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Best Rain Boots For Toddlers

When the rainy season is here it is hard to keep our little ones dry at all times, since they like to get wet and have fun in the rain. However, as parents, it is our duty to take all the necessary precautions. One of the hardest things to find and shop for the rain is rain boots, this is hard for adults, let alone for toddlers, which have feet that change on a daily basis. On top of that, you have to find a pair of waterproof boots, will keep their feet warm, and a pair of boots that will support their active bodies that will wreak havoc on your temper when you see that they cannot miss a single puddle. However, this option should also be a little more affordable since you can’t really invest a lot of money for a pair of boots that will be functional just for about six months.

For that purpose, I have compiled a good list of the best rain boots for toddlers that are the top picks and also the most popular in the market, without sacrificing waterproofing, quality, comfort, and support. These come from different manufacturers, in different designs and also are pretty fun for toddlers as well. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look.

The Top 10 Best Rain Boots For Toddlers

10. Kamik Stomp Rain Boot

On top of the list, we have a great pair of durable rain boots for toddlers, the Kamik Stomp Rain Boot. These boots are excellent in my opinion since they are extremely affordable and they are also extremely waterproof, comfortable, true to their size and deliver tons of many desirable qualities.

First of all, I should say that these boots look sturdy and functional, ready for action at all times. These boots are pretty high almost to the knee and they are made from synthetic so there is no place for the water to get in. The synthetic rubber is made out of PVC and while it is a little susceptible to develop some splitting and some cracks overtime you should not worry about its durability, and as you can see on Amazon most of the users are pleased with the durability.

On the bottom sole these shoes have a non-slip rubber pattern, something present only in adult boots, and there are no handles here for easy wearing. However, the inside is made out of wicking material that is specifically designed to keep the sweat and moisture off your child’s feet and socks, top-notch.

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9. OAKI Toddler Rain Boots 

The OAKI Toddler Rain Boots are one of my favorite toddler rain boots since these boots are incredibly simple and fun for children. The biggest selling point of these OAKI’s is that these come in different colors and patterns that will fit the personality of your child, as it comes in different patterns including mermaids, police patrol, shark frenzy, astronaut, purple fairies, army camo and many more colors and designs you can select for your child.

These are also extremely lightweight and don’t feel like they will drag your children down, like some other rain boots on the market. My favorite feature of these is that they have a cotton interior, that is used for keeping the feet of your child warm, comfortable, and super easy to clean, just wash them and leave them to dry overnight.

They also have handles on the sides which are pretty fun and make the boots easier for your child to wear them alone without adult help. The sizing is a little big though, so you need to get a size smaller, and while these aren’t made to be worn a lifetime they can handle a few seasons without any problem. If you are on the hunt for a pair of affordable and cute pair of rain boots for your toddlers this is one of the most adorable options.

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8. Western Chief Waterproof

Western Chief is a very professional brand that has been manufacturing and designing shoes for more than a century now and their experience in the market speaks for itself as the Western Chief Waterproof toddler boots are just about perfect. These shoes like the aforementioned Oaki’s come in different designs and patterns that will suit your child’s personality and they also make matching umbrellas for those designs.

Their designs come in different patterns such as Thomas, Elsa, Hello Kitty, Batman and many more, it is not hard to find your child’s favorite hero with these. I should also mention that these shoes are built from 100 percent natural rubber material and are specifically designed with non-slip traction soles and pull-on handles to make them easier to wear without adult help.

These are also line and cushioned on the footbed, to improve the comfort significantly so your child can jump on every puddle with dry feet and without any discomfort. In terms of durability, these shoes are also amazing, and so many parents have stated that they have been passed down to younger siblings, a quality not many rain boots for toddlers have.

To wrap it off I can say that these boots are excellent, affordably priced, adorable and will last you a long time.

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7. Stonz Natural Rubber Rain 

If you are anything like me then you most likely want to keep the foot of your children dry at all times, however, you also want to keep them away from harsh chemicals and additives and I would suggest to everyone to be careful about what your child wears and what it plays with. For that purpose, I would recommend the Stonz Natural Rubber Rainboots, which are made 100 percent all-natural rubber, without any harmful additives that may be dangerous for your children, such as lead, PVC, phthalates or even cadmium. Even the paint of these boots is lead-free and the glue is free of any formaldehyde.

On top of all this, the company sells a fleece liner to transform your spring an fall rain boots into proper winter boots that can keep your child’s feet warm at all times. The Stonz Natural Rubber Rain boots come in all the rainbow colors with bright jellybean finish so your child can find the one that he or she likes the most. One thing that disappointed me was the lack of pull-on loops on the opening, however, I noticed that the opening is pretty wide as well, and the boots are very flexible and made to last ages.

If you want a pair of chemical and additive freeboots that will last for a long time you can rely on the Stonz Natural Rubber Rain Boots.

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6.  Hatley Kids’ Classic

Next up I have a classic pair of rain boots the Hatley Kids’ Classic. These are one of my favorite rain boots in the market since they come with a very classic shape and very traditional rain boot colors that look extremely cute on children. I should state that they come in Navy and Red, Navy and Yellow, Pink and Navy, Red and Navy, Yellow and Navy, and the Red and Blue paint jobs, of which all of them are adorable. On top of that, the company delivers a full set of rain gear to go along with the boots including splash jackets, splash pants, boot liners for extra warmth, and a cute umbrella, which is attractive.

These boots are made out of 100 percent rubber material that is of the highest quality, and on top of that these boots have a cotton lining inside to make them extra warm and also in addition to that I should mention that the cotton lining is extremely easy to clean. The soles of these shoes are also slip-resistant and there is plenty of support to your child’s feet at all times. They are also pretty easy to put on thanks to their wide opening.

For the price, I can say that these are one of the best rain boots you can find.

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5.  Crocs Kids’ Handle-it Rain 

As we all know Crocs produces one of the most popular footwear for children, and although they are a little weird looking and have become a meme in the last few years, we cannot overlook their comfort and convenience. The Crocs Kids’ Handle-it Rain is, all the same, a lightweight, comfortable, seamless, rain boots that will last for a long period of time on your child’s feet. These are a very sturdy pair of boots and will be one of the most convenient boots your child will ever own.

My favorite of these boots is that they have handles that are molded into the body instead of handles that can pull off free from the body after some time. The handles make putting these boots on children play for your child, and on top of that, you don’t have to worry about those going off any time soon.

The biggest selling point of the Crocs Kids’ Handle-it Rain is the seamless design that makes them very durable as they are less suspected to any kind of leak or splitting, and on top of that these boots come in different shapes and sizes you can choose from. However, there is a disadvantage, these boots are not lined in any way, so I would recommend you to wear your child a pair of thick socks or even two to prevent any blisters.

Coming in with affordable price and durability for ages the Crocs Kids’ Handle-it Rain are one of the best.

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4.  Bogs’ Kids Skippers

For those that want a pair of rain boots to get away from bad feet odor, there are just one excellent choice in the market, the Bogs’ Kids Skippers. These boots have made the list because they have a great built-in feature called the DuraFresh biotechnology that will fight away all unwanted odors because let’s admit it our little monsters’ feet get smelly sometimes especially after a little fun in the rain.

On top of their excellent odor repellant technology these boots are pretty decent all-rounders and are pretty well-designed. These boots are also completely waterproof and they are lined with a moisture-wicking material that takes away sweat and moisture. On top of that, they have non-slip soles to deliver good traction, and I was very impressed with the footbed that delivered great traction to the child’s feet at all times.

The pull grips of these boots are also molded in the body so your child can put them easily on without adult supervision. These boots are extremely durable, waterproof, odor-free, and one of the best all-rounders you can find, a must-try in my opinion.

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3.  OAKI Kid’s Neoprene 

While all of the rain boots I have included in this list will keep your child’s feet dry, not all of them will keep your child’s feet warm. If you want a pair of boots that can do both of them properly you should check out the OAKI Kid’s Neoprene rain boots. These boots are made out of sturdy and tough molded sole that delivers amazing traction even in snow and ice, and on top of that, the neoprene lining will keep your child’s feet dry and warm at all times.

They are rated to keep your toddler’s feet warm down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit and they come in different colors and patterns to make it attractive for your child. My favorite feature about these boots is that the shaft is pretty tall, minimizing the risk of water or snow getting inside the boot from splashes or playing in it, which is a liability for shorter boots. On top of that, the reinforced handle is perfect and combined with the wide opening they will make the boots easier for your child to wear without adult supervision.

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2.  Sperry Saltwater Rain Boot 

Moving on to the runner up we have a pair of proper boots that will keep your child’s feet warm and dry at all times, coming in from Sperry, Kids Saltwater Rain Boots. These boots are also pretty adult looking and have some pleasing aesthetics to them coming in with a proper waterproof boot vibe. These boots are also pretty expensive and the best in terms of quality, as they come in with rubber lower soles and synthetic leather upper soles.

They have laces to deliver a perfect and tight fit, and on the side, they have a zipper for easy on and off, and I can guarantee you that even smaller toddlers won’t have any difficulty with getting them on by themselves, and can zip them up without any difficulty. I can say that these boots are pretty comfortable to be worn all day long and will last a long time, so you can pass them down to younger siblings.

Underneath just like in every Sperry shoe they have a good pattern to make them non-slip in any circumstance and the duck boot pattern is waterproof. They will work in both rain and snow, and if you want to shell out a little more these are the best.

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1.  Hunter Kids First Classic Rain Boot

Coming to the top of the list we have the definite very best rain boots for toddlers, the Hunter Kids First Classic Rain Boot. These boots have set an industry standard from a long time ago now, and these continue to be the best sellers in the market delivering amazing value for the price and come in various sizes.

While they aren’t the cheapest of the bunch they deliver great functionality and value thanks to their durable latex rubber construction that has a wide range of features. For example, the material releases a film of wax in humid weather for protection that can be easily cleaned off with a cloth. However, these boots are unlined and you have to pair them with a pair of thick and warm socks in colder weather.

They also have a pretty wide shaft that makes everything easier for toddlers and children to wear and get them off without any adult help. Just excellent.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can my toddler wear rain boots in the snow?

If there isn’t a heavy snowing, or you can describe it as a light snowing and the sidewalks aren’t still covered, your toddler can use a pair of rain boots for the snow, however, you should be careful since most of these models don’t deliver enough traction and grip for ice and snow.

Do rain boots run true to size?

First, off you should keep in mind that most of the rain boots come in full sizes only, so there are no half sizes, for example, if your child wears 8 1/2 regularly it would be a good idea to round up to 9. However, most of these run pretty long as well, so be careful about that as well.

Should my child wear socks with rain boots?

Definitely! While they can go around for a couple of minutes without socks if you plan on going somewhere make sure they wear a pair of thick socks or two pair of socks if needed to prevent discomfort and blisters.


There you have it, the best options when it comes to rain boots for our dear children. These options will keep your child’s feet dry at all times, will allow them to have fun in not-so-optimal conditions, and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

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