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Neocate vs. Alimentum: Which Is Better?

Being a caregiver, you want to always make the best choice for your child, so choosing between two hypoallergenic baby formulas is never easy.

When top brands like Neocate and Alimentum are brought up for consideration, the decision-making process isn’t any simpler. Given this, the debate Neocate vs Alimentum is quite common.

By providing all the necessary information for both brands of baby formula I will hopefully assist you in choosing the best formula for your little one.

Main Points

  • Neocate and Alimentum are both hypoallergenic baby formulas.
  • Neocate is a lactose and soy oil-free formula.
  • Alimentum is only a lactose-free baby formula although it possesses a derivative of milk in its mixture.
  • Neocate is ideal for children that are fussy and have digestive issues.
  • Alimentum is greatly beneficial for children who do not absorb nutrients fully and have a low intake of protein and fat.
  • Neocate has three different lines of formula directed towards infants 0 to 12 months, babies 6 months or older, and children one year and up.
  • Alimentum has two main formula lines, one for newborns aged 0 to 12 months and the other for toddlers 12 to 36 months.

Which Is The Better Option?

If you are only looking for a direct answer to the question “Neocate vs Alimentum,” I am happy to help. To put it simply, Neocate baby formula outperforms Alimentum in a variety of categories.

It is ideal for babies who are sensitive to certain ingredients or who have digestive issues. As a natural-based lactose and soy-free formula, it ensures only positive development for your infant. Overall, Neocate is an excellent choice for hypoallergenic baby formulas.

Neocate vs. Alimentum – How Do They Differ?

Even though they have a similar end goal Neocate and Alimentum have various differential characteristics. As dairy-free baby formulas, they offer only what is best for your child, the way they approach this challenge is distinctive though.

These two baby formulas have key differences when it comes to the ingredients that they use and the specific amount of those ingredients.

Due to this they also have different beneficial features for children. Another great aspect where you can distinguish these two formulas from one another is the sensitivity-conscious nutrients that they use.

Although Neocate and Alimentum offer outstanding results individually there is a better option out of the two. By taking a look at their similarities and dissimilarities you will better understand the formulas which will lead to a more secure choice for your infant.

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Formula Ingredients

The ingredient list of both Neocate and Alimentum are impressive. The nutrition provided by these formulas guarantees the healthy development of your baby. However, they do have there are differences.

One of the most important elements that hypoallergenic dairy-free formulas can have is the DHA/ARA components.

These ingredients ensure the growth of your baby and all the imaginable aspects. thankfully both of these formulas provide your newborn with this ingredient. what should be noted is the amount of DHA/ARA that is present in the formula.

Neocate is known to have a high level of this ingredient compared to its current competitor Alimentum.

Although important in their rights the above-mentioned ingredients are not the only focus of this topic.

Neocate has great a list of valuable nutrients such as Linoleic Acid, Choline, Inositol, diverse minerals, and vitamins. Except for Linoleic Acid, the other elements are present at a larger amount in Neocate thus providing a more enriched formula.

Alimentum challenges this list by providing more natural vitamins and minerals especially when it comes to the vitamin B complex. This formula also has a greater measure of Linoleic Acid, a component that is always good to have for the development and growth of your infant.

The lactose-free element is a significant difference between these two formulas’ ingredients. While both are labeled as dairy-free and unquestionably deliver, Alimentum contains a milk derivative called Casein Hydrolysate.

While not in high concentrations, it is still worth noting in case your infant has severe reactions to dairy. Soy oil is also present in Alimentum whereas in the Neocate formula it is completely absent.

Main Benefits

The benefits of a formula are greatly dependent on the ingredients used to create the mixture. As hypoallergenic milk alternatives both Neocate and Alimentum strive to maintain an easy digestive process in your infants’ inner system. So, what are the beneficial differences between these two?

To begin Neocate is more focused on addressing the sensitivity issues that a baby might have. They achieve this by providing higher levels of the elements that are meant to soothe your child.

The benefit of this technique is that your infant will feel more relaxed throughout its feed which will result in healthier development and growth.

The formula of Neocate is also known to be great if your infant has problems with refluxes or gas constipation. All of these elements just continue to aid in the process of calming the newborn in a relaxing manner while assuring the absorption of the components that Neocate holds.

Alimentum is also a great formula if your infant is prone to reactions in the digestive system. Although, Alimentum puts more focus on the malnutrition of the infant. It is a great formula in cases where the newborn does not absorb and has a low intake of protein and fat.

Simply conclude the main goal that it holds is the assurance of a fully feed infant while still keeping in mind the sensitivity of the infant.

Sensitivity Focus Of Baby Formulas

The awareness of the brand towards the reactions that a child might have or create has significant importance in any caregiver’s decision-making process.

Even though both Neocate and Alimentum are formulas that are concentrated on this topic one has more awareness of sensitivity issues than the other. To be frank, Neocate is more aware of this aspect.

As a hypoallergenic formula, Alimentum does not withhold in providing all the needed nutrients to fight any possible reaction, but it does lack the small details in its formula.

Details that Neocate provides such as a plant-based formula packed with natural oils, having higher levels of DHA/ARA and other components, assuring a soy oil lactose-free mixture, and so on.

Elements such as these make a distinction between the two formulas in categories that most would think to skip. Though this holds different importance to each parent it is a matter worth considering.

Age Diversity

Having a formula that ranges from different age groups is a massive bonus. When the manufacturers guarantee different age groups of their baby formulas, they simultaneously provide longevity and consistency that a lot of children and parental figures greatly appreciate.

When it comes to this Neocate offers three great lines of formulas. The first is solely directed toward infants ages 0 to 12 months. The second line of the formula is more specific and is targeted at babies 6 months or older. Now to be honest with you the 6 months plus formula is rare to find in many famous baby formula brands and should be deeply valued.

Neonate’s final line of baby formula focuses on children ages one year or older. They provide both a powdered mixture and a ready-to-go liquid in many different flavors.

Alimentum’s main line of formula is for infants that are ages 0 to 12 months however the mixture is safe to use for children exceeding the 12-month mark.

The toddler mixture can be found in both liquid and powder form, and it is targeted for ages 12 to 36 months. Their liquid version is loved deeply by children even though it does not come in the diversity of flavors that Neocate does.

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Final Words

Coming to the end of the article I hope to have resolved the dilemma between these two wonderful formulas. The question “Neocate vs Alimentum” is not the easiest to answer since both are brilliant at providing your child with the best. However, I believe that one can outshine the other.

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