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Where To Put Baby Monitor: Placement Guide & Tips

Before your baby arrives, you set up all the nursery you will need and some other baby tools. Baby monitors are one of those tools that are a great investment. Setting up a baby monitor is very straightforward, and you don’t need to waste a lot of time on it.

Yet, here comes the question “Where to put a baby monitor?”. It is a common question made by many parents since they want to know the best place to install the monitor.

Reading this article will help you a lot to figure out and find the answer to this question since I will mention the best places where you need to put a baby monitor.

Main Points

  • A baby monitor is what you will need the most once your baby arrives, and it is one of the best items you can get.
  • Deciding where to place a baby monitor is challenging since there are many things you need to consider.
  • One of the best places to put a monitor is a shelf; ensure that the shelf is high enough and it has a flat surface.
  • Mounting a baby monitor on the wall is also a great idea, but you need to find the right corner in order to get the best vision.
  • Before placing a baby monitor consider your baby’s safety, the distance, and the angle as well.

Where To Put Baby Monitor?

Purchasing a baby monitor is easy since there are many amazing options so you can decide about one according to your requirements and budget as well.

Yet, here comes the challenging part, when you need to decide where to place it. You can install a baby monitor in various places, but you have to consider many things before placing it.

Where you will place a baby monitor; also depends on whether it is corded. You need to find the best angle and consider your baby’s safety as well. Anyways, in the sections below I will explain everything in detail.

Best Places To Install a Baby Monitor

If you are asking yourself where you have to place a baby monitor and you are worried about this case, keep calm since there are many places where you can install a baby monitor and get the best vision and sound.

Put The Baby Monitor On A Shell

Placing a baby monitor on a shelf is always a great idea, and it works perfectly. I am saying this based on my experiences.

When I had my first baby, I was not able to decide where to put the baby monitor, and then I did some research and found out that putting a baby monitor on a shelf is one of the best places to put it.

The shelf where you will place the baby monitor should be high enough and ensure that it is at least six feet from the crib.

Mount The Baby Monitor On Wall

Mounting a baby monitor on the wall is the method that most parents prefer due to many reasons. What you need to consider is finding the right corner to get the correct vision.

Mounting a baby monitor in the wall is also the safest option since children can’t reach the monitor, and also it is far away from your cute little one. A baby monitor mounted on a great corner will provide the best results as well.

Places You Need To Avoid To Put A Baby Monitor

When placing a monitor, always remember that baby’s safety comes first. Considering this fact, you have to keep the baby monitor out of your child’s reach; otherwise, a baby monitor might cause danger to your baby. Cribs and bassinets are the places you have to avoid placing a baby monitor.

First and foremost, a baby monitor that is placed on a crib or bassinet will stay too close to your baby, and he or she can reach the monitor effortlessly. Also, do not forget the 6 feet rule, since a baby monitor emits radiation.

Avoid putting the baby monitor on unstable surfaces as well; the place where you place it should be flat for the baby monitor to be stable.

Things You Need To Consider When Placing a Baby Monitor

If you want to get the best results and be able to control every moment of your newborn, then there are some crucial things you need to consider before placing a baby monitor.

For better vision, the angle you place the baby monitor and the distance are the two factors that play a vital role, and you have to pay attention to them.

The Best Angle

When you place the baby monitor, the angle is what you need to consider the most since you want to get the best vision and avoid some unobstructed views.

If you have a corded baby monitor, you have to adjust the monitor’s angle by yourself. Whereas, there are many wireless baby monitors that you only need a control panel to change the monitor’s angle and get the best results without putting too much effort into it.

To capture everything, finding the best angle is very important, and this is what you need to pay attention to while installing a baby monitor.

Safety Precautions

The safety of your baby always comes first, and this is the case that you have to care about the most. You have to place a baby monitor somewhere your baby can’t reach.

Especially if the baby monitor you have is corded, then the cords should be away from your baby; otherwise, your baby might be in danger. Accordingly, if you have placed the baby monitor on cribs, ensure that it is stable enough and well-installed.

The Right Distance

You should consider the distance when placing a baby monitor as well. It is always better not to put it near your baby since monitors emit radiation, and most professionals state that it is harmful to humans. The radiation might affect the immune system, brain development, and so on.

So, always try to keep the baby monitor as far as possible from your baby. Besides it, the distance impacts vision and sound as well. While trying to keep your baby safe, don’t forget to consider that you need to get a clear vision and hear the sounds.

Final Words

For every parent, the safety of their babies comes first. Accordingly, before placing the baby monitor, there are some crucial things you need to consider, and safety is one of them. Place the baby monitor at least 6 feet away from your tabbies, so they can’t reach it.

Mounting a baby monitor on the wall is one of the best options, and you can also put it on a shelf. Avoid installing the baby monitor on a crib or bassinet since your baby can reach it effortlessly. I enjoyed writing this article, and I am sure you found it helpful.

Have a nice day and take care!

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