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Elecare vs Alimentum: What’s The Difference?

Trying to decide on a formula that fits best for your infant is a tough job. Every caregiver wants to provide the best choice after all.

This difficulty is greatly amplified when two excellent formulas, Elecare and Alimentum, are present. For all the right reasons, these two lactose-free formulas dominate the market.

So, if the query of Elecare vs Alimentum has ever crossed your mind, you have reached the right place. I will provide all of the necessary information for you to make the best choice for your child through proper comparisons.

Main Points

  • Elecare and Alimentum are hypoallergenic baby formulas.
  • DHA/ARA are elements available on both Elecare and Alimentum.
  • Elecare is a dairy-free formula while Alimentum is not fully dairy free.
  • Alimentum is well-known for its ability to relieve colic symptoms.
  • Elecare has a 0-to-12-month baby formula line as well as a one-year or older one.
  • Alimentum has only one line of baby formulas suitable for infants as well as toddlers.

In short: Which is the better option?

However, if you want me to be frank, I highly recommend Elecare. It is overall the best formula in many categories, and it will serve its purpose to the fullest.

With Elecare, you will get a guaranteed dairy-free formula that will aid your infant through the tough period of fussiness and allergies.

Elecare also comes in a variety of flavors making it enjoyable for children aged one and up. In conclusion, Elecare is a trustworthy effective long-term formula that your baby will be happy with.

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A Detailed Run-Through: Elecare vs Alimentum

Elecare Formula

The Elecare formula is known as a hypoallergenic amino acid-based baby powder that offers the child all the nutrients and minerals needed for healthy development. It is manufactured by Abbott and can be found for purchase in numerous places.

Presented as an ideal choice for infants that suffer from various allergies and that are intolerant towards diary Elecare provides everything valuable for the newborn. This formula is frequently recommended for fussy babies because it contains nutrients that help the child leading to calmer and happier growth.

As a gentle formula that aids infants with numerous problems, Elecare is the first choice of many. Although to understand the components of this dairy variant we will need to go into more detail while comparing it to its current competitor, Alimentum.

Alimentum Formula

Alimentum baby formulas are invented by the brand Similac which is a trademark inside of Abbott. It too is a hypoallergenic formula that also helps the immune system of the child.

A magnificent feature of Alimentum is how quick it is to work for your baby. This is also a major selling point for a lot of caregivers.

This baby formula is known for containing all of the necessary nutrients and minerals for the child. It is additionally recognized for its easy absorption once it reaches the infant’s digestive tracks.

There is plenty more to discuss Alimentum, but these short paragraphs would not have done it justice. Luckily there is more to come.

Offered Nutrients

The nutrients that a baby formula offers play a major role in the decision since it impacts the assistance the baby gets.

We will start this off with two important elements needed for the growth of the baby, DHA, and ARA. These components help in the growth of the infant and luckily both Elecare and Alimentum come with their specific amount of them.

As mentioned, previously Elecare is a lactose-free formula. Instead of dairy Elecare uses oils such as Soy and High Oleic Safflower as well as Corn Syrup Solids to achieve all the required fats and proteins.

Of course, Elecare does not lack in the vitamins and minerals departments as well as providing the infants with everything that they will need.

The amount of DHA and ARA that Elecare contains is higher than in usual baby formulas. This is done to fully ensure the hypoallergenic attributes that it offers.

Although some parental figures may have a problem with the additional DHA/ARA, so you must double-check the specifics as well as consult with your infant’s pediatrician.

Alimentum contains ingredients such as Safflower Oil, Corn Maltodextrin, Sucrose, and Soy Oil which all benefit the child in their unique ways. All the required vitamins and minerals can also be found in this formula.

An important element that most people do not know about is that Alimentum contains casein hydrolysate. This complex name means that Alimentum contained a protein found in cow’s milk. As a result, I cannot say that Alimentum is totally and utterly dairy free.

If your infant is allergic to dairy, I strongly advise you to consult with a pediatrician before using this formula.

Benefits Of The Nutrients

Since Elecare and Alimentum have slight differentiations when it comes to their ingredients the main benefits that they offer are slightly different too.

Elecare is great for infants who are not comfortable throughout their feeding sessions due to sensitive digestive tracks and numerous allergies. This formula is ideal for delicate infants due to it having higher levels of DHA/ARA which help build the babies’ strength.

From small factors like this, the infants who use Elecare are less fussy thus having more time to rest and better overall development.

Another great benefit of Elecare is the diary-free factor which allows you to feed your baby without any worries. Helping both the caregiver and the child long term.

Alimentum is known for working wonders for colic symptoms. This means reducing crying, tension throughout the body, and overall, an uncomfortable child.

This formula is also known to boost immunity which helps the child throughout intake. With benefits like these, your baby is guaranteed to have a stress-free day and a healthy development.

Take note though Alimentum is great for various hypersensitivities it can have a negative effect on children with severe dairy allergies and galactosemia.

Age Variations

Both of these formulas come with a good variety of age lines ensuring consistency for your baby.

Elecare has a line dedicated especially to infants 0 to 12 months and another one for children one year or older. This second line comes with flavors as well.

Alimentum has only one main line of baby formulas suitable for infants as well as toddlers. Although, this specific baby formula has variations in packaging which makes it easier for parents to carry around.

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When dealing which fussy babies who are uncomfortable in the first-place taste play a role. Having different taste variations opens the formula up for more babies.

Unfortunately, Alimentum does not come in any flavors that will modify the taste for the child. While it is not a huge dealbreaker it is a slight disappointment.

Elecare on the other hand offers flavors for ages one and up. This includes vanilla, chocolate, banana, and an unflavored version. This helps children who are picky about their taste making them consume the needed amount of nutrients.

Infants Adjustment Period

The adjustment period that an infant has when trying a new formula is important. The longer the time the higher the chances of the baby rejecting the formula together.

Upon consuming Elecare babies have an adjustment period of 28 days. This also means that 28 days or less are needed to notice the benefits of the formula.

Alimentum is famous for its one-day adjustment period. This formula needs only up to 24 hours for it to show results and for the baby to get used to it.

However, as a parent, you should consider the long-term effects of each formula and not jump at the shortest period, no matter how tempting it may be.

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Final Words

Reaching the end of this fiery debate I hope to have assisted you with all the information to make the right decision for your child. The debate “Elecare vs Alimentum” is not an easy one at all since both have such great qualities.

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