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Do Men Go To Baby Showers? Answered & Explained

A baby shower is the best way to celebrate your baby’s arrival with your beloved ones. Parents organize a party with their friends and families to share the excitement with them.

Baby showers were only for ladies, and men didn’t attend the party. Yet, things changed, and nowadays, baby showers have a different format from the traditional one.

In this article, I will answer whether men attend baby showers and many other things regarding this topic. So, if you are planning to organize a baby shower, better read this article carefully.

Main Points

  • Baby showers are popular, and many people organize different parties in various formats.
  • Yes, nowadays men go to baby showers since many modern couples organize co-ed parties.
  • Traditional baby showers were only for ladies, and there were some reasons why it was like that.
  • Pregnancy discussions and stress relief were two of the main reasons why baby showers were only for women.
  • In my opinion, co-ed baby showers are the best since it is better to have your partner by your side and share the most special moments with them.

Do Men Go To Baby Showers?

This is an interesting question and due to it, so is the answer to this query. Traditionally, men don’t attend baby showers since this is a party where only ladies take place.

Yet, as I have stated, this is for those traditional baby showers since nowadays, men attend baby showers, and there is nothing wrong with it.

The baby showers where men are involved are gaining even more popularity, and many of them love attending baby showers and enjoy the time there with their partner and share the excitement.

When I organized the baby shower for my first child, my husband was there with me, and I invited many of my friends and their partners as well.

Basically, it was a co-ed baby shower and we had so much fun. Based on my experiences, there is no reason for my husband not to join a baby shower and stay by his partner’s side during this special day.

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What Is A Baby Shower?

Baby showers are traditional parties where you celebrate your baby’s arrival with many guests, such as friends, family members, colleagues, etc.

A mom-to-be organizes a party at home or a café or restaurant and enjoys one of the best moments of her life. Guests attend the party, have some drinks, eat something, congratulate the mom-to-be, and generally bring a gift to the mom or the baby who is ready to arrive.

However, a baby shower is not always organized by a mom-to-be. Most of the time, a group of friends or family members organize a surprise baby shower for the mom, which is a better way to make a mom-to-be happy and share the excitement.

Are Baby Showers Only For Women?

There are many formats of baby showers, and the most popular baby shower is the traditional one which is only for women. In the past, baby showers were events designed only for women, and men didn’t attend the party.

Whereas, many things changed, and now it is all different since many people organize co-ed baby showers, which are not traditional. Some conservative people still go with the traditional flow and avoid inviting men to the party since this is how a traditional baby shower should be.

They think there are many reasons why men should not be invited to baby showers, and they might be right. Honestly, I don’t agree with this, and in my opinion, both parents should attend the baby shower, be there for each other, and share some beautiful moments.

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Why Are Men Not Allowed To Baby Showers?

As I have stated above, traditional baby showers are only for ladies, and there are some reasons why many people still organize baby showers for only women.

Many modern couples avoid those traditional baby showers, and I am one of those. Yet, now I will mention the reasons why men are not allowed to attend a baby shower.

Pregnancy Discussions

Pregnancy discussions are one of the most crucial factors why men are not allowed to attend a baby shower. The guests who are there share their stories and experiences of the pregnancy, which might not be appropriate for a man to hear.

Back in time, those topics were taboos, and nobody talked about pregnancy or the delivery process if there was a man there. Yet, nowadays, pregnancy talks are not considered taboo topics for men; and this is the main reason why men attend most baby showers.

Stress Relief

Pregnancy is one of the most stressful processes of your life, and to be honest, a man is not able to understand it.

This is also another reason why baby showers were only for ladies since the mom-to-be invites friends and some beloved family members so they can share their experiences and try to keep the mom-to-be calm and help to relieve some stress.

So, in traditional baby showers, the environment was not considered okay for men since they don’t have what to share with the mom-to-be.

Co-Ed Baby Showers

Co-ed baby showers are very popular nowadays, and most parents organize baby showers in this format, where also the father attend the party and many other men.

As the role of the father is vital in raising the child and taking care, then why a father-to-be does not join a baby shower?

There is no reason for it, and due to this; many modern couples choose this format, and it is way better. Many people also invite their close male family and friends with their partners. They prepare different games in order to make the party more interesting, and enjoy it to the fullest.

What Men Should Do and Bring To A Baby Shower?

There is no specific rule for men on what they should do in a baby shower, it is all the same as the ladies. They attend the baby shower have some drinks, eat, play some games, and congratulate the parents-to-be. Also, they can bring gifts to the parents or the baby who is about to arrive.

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Final Words

Baby showers are very popular and it is the best way to celebrate your baby’s arrival and share your excitement with other people. In traditional baby showers, men weren’t allowed to attend the party, but many modern couples nowadays organize co-ed baby showers.

Men can attend a baby shower and this is how it should be in my opinion, since it is always better to have your partner by your side and share the best moments of your life with him.

I hope you like this article and found value in it.

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