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Holztiger vs. Ostheimer: Comparing The Well Known Brands

Finding the best toys for your kids is a real struggle! As you know, everyone can find many options available on the internet.

Personally, when looking for wooden toys for my kids, Holztiger and Ostheimer always have caught my attention. I do not doubt that you have also encountered these names!

Which of them is superior? In this article, I will compare Holztiger vs Ostheimer, so here we go!

Main Points

  • If you want to choose wooden toys for your kids Holztiger and Ostheimer are the names to check out! They are amazing!
  • In terms of design, Holztiger’s toys are primarily as they look better, especially on the facial features, and have more vivid colors.
  • Ostheimer brings out smaller and more compact toys for your children’s little hands.
  • Holztiger and Ostheimer wooden toys include non-toxic colors; no worries about infections of any kind!
  • In general, Holztiger and Ostheimer are both affordable, but Holztiger toys are cheaper when compared to Ostheimer.

Holztiger and Ostheimer: Brands’ Overviews

Holztiger and Ostheimer are two brands many have heard of, but I want to mention some of the main things one should know about these two prominent names regarding wooden toys for children.

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Holztiger is a brand that started its job in Germany. Over time, it moved to China, Italy, Romania, and many other places. Nowadays, there is no specification on whether the toys are made in Germany, but if there is something sure: this brand operates in Europe.

This brand brings out different choices regarding wooden toys while including farm animals, zoo animals, fairies, and dinosaurs.


Ostheimer is another brand that works and originated in Germany, and it is a sure-known fact. The name Ostheimer is quite famous among many parents that need to choose good-quality wooden toys for their children, and it is a favorite brand for many people.

In terms of products, Ostheimer is similar to Holztiger, but still, they lack the dinosaur line. Instead, Ostheimer includes more characters as fairies, princes, and princesses.

Holztiger vs. Ostheimer: Head-to-Head Comparison

Like in everything, you will find many features in many types of toys, and both Holztiger and Ostheimer have the characteristics you should know about!

In this section, I will compare the two brands by showing some specifications regarding the toys they generally make.

Sizes and Designs

The first difference one can notice in toys from Holztiger and Ostheimer stands on the sizes of their toys. Holztiger has always brought to the market larger toys, not only compared to Ostheimer but to many other brands that are in the same line of work.

If you compare Holztiger’s Cow Standing Toy Figure and Ostheimer’s Cow Standing figure, you will find the distinction in size; Holztiger is always bigger.

When it comes to the designs and the way the toys look, Holztiger surely knows how to make attractive toys that catch both your and your children’s eyes.

The wooden toys from Holztiger have a better design than those of Ostheimer toys, and that’s noticed primarily in the faces of the animals they make. They are more noticeable, starting from the eyes and other facial features.

Wood and Colors Used

If these two brands used the same type of wood, they would be one. It concludes that these two brands use different types of wood to create the toys your children love.

Ostheimer uses certified wood; meanwhile, Holztiger toys include specific maple and beech wood.

In terms of color usage, these two brands both use non-toxic colors that are safe for your children; you don’t have to worry about whether they can get an infection because of them.

Yet again, Holztiger uses water-based paint overall, and their toys have a water-based finish that makes the colors shine; they are softer when touched. Also, the colors on Holztiger toys are more vivid, and children love them more.

Framework and Durability

As mentioned above, Holztiger has softer finishes overall; their toys have a better and more satisfying feeling when touched. Something that you should know is the edges of the toys.

Holztiger and Ostheimer toys are made with children in mind, and the edges aren’t sharp when touched. However, if you want to compare only the edges you will find Ostheimer sharper than Holztiger, and when considering the children’s security, sharpness is not something we like.

Children love to throw toys, and it is a fact no one can deny, and that’s where the durability of the toys comes in hand and mind. Regarding durability, we have a winner: the Holztiger brand and its toys! Do they break? Yes, you can break them, but they are more durable when in hands of “more aggressive” children.

Cost and Expenses

There is no such thing as a comparison between two brands if you don’t check out the prices of the products that they launch on the market.

If you have money to spend on wooden toys, go for Ostheimer. Instead, if you are on a tight budget Holztiger toys are something to check out as they are cheaper when compared to Ostheimer.

Popularity and Availability

Ostheimer stands as one of the most famous brands overall, and its place regarding popularity is always above Holztiger.

Overall, these two brands are available in many places worldwide, and you can find them in online stores too.

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Final Words

Holztiger and Ostheimer are some great brands that bring out some of the most amazing wooden toys for your kids.

Choosing a winner regarding Holztiger vs. Ostheimer isn’t the easiest thing to do, but if you check the specifications I mentioned above, I am pretty sure you have made up your mind. After all, finding a winner is something the customer should do.

I hope you liked what you read so far in the article above, and I hope you have found your favorite brand to choose for your children’s wooden toys! Best of luck!

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