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Graco Sense2Snooze Vs. Snoo: Compared In-Depth

Let’s talk smart bassinets. When I was a baby there were no such things as smart bassinets, so you could imagine my curiosity when they reached the market around 6 years ago.

Now, not only is a robotic bassinet a thing, there are multiple models of them, and trust me it took a lot of research to find out which one has the best features, and truth be told they are all handy in their own way.

I have found that the most common ones that peak the market’s interests are the Graco Sense2snooze and the Snoo, so let’s go through the features and compare Graco sense2snooze vs Snoo.

Main Points

  • Smart bassinets are baby beds that have the option to calm your baby down on their own.
  • Snoo and Graco sense2snooze are one of the most well-known smart baby beds on the market.
  • Both products have similar features.
  • A Bassinet Is meant to be used until your baby turns 6 mounts old.
  • Some parents don’t like smart baby bends.

In-Depth Comparison: Graco Sense2Snooze Vs. Snoo

Graco sense2snooze Overview

The Graco sense2snooze is a smart bassinet designed to calm your baby down when it starts to cry.

It is an invention in the baby gadget world and it’s marketed as a useful product that will allow parents to get a bit of much-needed sleep.

The Graco sense2snooze is a smart baby bed designed with practicality in mind. It has a built-in microphone that can pick up the sound of your baby crying, and when it does, it starts rocking and playing gentle music in order to calm it down.

When Should You Use It?

The Graco sense2snooze is meant to be used by parents of very small babies up to 6 months old. Just like a regular static bassinet, it’s not very big and it has limited space for your baby to move around.

How to use it?

The Graco sense2snooze does the job for you. You just need to put the baby on its back, if the baby starts crying, the robotic bassinet will use its features like cry detection technology to comfort the baby.

Snoo smart sleeper bassinet Overview

Snoo smart sleeper bassinet is another robotic bassinet that is marketed as the “safest baby bed on the market”. I personally can’t back this claim because I haven’t tested every single baby bed out there, but parents seem to love it.

Similar to the Graco sense2snooze, the Snoo has sensors that pick up when your baby gets fussy and starts playing white noise and rocking gently. Depending on the sound it picks up it can adjust its own speed and sound.

When Should You Use it?

The Snoo, just like any other bassinet is meant for infants not older than 6 mounts. It has limited movement space and it is a preparation for moving to the crib.

How to use it?

Snoo has a “clip-in” option that allows you to swaddle that baby in the fabric and strap it into the sides to prevent unwanted movement. If your infant starts crying the sensors will detect it and start rocking and moving it around while playing white noise to provide comfort. Also, make sure to get the snoo app to easily monitor the baby’s sleep patterns

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Taking a Closer Look

We already talked about the basic features of the smart beds, not let’s take a deep dive and compare Graco sense2snooze vs Snoo.


Both the Graco sense2snooze and the Snoo have a modern look to them. While the Snoo can look simple for some, others find it a perfect addition to their minimalistic nursery.

Both bassinets come with a mesh side that allowed you to have a full view of your newborn and it allows breathability.

The difference in the models is that the Snoo has a swaddle harness that keeps your baby in place, while with the Graco sense2snooze you’ll have to swaddle the infant in your blanket. Also, only the Graco sense2snooze has a removable canopy and wheels.

Both models have comfortable mattresses that are designed for infants. Also, both mattresses are washable and water-resistant.

They are similar in size, but they have different proportions, The Snoo is 36 x 18.9 x 32 inches, and the Graco sense2snooze is 19 x 26 x 41 inches.


The Snoo has 5 vibrating and 5 swinging motions you can choose from, and the Graco sense2snooze has 2 vibrating motions and 3 swinging motions.


The Snoo has the option of playing 3 different white noise sounds, while the Graco sense2snooze has quite a few more options. The latter includes 10 sounds that vary from lullabies and white noises to nature sounds.


Snoo comes with an app that can help you be more aware of what your baby is doing. It can detect and alert you if your baby is just being fussy or if it needs something. Graco sense2snooze doesn’t have an app.

Other features

The Graco sense2snooze has a built-in light and extra storage, on the other hand, Snoo has a timer and a long sleep option thanks to the App.

Parent’s thoughts

We already went through the topic of Graco sense2snooze vs Snoo, but now let’s talk about what parents are saying about the baby beds.

There are both sides to this story, some parents love robotic bassinets, while others think they are a waste of money and that they have a negative effect on the baby.

The ones who are for modern automated bassinets claim that it makes being a parent easier. You don’t have to get up to calm your baby down every time it starts being fussy, the baby bed will do it for you. This allows the parent to get a much-needed good night’s sleep without having to wake up every 20 minutes.

On the other hand, some parents are against robotic baby beds because they claim that they can be harmful to the baby. By harmful I don’t mean that the bassinet can cause physical harm, but it can have a negative effect on the parent-baby bonding experience.

The first few mounts of a baby’s life are crucial in developing a connection with the parent, and If every time the infant is “cared for” by the machine, it can possibly have an effect on the baby in the future.

Also, some parents claim that it is very hard to stop using smart baby beds because they are very handy so they just postpone what has to be done. Your baby needs to be moved into a bigger crib in order to develop good motor skills.

Last, some parents report that after the infant has been tended to by the smart crib the second it starts throwing a fit, it’s very hard to “meet its expectations”.

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So there you have it, a Graco sense2snooze vs Snoo side-by-side, detailed, comparison. Generally, Snoo is considered to be a fancier smart baby bed than the Graco sense2snooze. It has more features and an app that controls all of them. The Graco sense2snooze however, has a better sound variety you can choose from.

The Snoo is quite expensive, so if you’re on a budget, maybe go for the Graco sense2snooze. Snoo also has a free trial test period so maybe try it out before you make a big purchase like that.

Remember that babies only need a bassinet for 6 mounts at most, so keep this in mind when shopping for a smart bed, if you want to use one of course.

You can always sell your smart bed after you no longer need it, this will give you some of your money back.

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