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How Long Does It Take For Baby To Adjust To Formula Change? Answered

Finding the best formula for your baby might take a little time. You might notice that your babies don’t like the formula and are struggling with it, or you just want to switch from a non-organic formula to an organic one. This is all normal since it is a common issue and process when you have babies.

When it comes to changing your baby’s formula, many parents have one common question “How long does it take for a baby to adjust to formula change?”. In this article, I will answer the question and try to explain everything regarding the topic.

Main Points

  • Bottle-feeding your babies might be challenging since you need to find the best formula.
  • Your babies need at least one to two weeks to adjust to the formula change.
  • Many reasons lead to changing the formula such as your babies don’t like the formula, they might have digestive issues and allergic reactions.
  • If your baby is lactose-intolerant, then you need to go for a formula that is made from soymilk proteins.
  • Before switching to another baby formula, consider some factors such as the type of formula, consult your pediatrician, etc.

How Long Does It Take For Baby To Adjust To Formula Change

There is no exact answer to this question, but according to many professionals, and based on my own experiences, your baby will need at least 7 to 14 days to adjust to formula change. If you decide to change your baby’s formula, what you will need the most is patience.

Don’t expect your baby to adjust to changes from day one since many factors impact this process. Babies are sensitive, and most of the time, they avoid changes. There are many types of formulas, and finding the best one is a bit challenging.

Babies are not capable of telling us whether they are okay with the formula. As parents, you need to look at the signs your baby shows so you can detect whether your baby likes it or not. Most parents are having some difficulties with baby formulas, and they are changing them frequently.

Some babies accept those changes, and some reject them; in this case, you need to wait at least one week and see what your baby’s reaction is to the new formula; if they are still struggling, then it is always better to consult a pediatrician.

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Why Change Baby’s Formula? – Reasons

Sometimes you might notice your babies having some difficulties and are not able to adapt to the formula you are using for them, indicating that it is time to switch to another one.

Worth mentioning is that parents shouldn’t change the formula randomly; there must be reasons for that since babies might struggle to adjust to formula change. If they are okay with the one you are using, then don’t experiment much.

Pediatrician’s Recommendation

When it comes to baby formulas, pediatricians know the best, and before deciding, consult them. Sometimes your doctor might recommend switching the formula as your baby grows up.

Babies’ ingredient requirements change once they get older, and this is the main reason why the pediatrician might recommend changing the baby formula and continuing with another one that has more iron and some other ingredients that play a vital role in the healthy development of babies.

So, this might be one of the biggest reasons you will need to switch to a new baby formula and see whether your baby will like it.

Your Baby Doesn’t Like The Formula

If your babies don’t like the formula, they will show you many signs, and most probably, you will need to change the formula and start using another one.

Diarrhea after every bottle feed is one of the significant signs that shows that the formula you are using is not the right one and your baby doesn’t like it.

Many other digestive issues and allergic reactions might occur if your babies struggle with the formula you use to feed them. Accordingly, you need to pay attention to those signs and consider changing the formula.

Formula Type

Formula type is one of the reasons why you may need to switch to another one. Most of the baby formulas use cow’s milk protein, but some babies might have lactose intolerance, and this causes some issues that lead to a change in the formula.

Many parents also consider switching from non-organic to organic baby formulas, for better nutrients and so on.


As babies get older you will need to feed them less frequently but with an increased amount of formula. Basically, your babies require many cans of formula per month.

Due to this reason, you might want to switch to a less pricey one and save some money. Budget is also a factor in why many parents want to change their babies’ formulas.

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Tips On How To Switch The Formula

If you are worried about how you will switch to another formula and you don’t know what you need to consider, here I will show you some tips so you can effortlessly change the formula and decide on the best one.

Consider All Types Of Formulas

First and foremost, before deciding on a new baby formula, you have to consider the issues your baby has with the formula you are using, and what are the ingredients of the formula.

There are many of them available on the market, and deciding on the best one is not easy. If your baby has lactose intolerance, then you should go for a formula that has soy milk proteins.

However, if you have a sensitive baby, then a formula that is made of hydrolyzed proteins is the best pick. Pay attention to the vitamins and minerals that the formula contains, and also go for the one that is very similar to breastmilk.

Switch To Another Formula Gradually

The best way to switch to another formula is to do it gradually, but this depends on whether you change it for your and your baby’s preferences or some allergic or digestive issues.

If your babies have allergic reactions and some digestive problems due to the formula you use, then you can switch to another one immediately.

Whereas, if you are switching to another formula due to your preferences or you just want to use a formula with different nutrients, then switching gradually is better.

Side Effects Of Switching The Formula

You can never know whether you have switched to the right baby formula or not. If the formula you switch is not the right one for your baby, then there will be some side effects due to this, and you might need to change it again, unfortunately.

If you notice that your babies have more grass, they are frequently crying or waking up, vomiting, and becoming fussy, then all of these indicate that the formula you switched is not the right for your baby.

Yet, do not let this disappoint you since you should have patience and wait at least one week to see whether your babies will adapt to their new formula.

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Final Words

As parents, we all want to feed our babies and keep them happy, but sometimes we might have some difficulties in finding the best baby formula for our cute little ones.

Changing the formula and switching to another one is a common thing that many parents and babies experience. If you are about to switch to another formula, then you need to wait for at least one to two weeks and see whether the new one will work well.

Moreover, don’t hesitate to ask for help and consult with a pediatrician since they know the best and will recommend a great formula for your babies.

I hope you liked this article and found the answers to your queries.

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