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Nuna Rava Vs. Uppababy Knox: What’s The Difference?

Today we are covering some essential products that we all may have to buy once or twice in our lives. We are talking about the Nuna Rava and Uppababy Knox convertible car seats.

When it comes to this crucial child product, it doesn’t get much better than these two. That’s why we’re here to decide which one is better for you. Nuna Rava vs Uppababy Knox here we go!

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Nuna Rava VS Uppababy Knox: Which is better?

To fairly compare the two products, we will be using a few key aspects. The most important function of a convertible car seat is obviously its safety, but we will also look into the design, practicality, and comfort of the Nuna Rava and the Uppababy Knox seats.

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Nuna Rava Review

How Safe Is The Nuna Rava?

The Nuna Rava is one of the more famous convertible car seats on the market, so is there a reason for that? When it comes to safety, the Nuna Rava does not disappoint.  Its energy-absorbing foam reduces the impact by a significant amount.

It also has an anti-rebound bar that makes the car seat stable in case of a collision, when it’s in rear-facing mode. The side protection pads help upon impact if the car seats swing either way. It also possesses a steel frame that keeps the whole seat nice and sturdy.

The flame-resistant fabrics make it so that the seat is non-flammable, which means another worry is off your mind in case of a disaster.

How Does The Nuna Rava Look?

The Nuna Rava has a design for anyone’s liking, offering several colors and patterns. You have anything from a normal rose-colored seat to some black and white arrow patterned seat, so you don’t need to worry when it comes to options.

This convertible car seat is 16 inches long, 19 inches wide, and 25 inches in height, it weighs 27.2 pounds. It consists of the seat padding itself, a steel frame, a headrest, a cup holder on each side, side protection pads, and the reinforced seatbelt.

Is The Nuna Rava Practical?

One of the best features of the Nuna Rava is its practicality. It’s easily mountable by removing the central padding, opening the True Tension door, putting your car seatbelt through the seat, and locking it on the other side.

Converting it from the rear-facing to the front-facing setting is just as easy, and it has a reclining feature that has ten settings, five for the front-facing install and five for the rear-facing install.

The Nuna Rava can hold children that weigh anywhere from 5 to 40 pounds in the rear-facing install, while for the front-facing install it can withstand even heavier weight, that being 25 to 65 pounds. In either setting, this seat can keep children up to 49 inches tall safely.

Its practicality also shows in the cleaning process of the seat, where any of the paddings is washable in your washing machine for a thorough cleaning, also, the cup holders are foldable in and out for an easy clean.

How comfortable is the Nuna Rava?

Its cushiony pads paired with a soft headrest make this seat a great experience for any child. And I really do mean any child, since it has a reclining feature, an adjustable headrest, and enough leg room to help keep any toddler with a smile on their face.

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Uppababy Knox Review

How Safe Is The Uppababy Knox?

The Uppababy Knox may not be all-steel, but it has the toughest type of foam, EPP. This seat also has a tether strap that can be used in both the rear-facing and the front-facing install.

The Koroyd safety technology also gives it an upper hand on many of the other convertible car seats on the market. Koroyd is developed from aerospace research and its revolutionary structure makes it a big boost in The Uppababy Knox safety rating.

The two seats are quite similar when it comes to the rest of the safety features, both have the side protective pads, energy-absorbing foam, and a reinforced belt path.

How Does The Uppababy Knox Look?

The Uppababy Knox also has a variety of looks, not as many as the Nuna Rava, but enough to make sure there’s one for anyone’s taste.

The build is similar to the Nuna Rava’s, the seat padding, the headrest, the cup holders, and the protective side pads are included in both products. This convertible car seat is 23.9 inches long, 18.8 inches wide, and has a maximum height adjustment of 32.5 inches.

Is The Uppababy Knox Practical?

The Uppababy Knox uses a similar mechanism to the one on the Nuna Rava, using the car seatbelt through the convertible car seat and locking it.

The only addition here is the tether safety strap that the Uppababy Knox possesses, which you need to tie from under the car seat. That can be a bit trickier but it’s worth it for an extra safety mechanism.

This seat can hold children that weigh 14 to 45 pounds in the rear-facing setting, while it holds children from 25 to 65 pounds in the forward-facing setting.

Any toddler under 49 inches can safely use this car seat in either setting. Just like the Nuna Rava, the padding on the Uppababy Knox is also washable, making life easier when it comes to cleaning.

How Comfortable Is The Uppababy Knox?

The Uppababy Knox features very soft cushiony pads filled with energy-absorbing foam that make the child very happy even on longer trips. Its adjustable settings can fit any toddler well, and the leg room is more than enough to keep your little ones happy.

Other Differences

When looking at any product, we have to take a glance at the price. In this case, the Nuna Rava is a bit more costly than the Uppababy Knox. The Nuna Rava offers a 2-year warranty, while the Uppababy Knox offers a limited lifetime warranty.

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We’ve put both of the products side-by-side comparing their most important points, now it’s down to you. The Nuna Rava may have some more design options or the all-steel frame, but it also comes at a heftier price, while the Uppababy Knox may compensate with its Koroyd impact material or the tether strap.

Both offer great comfort, with their cushiony structure, and they’re both very practical too, for cleaning, and for installing. When making the choice, you can ask the seller to try either of the seats on your car to also see which one you feel fits best.

It’s also important to note that both of these products are exceptional at their purpose, so you can feel safe and sure getting whichever one. At the end of the day, it’s your choice to make, what are you taking?

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