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12 Places to Hold Baby Shower (Great Ideas)

Are you preparing to host a baby shower but having trouble deciding where to have it? No matter whether you are planning your party or organizing it for a friend, you will find different places advised by many people, and I know how confusing things can get!

In this article, I’ll list every location where you can host a baby shower. Even though I will mention many different places to hold a baby shower, I am sure you will find the one you love most!

Main Points

  • A baby shower can be held in a variety of places, both indoors and outdoors.
  • You can host a baby shower at home, a hotel, a restaurant, a cafe, a tea room, or a church if you enjoy being indoors.
  • You can choose from outdoor spaces including parks, gardens, vineyards, rooftop terraces, and beaches.
  • The priciest places to have baby showers are at hotels and restaurants.
  • Parks and beaches are unique, and they are free of charge!

Where Can You Hold a Baby Shower?

First and foremost, there are two distinct considerations to make when thinking about the locations you may want to hold a baby shower: indoors and outdoors.

Once more, there are a select few locations that are worth mentioning considering some aspects, and you need to be aware of them. That’s because only this way you can find the perfect place to hold a baby shower.

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There are various locations where you can host a baby shower, so, if you enjoy indoor gatherings these locations include your home, a hotel, restaurants, coffee shops, tea rooms, and churches.


Given the comfort you as a mother will have, especially if you are organizing your baby shower, your house is one of the best places to host a baby shower.

There is nothing better than welcoming guests into your home, which you know like the back of your hand.

You can also host it at a friend or relative’s house, though it may be best if it is a surprise party that your friends and family members plan for you and hold the baby showers at their places.


There are hotels in your area that undoubtedly have special spaces for events and parties, including baby showers in general.

Additionally, a hotel offers a variety of options for rooms in general. You can select any room you desire when staying in a hotel, including one of their many ballrooms, and you can be sure that everything will be ideal.

Restaurant or Cafe

There is nothing better than going and planning a baby shower in a restaurant if you are thinking about serving a lot of food to your guests. There are restaurants everywhere around, therefore I’m convinced that when reading between the lines, you already found the best one near you.

Avoid the food for a moment! If your guests are only coming for a coffee, why not take them to a coffee shop? So, you won’t have to provide them with anything; just go to a café and let the waitstaff take care of everything as usual.

Tea Room

Elegance never goes out of style, and the finest location to find it and to feel cozy in many ways is a tea room.

Additionally, tea rooms provide wonderful designs, so you won’t need anything else to make a place beautiful. By the way, many baby shower parties use tea rooms as their place of choice.

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A church is also a place to keep in mind while considering where to organize a baby shower, of course, you are a church member or simply adore the way churches look like. Secondly, why not hold a baby shower in the church if your friend is pregnant and is a member?

You can find anything you need in a church, starting from tables to the smallest items. Yet again, make sure to bring any food or drinks with you.


If indoor energy and the mood are not your things, you can find some attractive locations outdoors to hold a baby shower. For example, you can hold a baby shower in the garden, terrace, vineyard, park, and even on the beach.


Nothing makes a baby shower more lovely than the greenery and blooms a garden provides! You won’t lack decorations for a baby shower held in a garden, especially if you pick a botanical garden.

If your front yard has space for guests, tables, chairs, and whatever else you require, you can also use it.

Rooftop Terrace

Terraces are the greatest option if you want to host a baby shower in a straightforward but stylish environment. You can either use your balcony or head to a rooftop terrace where you can show off some of the area’s best views to your guests.

You will need to bring additional items if you’re having a baby shower on a rooftop terrace because nothing is there.


I want to recommend a certain location, especially for picnic lovers, and that area is a vineyard! A vineyard already has views, decorations, and any form of greenery.

There is really nothing better than enjoying a picnic-style party while watching the sunset in a stunning vineyard.


Do you live close to a gorgeous park? What if I told you that you could also host a baby shower there?

If you look at the big picture, throwing a baby shower in a park doesn’t cost you anything. Bring your belongings along, and then sit back and enjoy yourself with the friends and family members you love to invite.


Last but not least, when I talk about hosting baby showers generally, the beach is my favorite setting, and just imagining how a baby shower will look at the beach gives me chills.

One of the finest scenarios is the soon-to-be mom having a blast on the beach with her closest family and friends. A baby shower would undoubtedly be magical on the beach!

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Final Words

The purpose of baby showers is to rejoice and welcome a new baby into the world.

You need a particular location to have such a one-of-a-kind party, and all of the locations I described in the article above are the best and will ensure you have a magical time.

When planning your baby shower, be sure to include some of your closest friends and family. If you are throwing the party for a friend, make sure to consider everyone the expectant mother needs and loves to have there.

I hope you like what you read thus far and that you were able to find the ideal place for the baby shower!

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