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Are Baby Monitors Safe? Answered & Explained

Baby monitors are specific devices that can help parents provide the necessary supervision if their baby happens to be sleeping in another room.

Certain types of baby monitors offer both listening and watching everything that your baby is doing even when you are not close to the nursery.

 However, it is important to get educated about the different dangers you can expose your baby to by using a device that is deemed as very helpful such as a baby monitor.

Main Points

  • The camera light of the baby monitor can interrupt the baby’s sleep.
  • The transmission of sound and video can negatively affect the health of babies.
  • Radioactivity can lead to unhealthy exposure and problems with the development of babies’ cognitive skills.
  • The time of using the baby monitor should be limited to being turned on only during the night.
  • Reading the instructions of the baby monitor will ensure that you are doing everything to keep your baby healthy and safe.

Baby Monitors Safeness

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As much as baby monitors can be helpful for parents, they can also provide disruption for your baby.

Apart from interrupting the baby’s sleep, the transmission of sound and video can also negatively affect the health of your baby in certain ways.

For these reasons, it is always important to read the instructions before buying or using a baby monitor.

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How Can Your Baby’s Sleep Be Interrupted by the Use of a Baby Monitor?

While baby monitors can detect each and every move or sound that your baby makes and directly transmit it to you, on certain occasions they can interrupt the baby’s sleep and cause it to wake up in the middle of the night.

The worst thing about being a new parent is having to wake up at night and not being able to get your needed hours of sleep because your little one needs you and alerts you by crying. Baby monitors can contribute to this problem because of the camera light.

Certain baby monitors have a camera installed in them that can be used during the night so that you can see what exactly your baby is doing to make sure that it is safe while it is sleeping.

However, the camera light can disrupt your baby’s sleep because of its brightness and in order to record your baby it has to be pointed directly to its crib.

Baby monitors also come with sensors that are able to detect every movement of the baby, so when the parents are alerted of the baby moving in their room, the camera light can also give a signal in the baby’s room. This is why you need to specifically search for a baby monitor with a camera that is able to record at night and does not have a bright light.

Are Baby Monitors Harmful to the Health of Your Baby?

Apart from interrupting the sleep of the parents as well as of the baby, baby monitors can also be harmful to the health because of the radioactivity. Excessive exposure to light can seriously harm your baby’s health and parents need to be aware of this danger.

Babies are very fragile and it is not recommended for them to be exposed to radioactivity. In order for baby monitors to function and record the baby, manufacturers use radioactivity. This can be very harmful for the baby and it can result in improper brain development.

To avoid putting at risk the health of your baby, baby monitors with safe features are better if you feel like a baby monitor is a must for your family. There are certain manufacturers who care about the health and they take safety measures by implementing features that are safe for the baby.

To ensure that your baby is not overly exposed to radioactivity, limiting the time of using the baby monitor is a good place to start. The baby monitor does not have to be on 24/7 because parents are usually only separated from the baby during the night.

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The Importance of Following the Instructions on a Baby Monitor

Before deciding to buy a baby monitor, do your research on the internet and read as much as you can in order to make sure that you actually need it. In addition, many baby monitors come with specific instructions which have to be strictly followed to ensure the safety of your baby.

The first step of using a baby monitor is obviously placing the devices in your bedroom and then in your baby’s room. Make sure that it is pointed in a proper way to catch every movement and sound that your baby makes.

Certain baby monitors also instruct you about the temperature that is needed in order for the device to work properly. The rooms in which a baby monitor is placed should not be overly heated or extremely freezing.

Another thing to keep in mind is placing the baby monitor on a flat and secure surface. This will prevent the device from falling and interrupting the sleep of your baby as well as creating a false picture in your mind of something bad happening to your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

built-in baby video camera above the crib to monitor the baby in the bedroom

Is baby monitor safe for babies?

Baby monitors can be helpful for parents, but they are not the safest devices to be used around babies because of their radioactivity which can be harmful for babies.

How can I protect my baby from baby monitor radioactivity?

To ensure that your baby is always protected from excessive exposure to light, start limiting the time of using the baby monitor.

How do screens affect babies?

Apart from the screen light that can interrupt the baby’s sleep, it can also be harmful for the health of babies. Excessive exposure to screens can lead to improper brain development of the baby.

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Final Words

During the recent years, baby monitors have become very popular because of the new technology that has been used in their process of production.

However, many people are not aware of the harm that the light of the baby monitor can cause to the health of the baby.

This is the reason why it is important to be careful and mindful of different consequences that can occur as a result of using a baby monitor.

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