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Nuna Aace Vs. Clek Oobr: Which is Better?

Today we will be reviewing two of the best booster seats on the market, the Nuna Aace and the Clek Oobr booster seats. We’ve reviewed these brands’ convertible car seats, in which both products scored highly, and we doubt that today will be any different.

So, what is the difference between a booster seat and a convertible car seat? Simply put, the booster seat is for bigger children to still feel comfortable and safe, ones that have surpassed 40 pounds in weight to be exact.

Hence they need a bigger seat than the convertible car seat, but they’re still not big enough for the normal vehicle seat. These seats are recommended for children between 4 and 8 years old. So, Nuna Aace vs Cleck Oobr here we go!

Nuna Aace Review

Who Is The Nuna Aace For?

The Nuna Aace has 2 main options. You can use it as a backless booster, which is for children weighing 50 to 120 pounds, and that are between 38 and 60 inches tall.

On the other hand, as a high back booster, this seat accommodates children that are 40 to 110 pounds heavy, and between 38 and 60 inches in height.

The high back booster is recommended to be used by children over the age of 4, while the recommended minimum age for the backless booster is 5 years old. The expiration date for the seat is 10 years.

How Safe Is The Nuna Aace?

The Nuna Aace has plenty of safety features making it very secure for your kid. The seat has side impact protection pads that are removable, and also, it’s covered with EPP, the toughest energy-absorbing foam out there.

When it comes to the belt, the Nuna Aace has it covered. It has a green belt path with a belt-positioning option that you can adjust to your liking. This booster seat also has non-flammable fabric, getting rid of another worry you might have.

How Practical Is The Nuna Aace?

When it comes to practicality we have a few points to cover, the first one is the assembling itself. The Nuna Aace comes in 2 parts since it’s a big seat.

The backless portion has hooks, which you connect to the back portion’s slots. You may need to use a bit more force here, but it’s no big deal.

The installation itself is easy, it uses the rigid LATCH system in both backless and high-back modes, so it’s just an easy pull-through and clicks on the other side using the car’s belt.

The Nuna Aace’s 3D Growth System is truly revolutionary. It allows you to adjust the seat in any direction, height, width, and length. You can do it all with the use of a single hand since it’s just pushing a button and pulling.

This booster seat also gets even better in the practical aspect because it allows you to wash the fabric in your washing machine without damage.

We didn’t mention that the Nuna Aace has cup holders too, that can go either way out for an easy wash.  When your kid grows big enough, you may want to change to the backless mode, and that is no problem whatsoever, it’s just as easy as assembling it.

How Does The Nuna Aace Look?

The Nuna Aace has a nice and slick design. It also offers several color and pattern choices so you’ll definitely find one for your liking.

When it comes to the dimensions, this booster seat is 15 inches long, 22.5 inches wide, and 33 inches tall in its largest setting. In its smallest setting, it’s 14.6 inches long, 21.5 inches wide, and 26 inches in height, weighing 15.6 pounds.

Is The Nuna Aace Comfortable?

When it comes to comfort, this product does not disappoint. It’s soft, and cushiony padding, headrest, and adjustability make it a great experience for any little kid, no matter the length of the trip. It also has enough legroom so that it fits any child.

Clek Oobr Review

Who Is The Clek Oobr For?

Like most booster seats, the Clek Oobr has 2 modes, the backless mode, and the high-back mode. The backless mode is for children that weigh from 40 to 100 pounds, and that range from 40 to 57 inches in height.

The high-back mode on the other hand is usable for children who are slightly smaller too, ones that are between 38 and 57 inches in height to be exact.

When it comes to the weight range, it’s the same as in the backless mode, from 40 to 100 pounds. Same as the Nuna Rava, it’s recommended that children from 4 to 8 years old use this product. The expiration date on the Clek Oobr is 9 years.

How Safe Is The Clek Oobr?

The Clek Oobr does not disappoint in the safety department, having energy-absorbing foam and a metal frame, this is both a very sturdy and soft seat in case of a collision. It also has side impact protection and the headrest is connected with steel rods making it safe and stable, and the Rigid Latch system keeps this seat solid and safe.

How Practical Is The Clek Oobr?

The Cleek Oobr is fairly practical, using the rigid LATCH system for its installation making it an easy process. When it comes to removing the back of the booster seat, it’s also very easy. You’ll only need to pull the two straps on the sides making it an easy job to remove the seatback.

Unlike the Nuna Aace, the Clek Oobr is not machine-washable, so you can only spot-clean it. The cup holders on the Clek Oobr are removable and easily washable, so you don’t need to worry about any spilling.

The Clek Oobr is adjustable in any way, and it requires little to no effort. Be it the height of the headrest, the length of the seat, or the width of it, you can easily do it with one hand, by pushing and pulling.

How Does The Clek Oobr Look?

The Clek Oobr has a modern and clean design, also giving several options when it comes to its looks. You can have it in 13 different colors and patterns, anything from the usual black color to some very cool-looking patterns. Simply put, there’s a choice for anyone.

When it comes to size, the Clek Oobr is 28 inches tall, 17 inches wide (20 inches including the cup holders), and 13 inches long. The seat weighs 19.3 pounds, making it a few pounds heavier than the Nuna Aace.

Is The Clek Oobr Comfortable?

When it comes to comfort, the Clek Oobr delivers. It has nice and soft padding, a headrest, and adjustability to accommodate any kid and their liking. The legroom is also more than enough, even for the bigger children, making this seat overall a very good experience for your little ones.

Other Points

Another thing we have to give attention to is the price. The Clek Oobr is a bit more costly than the Nuna Rava, and it also has a 1-year warranty, while the Nuna Rava has a 2-year warranty.

Final Verdict: Who Wins?

We have covered the main aspects of both these products, now you decide who the winner is. What do you look for in a booster seat? Both are exceptional products, offering safety, comfort, practicality, and looks.

You might find the price more appealing on the one, but the looks or practicality on the other. If you’re buying them from a store, make sure to try them in your car before buying. The decision is now yours.

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