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Spectra S1 vs. S9: Which Is Better?

Breast pumps are a new mom’s biggest helpers to feed their children correctly and with good food such as breast milk! A breast pump’s job is dedicated only to the mother!

There are different brands and various names of breast pumps, but I will stop at Spectra! One of the greatest brands regarding breast pumps in general and the maker of Spectra S1 and Spectra S9!

Without further ado, I want to start the battle Spectra S1 vs. S9!

Main Points

  • Spectra, as a brand, stands among the most famous names, especially for their breast pumps,
  • Spectra S1 and Spectra S9 are two perfect-to-use breast pumps with many features.
  • Spectra S1 comes with more accessories and impressive and adjustable vacuum strength.
  • Easy to use and very portable breast pump! If you are into these two things, Spectra S9 is a beast!
  • Spectra S1 is considered as a hospital grade pump due to It being a heavy duty breast pump
  • Important: Spectra S1 is a little bit more expensive than Spectra S9 and other pumps as well!

Spectra S1 vs. S9 – Get to Know the Breast Pumps

First and foremost, I want to highlight some remarks about both these . So, let’s get into a more detailed review and see what the hype is all about.

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Spectra S1 breast pump

Spectra S1 is one of the brand’s first pumps ever made and is surely a favorite breast pump among many new moms worldwide.

This spectra pump is known mostly for its ease of use, portability, compactness, and hygiene! It is one of the mothers’ best companions throughout the day and night, and it offers marvelous features that you can use.

Accessories Included: two milk bottles, two duckbill valves, two tubes, two nipples, two 24mm flanges, two 28mm flanges, a backflow protector, and a 12V charger.

Spectra S9 breast pump

Spectra S9 is a famous double electric breast pump that also owns its specialties, making it one of the most used breasts pumps for new mothers.

It is a breast pump that is there for you whenever you need it and wherever you go since its most unique feature is its portability.

Also, something worth mentioning is the fact that this spectra breast pump owns a considerable number of massages that can surely help you.

Accessories Included: two milk bottles, two flanges of size 24mm and 28mm, two duckbill valves, and two tubes.  

Spectra S1 vs. S9 – Detailed Comparison

After that small talk, we had about an overall opinion and definitions of both Spectra S1 and S9, there are some deeper things and details you should know, and based on them you will be able to choose which one is the best between Spectra S1 vs. S9!

The first thing I want to add for you is a table in which are written all of the main specifications of Spectra S1 Breast Pump and Spectra S9 Breast Pump! Check it out!

Key SpecificationsSpectra S1Spectra S9
TypeElectric Double Pump Electric Double Pump
Vacuum Level270mmHg250mmHg
Adjustable LevelsYesYes
Breast ShieldsYes, 24mm + 28mmYes, 28 mm
Massage Modes15
Dishwasher SafeYesYes
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer Included/Rechargeable1 Lithium Polymer Included/Rechargeable
DisplayLCD ScreenLCD
Bottles2 Included2 Included
Weight3.3 pounds0.5 pounds

Based on this table, I will mention for you the main things you need to know regarding Spectra S1 and Spectra S9 while getting to a detailed comparison!

How do they look? – Design and Build Quality

In terms of design, both the pumps from Spectra look modern, especially if you check the super-accurate LCD screens they own and the control buttons all being on the front part.

On top of Spectra S1, you will find a handle that helps move it around. Yet again, it is Spectra S9 that wins first place regarding portability, and that’s because it is super lightweight and doesn’t occupy any place in your bag.

Both Spectra S1 and Spectra S9 come covered in white color, but I want to mention that in my opinion, Spectra S1 is a little bit prettier than S9!

When it comes to the whole built quality, Spectra, as a brand, always brings out to the market quite durable devices, and both S1 and S9 pumps are one of them, and you can freely use them for a quite amount of time.

How do they work? – Batteries and Connections

If you check the table I added above, you can find that both Spectra S1 and S9 work with lithium batteries, and they are rechargeable!

An important fact to remember regarding the batteries is that on Spectra S1 the battery life is around two to three hours; meanwhile, the manufacturers state the Spectra S9 lasts two hours maximum, but I couldn’t even get one and a half hours. That makes the Spectra S1 a better option if you hate when the batteries run off.

In terms of connections, I want to mention the chargers that these two breast pumps need. Spectra S1 comes with an included charger and for Spectra S9 you should know that it requires a 9V charger but there is no specification on whether it comes in the breast pump package.

How do they perform? – Vacuum Strength, Use of Accessories, and Massage Modes

Both breast pumps are electric, and they work with motors that do the whole job of pumping the milk out of your breasts.

However, it is essential to mention that their vacuuming levels are different. Spectra S1 is a little bit more powerful regarding the vacuuming scale, and the S9 breast pump is 20mmHg lower. Yet again, you can adjust the vacuum level easily.

With the flanges and the tubes found in them (both of them), you can start the pumping quickly with just one press of a button. They are quiet enough to work all day and all night, and for the night you will find LED lights in Spectra S1 so that you can work properly in the dark.

The massage mode that S1 has is only one, but still, it is known to be very effective, and it works at around 45 decibels. Meanwhile, on Spectra S9, you will find five advanced massage modes you can choose from in all versions.

The massage modes in Spectra breast pumps, in general, are used before you start to vacuum the milk! It is essential to use them as a mimic for the suckling that the babies do!

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Final Words

Breast pumps like Spectra S1 breast pump and S9 breast pump are indeed some of the best ones you can choose from the brand of Spectra! Yet again, if you search for a winner, I want to mention that I have tried both of them, and I am amazed by Spectra S1! Still, remember that Spectra S1 is pricier when compared to the Spectra S9.

Yet again, the choice is all up to you, and you make the decision! I hope from this article, you got everything you needed to know regarding Spectra S1 vs. S9!

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