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Is Snoo Safe? Important Factors You Need To Consider

The “baby stuff” market is competitive, and frankly, marketing has a lot to do with how successful a product is.

Today’s parents are overwhelmed with products that are marketed as a “necessity” for babies, and this often works. More than ever parents are spending money on numerous models of cribs, baby seats, strollers, and so on.

A product that has been gaining a lot of attention is Snoo. So let’s go over this product and talk about whether is Snoo safe.

Main Points

  • The baby stuff market is very competitive.
  • Every company claims that their product I “the best”, “the safest” and so on.
  • Parents need to figure out what is best for their specific needs.
  • Snoo is a modern robotic bassinet designed to cradle your baby when it gets fussy.
  • Some parents claim that the Snoo makes their babies very dependent on the robotic bassinet.

What is the Snoo bassinet?

The Snoo is a smart bassinet that is designed to calm down your fussy newborn thus giving the parents a little time to catch up on some needed sleep. It plays white noise and swaddles and swings your baby when it starts to move around.

Snoo has an app that helps you to use it as well as detailed instructions on how to follow the weening guidelines. These guidelines are meant for slowly introducing your newborn to the Snoo, as well as teaching the baby not to be dependent on it when it’s time to move to a crib.

It is equipped with sound sensors, Wi-Fi, speakers for playing white noise, and a premium motor that has different rocking modes that are activated based on the sound the Snoo picks up from your baby.

How to use it?

You can strap your newborn using the fabric in the robotic bassinet and it juggles the infant until it falls asleep. It’s designed to swaddle the baby giving it comfort by imitating the conditions in the mother’s womb, well kind of.

When to use it

The Snoo is basically a bassinet with a lot of fancy robotic-sounding features and it’s made for babies up to 6 mounts old. It is designed for babies that can’t roll over yet and it has limited moving space.


The company behind Snoo markets the product as the “safest baby bed” on the market. As a parent, you should be conscious of marketing claims and do your own research before you believe big claims like this one.

That being said, the Snoo is considered to be safe and has good reviews online, but I wouldn’t call it the safest because there is no significant amount of research being done on this topic.

 Not to mention that each parent has their own specific needs and there is no such thing as “the best” when it comes to baby stuff.

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The topic of the death of infants is very unsettling to talk about, but it is something I have to address. There have been no cases of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in the Snoo, and while this sounds like good news you should take this info with a grain of salt.

When you Google SIDS you probably don’t contribute it to the model of the crib the baby passed away in. No one really knows the exact reason that SIDS accrues so that may be the reason why parents don’t report the model of the crib or bassinet they were using.

So even though it sounds like good news that there has been no case of sudden baby death syndrome in the Snoo, it can just be a case of someone not reporting incorrectly or it can simply be the case of no correlation.

What are the parents saying?

Some parents are really fond of Snoo and they say that it’s the best thing on the market so far. Others say that it makes your baby dependent on the robotic bassinet and it makes things harder in the future. Let’s look at both sides.


Unlike a regular bassinet where you just put your baby on its back and hope it falls asleep fast, the Snoo allows you to “clip your baby in”. This is similar to when you swaddle your baby with a blanket and it prevents your baby from rolling around.

The model comes with wings that attach your baby to the walls of the bassinet. When this is done, the Snoo starts gentry rocking and playing white noise in order to calm down the infant and get it to fall asleep faster. If it wakes up, the Snoo’s sensors detect it and start rocking a bit harder and play the white noise louder.

Parent’s ideally don’t even have to get out of bed if they hear the baby crying at night. The Snoo can even detect when your baby starts to get fussy so it can comfort it before it starts crying.

Also, parents don’t have to worry about whether is Snoo safe, because it’s being marketed as the “safest bassinet on the market”.


While almost all parents agree that Snoo works, some think that it works too well and that is a problem. Most argue that the baby will like the Snoo too much and it will become dependent on it.


There is a possibility of limiting the bonding with the baby because of the Snoo. The first mounts of the baby’s life are crucial in creating a parent-baby connection.

This is done through feeding, cradling, talking, and so on. If every time the baby feels uneasy it’s being “taken care of” by a robot essentially, this can cause it to not be able to connect to a real person.

What’s its purpose?


Snoo is designed to limit the baby’s movement, this can be comforting for a newborn because as I mentioned it kind of recreates the conditions in the womb of the mother. However, this can be an issue for proper motor skills development.

Your baby will start to move around and try to roll over between the age of 4 to 6 mounts. This is a preparation phase for crawling, which is a part of the development of motor skills.

Not all babies crawl, but they should show some signs of movement before they are able to stand on two feet.


I already talked about this, but your baby can get very dependent on the Snoo. The robotic bassinet is designed to make your baby as comfortable as possible and this can be a problem when it’s time to move to a crib.

Your baby might not be used to not being attended to as soon as it starts making noice. This can be a nightmare for the parents, especially if they are used to having a robot doing all the work before. 

To prevent this, it is best to follow the weening guidelines that the company provides.


If your quest with this Google research was to find out about the query of whether is Snoo safe or not, then I hope these worries are no longer lingering in your head. The product is generally considered safe for infants, but it can cause dependency.

You as the parent need to weigh out the pros and cons listed on here and make your own decision. Don’t be fooled by marketing claims, you don’t need to buy every baby gadget out there. Do your own research and make wise and educated decisions.

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