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My Baby Hates The Swaddle: Reasons & Answers

Swaddles are one of the best tools that you can have for your baby. Babies are strange, and you might find difficulties to keep your babies calm and making them rock-a-bye.

Swaddles might help many parents in this case. Most babies like being swaddled, and that’s why a swaddle might be their favorite tool. Whereas some babies hate swaddles, and this is a sad story for parents.

I found out that many parents want to know the reasons why their babies hate swaddling. This will be the main topic of this article, and I will try to explain the reasons why babies hate Swaddles.

Main Points

  • Babies are cute but strange at the same time since they differ from each other and have different preferences.
  • Most parents notice that their babies hate to swaddle and they want to know the reasons for that.
  • There are many reasons why babies hate swaddling, and one of the significant reasons might be that you are not swaddling them properly.
  • You need to find the right way of swaddling your babies since don’t want to warp up tightly and don’t like traditional swaddling.
  • Always use a great swaddle that is made of soft material to provide maximum comfort, and try to give a bit of space to your baby.

Why do Babies Hate Swaddles? – Reasons

Parenting is challenging, and keeping your newborn calm and away from fussiness is even harder. So, this is the main reason why many parents choose great swaddles for their babies.

Some babies will fight the swaddle, and they might not want to be swaddled, and there are many reasons why babies react so. The reasons why your baby hates swaddling might be so simple.

The swaddle you use is one of the reasons why your babies fight it. It should provide maximum comfort to your baby; otherwise, you won’t be able to use it.

Besides it, the swaddling technique also plays a vital role in this case. You should know the proper way of swaddling your baby. Also, many babies love their arms to be free, and if you swaddle them with straight arms this might be the reason why they do not like it.

Whereas some babies love to be swaddled tighter, and if you don’t swaddle your baby that way, they fill most start fighting the swaddle most likely.

So, it all depends on your baby’s preferences. Basically, I would like to say that maybe your babies are okay with the swaddle, but they just don’t like the way you swaddle them, indicating that you need to try different ways of swaddling your baby and then find the right and the proper swaddling technique.

Is It Normal For Newborns To Hate Swaddle?

You can’t wait for all babies to respond the same way to the same things. Some might like swaddling, and some fight it. So, it is more than normal for a newborn to hate and fight to swaddle.

If you notice that your newborn is struggling with swaddling, then there is nothing to worry about since it is not up to your baby but up to you, your swaddling technique, and maybe the swaddle you use.

However, when you purchase a swaddle for your newborn, make sure that it is well constructed from soft fabric to provide a soft touch and feel to your baby; also, do not forget to read the instructions of the manufacturer and swaddle your baby properly following the right steps.

What Do You Need To Do If Your Babies Hate Swaddle? – Tips

If your baby is fighting the swaddle and you are unsure about what you need to do, then here I am with some steps that you need to follow. First and foremost, you need to find the right way of swaddling your baby since it might be the main reason why your baby hates swaddling.

Ensure that the swaddle you are using is soft enough and made of great materials for your baby to like it. Always avoid swaddling your babies when they are fussy and wait for them to calm down.

If they act strange and cry, do not force on swaddling your baby since it won’t work out, and you will end up failing the procedure. If the swaddle you use most of the time doesn’t provide great results, then consider changing it and purchasing another one for your baby, and maybe it will be the right swaddle.

Once you decide on the right swaddle, then you need to know the proper way of swaddling your babies. Accordingly, read the instructions of the manufacturer and additionally try different methods until you find the right one that your babies will like the most and won’t fight the swaddle anymore.

Firstly, lay the baby down on the blanket and ensure that the head of the baby is above the fold. What you need to pay attention to in this case is that while swaddling your baby, ensure that they can move the legs freely and do not warp them too tightly.

Swaddling your babies with straight arms is the best way since they won’t be able to fight it. Whereas, some babies will like to suck their fingers, and they might feel uncomfortable if they have their arms straight.

However, you need to try various methods because all babies are different, and they have distinct requirements and preferences.

Alternatives If Your Baby Hates Swaddle

After following the tips I have written above, if your baby still fights swaddling then there is no reason to resist it. If something doesn’t work with your baby, then avoid doing it. If you continue to use a swaddle, the only thing that will happen is your baby might get anxious and stressed.

If they hate traditional swaddling, then avoid it and swaddle your babies with their arms out. You can also try swaddling your baby only with one arm out or one leg out.

Try using blankest or sleep sacks for swaddling, maybe your baby will like it that way. Some babies will like to have more freedom and some space so swaddling with a blanket could be a great idea.

As an alternative to swaddling, you can also try to rock your babies gently since they love that motion, and it helps babies to fall asleep easily.

When Do You Need To Stop Swaddling?

Knowing when to stop swaddling your baby is important. The best time to stop using a swaddle is once your babies get two months older since it is the exact time when they have attempts at rolling over. Sometimes this might start even earlier so you have to notice the signs that your babies show you.

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Final Words

You don’t have to compare babies since all babies have different preferences. Some love swaddles and some hate them. If your babies hate to swaddle, then there are some things you need to consider.

Most probably, you are doing it wrong, and you need to pay attention to swaddling your baby properly. Some babies might not like the traditional way of swaddling, and due to this, you might need to find alternative methods of swaddling and make your baby feel comfortable and love swaddling.

I am sure that you found this article helpful and that you got the answers to your questions.

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