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Baby Fights Bottle But Hungry (Common Reasons)

Newborn babies have their requirements; one of them is feeding them properly! The first two things that come to mind are breastfeeding and the bottles you use.

Babies tend to have some “waves of anger,” and they fight the bottle most of the time, even when hungry! The main topic of today’s article is Baby Fights Bottle, but hungry! There are some reasons, though! Let’s find out more about them!

Main Points

  • Babies fighting the bottle is an issue that many moms deal with, and there are reasons and solutions for that!
  • Some common reasons that babies fight the bottle even when hungry include medical conditions and babies’ preferences. 
  • A baby that is used to being fed with breast milk will always fight the bottle!
  • Important: Make sure to ask specialists (doctors) if you doubt your baby is going under a medical condition. 

Why Your Baby Fights the Bottle When Hungry? – Main Causes

I want to start immediately by telling you why your baby fights the bottles even though they haven’t had anything through the day or night!

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Fans of Breast Milk

Babies’ first contact with food is breast milk, right? Well, they get super familiar with it, and it is the only thing they need in order to function properly and make them fully fed.

Being used to breastfeeding may cause quite an anger to newborns, as they require it from you and don’t need anything else!


Something more serious that leads to fighting the bottle is any allergy they might have! Bottle milk includes different components; without knowing, you may be giving your baby something that the baby is allergic to!

Milk that comes in a package is called formula, and your baby may be allergic to the specific things they have.

Needing More

Babies go into different stages once they are out of their mom’s belly! For example, you should know that starting to feed your baby with solid foods under the age of four months isn’t recommended!

Instead, if your baby is six months old, they need other things and other types of food besides milk to beat the hunger they have.


If you aren’t familiar with the word ankyloglossia, it refers to tongue tie! It is a condition many babies go through, and it kind of blocks the tongue from movement.

What you should have in mind is that your baby can fight the bottle usually when they are under this condition.

Stomach Refluxes

You have probably noticed that your babies are uncomfortable even if you haven’t fed them all day, hate and fight the bottle. Yes, of course, you did notice because I did as well. There is another condition that babies can go through that leads to this anger activity, and it is because of the refluxes they might have when being fed.

Most babies deal with refluxes when they are from eight weeks to fifteen-eighteen months old, and even though they are hungry, they don’t accept the bottle of milk you offer.

Different Preferences

Even though everybody loves babies, they have some weird preferences! One of those preferences that are related to babies refusing the bottle when they are hungry stands on the fact that they don’t like the bottle.

You may be dealing with a baby that doesn’t like the shape, size, and nipple form of the bottle and they want to avoid it as much as you can.

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Things to Do: Helping Your Baby When They Fight the Bottle

When you have in front of you reasons why a baby fights the bottle when hungry, you should also know how to deal with those issues.

Based on all the reasons that I mentioned above, I want to add some solutions for you and I want to ensure you that I’ve done them as well and they are all concluded with success.

Specialist’s Help

I mentioned above some medical conditions that a baby can go through when they are hungry and fight the bottle. For example, the medical conditions your baby may go through include refluxes, ankyloglossia, and allergies.

When your babies have these three conditions going on in their bodies, it is always preferable to go to the doctors, more specifically a pediatrician, and ask them for anything that they think will help the baby be fed correctly without anger.

DIY Solutions

Everything that is left without mentioning stands on the parts that babies don’t like the bottle, they are used to breast milk or need solid food.

Basically, to deal with these issues, you should always have something in your mind or consult with any other new mom or moms with an experience like me!

When your baby requires breast milk from you, if there is still milk, don’t make it difficult! It is just a condition your babies like just because they are used to it. Breastfeed your baby if that’s what he or she loves.

Regarding bottle preferences, there is nothing easier than changing the bottle! Make sure to fulfill the needs of your baby as much as you can if you want to be comfortable enough while being fed and not cause any fighting.

In terms of solid food, you should remember the fact that it is essential for a baby older than five months to try something new because the bottle doesn’t fully feed the baby. You can give different vegetables, yogurts, and foods with proteins because they need them!

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Final Words

You can never fulfill the complete requirements of babies, but when you ask, you always find some solutions and things you can try to end that struggle!

Babies fight bottles frequently, but the best way to deal with that is not to get angry and try everything you can until you find something that works for your baby.

I hope that you liked everything I mentioned in this article, and I hope that what we discussed will help you deal with any struggle you might have regarding the main topic: Baby Fights Bottle, But Hungry! Good luck!

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