommendation is 33 inches.

Winner: Chicco Myfit because it can be used for a longer period of time.

Installation  type – Chicco Myfit and Graco Tranzitions

Chicco Myfit has a LATCH installation system which is very convenient and simple. To place it properly, all that is required is a single click. Graco Tranzitions has a seat belt lock system, it is not very comfortable to use and it can be very risky sometimes.

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Final Verdict

Because of the stronger features that Chicco Myfit offers like a metal body construction, LATCH installation system, and higher security for your little one, people are more interested in purchasing it over the Graco Tranzitions.

Even though both of these car seats have their advantages and disadvantages, Chicco Myfit is a little more on the pricier side.

Nonetheless, I strongly suggest you purchase the Chicco Myfit because a  good investment goes for a very long time and your little one is going to be safe and sound while you are driving around.

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