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Are Babies Born With Eyebrows? (What You Should Know)

If you are pregnant you probably imagine your delivery day all the time. When will the contractions start? How will things play out? What will my baby look like? All of these, and similar, questions are probably lingering in your mind and will stay there until your due date.

One strangely particular question that I had on my mind during pregnancy was whether are babies born with eyebrows. So let us explore this topic a little further.

Main Points

  • Mostly all babies are born with body hair, but it may be too tiny to spot at first.
  • Most babies will be born with very light eyebrows.
  • Your baby’s eyebrows will start to appear when they are 2 to 3 month old.
  • There are ways to stimulate eyebrow growth.
  • Genetics plays a big part in whether or not your baby will be born with eyebrows.

Are babies born with eyebrows?

In most cases, babies are born with eyebrows, and in some cases, it appears as if they do not have any hair above their eyes. Although all babies are born with some hair in their body, whether it’s the eyebrows or some other part. With that being said, some babies are born with eyebrows, and some not.

When do babies grow hair?

Despite the fact that it is very common to see a “hairless Infant”, all babies are covered in hair, just like adults. This hair is very small and light so we might not see it at first but it is there and it serves as a protective layer above the skin.

In the 21st week of pregnancy, the baby is covered with soft and tiny unpigmented hairs called lanugo. This is a protective layer that keeps your baby warm in the utero stage and it stays on the baby’s body until around 8 weeks before it’s born.

After this, the vellus hair starts to grow. This is also called peach fuzz and it’s the tiny hairs that we all have on our bodies. This is not the same as terminal hair, which is thicker hair that grows on our head, arms, legs, pubic zone, and so on.

Eyebrows are terminal hair and whether or not your baby will have them depends on a few factors.

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Is my baby going to have eyebrows?

Your baby is most probably going to have eyebrows, and you might be able to see them at first. Let me explain.

In the early stages of hair development, as I mentioned, hair is non-pigmented, meaning that you will probably not be able to see it that well. It is very uncommon for a baby to be born with no hair at all, so most likely yours will have some hair on its body.

Whether or not you can see the hair, will depend on a few factors.


I and my partner are both blond, so it didn’t come as a surprise when my baby was born with, what looked like, not a single eyebrow hair or eyelashes. Come to find out that it did have hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes, but they were so light that we could only see them in certain light.

The same will apply to your newborn, if you and your partner have dark thick hair, chances are that your baby will too. Also, ethnicity plays a role here as well as your extended family three.

Duration of pregnancy

If your baby is born prematurely it may not have eyebrows yet. This is totally normal as the baby needs time to develop terminal hair. Some premature babes still have their lanugo hair around the shoulder area.

When will my baby’s eyebrows grow?

Your baby most probably already has eyebrows right after birth. However, it might take some time before you are able to see them on its face. It usually takes around 2 to 3 months for the eyebrows and eyelashes to start getting darker.

If your baby has very thin and light hair, however, it might take more time. Some babies never develop dark and thick eyebrows. I know my kids for sure never had to worry about plucking and waxing because of the genetics they got from me and my husband.

It is a blessing and a curse. Maybe they will never have to wax, but let me tell you, I have never seen anyone go through an eyebrow pencil as fast as my now teenage daughter.

My baby’s eyebrows are falling out

It is very common for your baby’s hair to fall out shortly after birth. This is totally safe and as long as your baby is healthy it will grow back in a few months or maybe sooner.

Skin conditions that cause rashes and scaling can also be the reason why your baby’s eyebrows are falling out.

Skin conditions like cradle cap are caused by excessive oil production of the glands, it often affects the scalp but can be spread to the eyebrows too causing them to fall out. This is a common condition that can be treated at home and it’s not a cause for concern.

Can I make my baby’s eyebrows grow?

If for some reason you insist on helping your baby with its eyebrow growth, then there are a few things you can try.

Coconut oil

You can try to stimulate your baby’s eyebrow growth by smearing a bit of room-temperature coconut oil above their eyes. Be careful not to put too much where the oil will drip down into your baby’s eye and cause stinging.


Similar to coconut oil, aloe is said to help with hair growth. If nothing else, it will soften your baby’s skin and leave it feeling smooth and silky.


Vaseline is said to boost hair growth. There is no scientific evidence behind this claim, but it will at least protect the hair from breakage and dryness.

Facial expressions

Encourage your baby to use its facial muscles. When you make a facial expression and contract your face muscles, more blood flows through that area which can stimulate optimal eyebrow growth.

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If you are like me and you keep wondering are babies born with eyebrows, I hope things are clear now. Truth is, to have the best guess of whether or not your newborn will have eyebrows, take an old baby picture of yourself and see did you, or your partner, have any eyebrows right after birth.  If the answer is no, then most likely your baby won’t either, at least not right after birth.

All and all there is no cause for concern if your baby is born without eyebrows. If you feel worried that your baby has some kind of unknown hairless condition, make sure to give your pediatrician a call just to have a sound mind.

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