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Bugaboo Ant Vs. Yoyo: Comparison

Baby strollers are everywhere and there are super famous brands that launch some of the greatest ones you can find. Yet again, there are two names that have caught my and your attention: Bugaboo Ant and Yoyo!

This article’s aim is to find the best one regarding the comparison of these amazing baby strollers: Bugaboo Ant vs. Yoyo.

I will mention some of the main specifications you should know about the strollers while comparing them in a more detailed field of view!

Main Points

  • Bugaboo Ant and Yoyo are two baby strollers many people love to use for their children, as they have great features.
  • In terms of deep comparison, you will find these two strollers very similar to one another. 
  • Both of the strollers, Bugaboo Ant and Yoyo have compact sizes and are portable-friendly.
  • A difference to mention is that Bugaboo Ant is a little bit more comfortable than Yoyo.
  • These two strollers come from high-end brands so the prices can be a little high!

Stroller’s General Overviews

If there are two great names of strollers, you will definitely find Bugaboo Ant and Yoyo! Yet again, without knowing who they are and what they are good for, you can never find out their differences. That’s why I will mention some general information about them!

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Bugaboo Ant

Bugaboo Ant is a great baby stroller. It is a launch from the brand Bugaboo which is in charge of dealing with baby stuff every parent needs, especially strollers and baby seats.

It offers amazing versatility, and it is a super-comfortable stroller that your children won’t want to leave. This baby stroller is one of the most used strollers around the world and it has some great features, and I am sure that both you and your children will love it.


Yoyo is another great and super-famous baby stroller that is in charge of bringing your baby comfort and great use. It is very compact and durable, and most importantly, it is lightweight enough to move around easily and freely without you needing to push with your whole strength.

With its amazing features, Babyzen Yoyo is also a stroller many people love and use without turning heads to others.

Both the brands that bring out Ant and Yoyo are known to be high-end regarding pricings of strollers in general.

Detailed Comparison – Bugaboo Ant vs. Yoyo

I assume it still isn’t as easy as it should be for you to make a decision. So, to get more into detail, in the following sections we’ll be mentioning some important key factors one should know about strollers in general.

Looks and Designs

Generally, these two strollers are the simplest ones you can find and they have a very similar resemblance to each other. They are both compact and offer great color choices, so it will be easy for you to find your favorite one.

Specification Bugaboo AntYoyo
Colors black, grey, steel blue, red, and pinkgrey, ginger, black, red, aqua, and toffee

Similarly, when deciding between a bassinet and a car seat stroller, it’s important to consider your needs and preferences

Sizes and Durability

Both Bugaboo Ant and Yoyo are known as the most ultra-compact strollers one can find and that’s because of their sizes, both folded and unfolded. They can fit everywhere you may go, they go through small doors easily and can stay in your cars perfectly fine.

They can travel with you wherever you go, no matter what, and they can even stay in a corner of your wardrobes without any problem.

In terms of durability, the frames are very strong, and if your concern is on the weight limits they have, these two strollers can handle quite an amount of weight. They are usable until your babies become toddlers; meaning, you can use them for years.

SpecificationBugaboo AntYoyo
Unfolded Dimensions36.4 x 17.7 x 40.3 inches41.7 x 17.3 x 33.8 inches
Folded Dimensions17.7 x 9 x 21.2 inches20.4 x 17.3 x 7 inches
Overall Weight15.8 pounds6.7 pounds
Weight Limit50 pounds48.5 pounds

Seats and Comfort

If there is something important related to baby strollers is the seat where you put them. Bugaboo Ant and Yoyo are both strollers that own great seats, but with some differences.

To be honest, I prefer the seat of Bugaboo Ant when compared to Yoyo, and that’s because it is known as an ergonomic seat for different ages of your children. It is reversible in many ways and it offers different adjustments.

Yoyo stroller, on the other hand, offers a nap-time position that makes the seat become completely flat so that your children can have a blast sleeping time on it.

Everything I mentioned regarding the seats leads to the comfort your children will have while staying in these strollers. After all, it is one of the most important things a parent should check out on a stroller for their babies.

Other Features

Something worth mentioning related to the bottom part of a stroller is the basket that helps parents take something with them and not have to carry around a bag every time they go out.

In the Bugaboo Ant stroller, you will find an under-seat basket that can hold up to 6.6 pounds of whatever you need. Also, there is another basket that accepts 11 pounds of your stuff.

On the Yoyo stroller, you have the under seat basket as well, with no specification of how much it can carry, but what is special is the pocket that helps you keep there your own stuff such as your phone or tablet.

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Final Words

Bugaboo Ant and Yoyo from Babyzen are very similar baby strollers and as you can notice from the features and the body aesthetics they boast.

What makes them great is the part of comfort and the usage they offer even if your children are big enough for a stroller. With these two baby strollers, both you and your children will be having a great time.

I really hope that based on all the things you read in the article, you will be able to find the winner between Bugaboo Ant and Yoyo.

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