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Bugaboo Butterfly Vs. Joolz: Head-To-Head Comparison

One of the most used baby products is the stroller, and these two companies make them like no other. The Bugaboo Butterfly and Joolz Aer are manufactured with versatility in mind, being some of the lightest strollers out there.

This makes them very practical and popular among parents since they require much less effort to push, and are easy to carry and store.

Main Points

  • When creating these high-end strollers, Bugaboo and Joolz didn’t forget that safety is always the top priority.
  • The Bugaboo Butterfly has a weight limit of 9 kilos and is designed for newborns up to 22 kilograms in weight who are at least 6 months old.
  • The Joolz Aer can be used from the time your baby gets 6 months old until it weighs 22 kilograms, much like its rival. Contrarily, the weight capacity of the basket, which is almost half that of the Bugaboo Butterfly, is just 5 kilograms.
  • Both goods are premium-quality. Every feature we examined is fully covered by the Bugaboo Butterfly and the Joolz Aer, and the differences are minimal.

Bugaboo Butterfly Vs. Joolz Aer: How We’ll Compare

To make a fair conclusion, and truly choose which option is the best for you, we will take a look at a few aspects that everyone looks for when buying a stroller. We’ll be reviewing their design, practicality, comfort, and safety. Let’s get into it.

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Design & Aesthetics: Bugaboo Butterfly and Joolz Aer

Bugaboo Butterfly

Unfolded Dimensions:

  • Height: 102.4 centimeters
  • Width: 45 centimeters
  • Length: 92.5 centimeters

Folded Dimensions:

  • Height: 54 centimeters
  • Width: 45 centimeters
  • Length: 23 centimeters
  • Weight: 7.3 kilograms

Joolz Aer

Unfolded Dimensions:

  • Height: 105.5 centimeters
  • Width: 45 centimeters
  • Length: 83 centimeters

Folded Dimensions:

  • Height: 21.5 centimeters
  • Width: 45 centimeters
  • Length: 53.5 centimeters
  • Weight: 6.1 kilograms


The Bugaboo Butterfly offers you only 3 color options, and those are black, blue, and green. On the other hand, Joolz put much more effort into spoiling you for choice giving you 7 colors and patterns to choose from, making it easy to find one for your liking. Both strollers have a modern, slick yet simplistic design.


These products have an almost identical structure, boasting a pretty standard stroller built. You have the usual 4 wheels, a big basket at the bottom to store your goods, the base holding the seat stable, the seat itself with a belt for your little one’s protection, the grippy handlebar for easy pushing, and the canopies that have different purposes which we’ll check out later.


Knowing how big and heavy the strollers are is a must, so here are their dimensions unfolded and folded.


Just like the premium products they are, they use premium materials. The Bugaboo Butterfly uses polyester fabric, it has a polyamide frame, and unlike the Joolz Aer, you can machine wash the Bugaboo Butterfly for a thorough clean.

The Joolz Aer is 100% polyester, with faux leather details and an aluminum frame. The seat is ergonomic, which means it styles to the body sitting on it for the best comfort.

It has thick fabric and cushiony padding for the best experience, though none of the fabric is machine-washable. Washing it by hand and wiping it down with a cloth is no problem.

Practicality: Bugaboo Butterfly and Joolz Aer

Who Can Use This Seat?

The Bugaboo Butterfly is intended for infants that are 6 months old until they grow to 22 kilograms in weight, and the basket has a weight limit of 9 kilograms.

Same as its competitor, the Joolz Aer can be used when your baby turns 6 months old, up until it reaches a 22-kilogram weight. The basket on the other hand can only hold 5 kilograms of weight, almost half of the Bugaboo Butterfly’s limit.

Are They Adjustable?

Indeed, they are. For the Bugaboo Fox, you can adjust the seat to a nearly flat angle by using the recline lever under the seat. You also have a leg rest with 5 height settings allowing maximum comfort for your little one. The leg rest is also removable if it’s not needed, and it does have a safety harness adjuster.

When it comes to the Joolz Aer, reclining the seat couldn’t get much easier. The back panel has a zip, and when you unzip it, you’ll find two sliding adjusters that you can determine the recline level.

This stroller also comes with an adjustable leg rest that you can remove. And we can’t forget to mention that the safety harness is also adjustable on the Joolz Aer.

Both strollers are very lightweight with advanced suspensions, making pushing and turning with either stroller no hassle. Their foldability also makes them easy to carry when you don’t need to push or store them when they aren’t in use.

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Safety: Bugaboo Butterfly and Joolz Aer

Safety is always the number one priority, and when Bugaboo and Joolz were making these premium products, they didn’t forget that. Both strollers have a 5-point adjustable safety harness means you can push your little one worry-free, though neither is recommended for overnight use.

The canopies are an important thing stroller-makers focus on, and both these products have that covered. You have a UV-protection canopy, a canopy for keeping insects out, and a canopy for sun coverage on both the Bugaboo Butterfly and Joolz Aer.

Comfort: Bugaboo Butterfly and Joolz Aer

For their comfort, we haven’t heard many complaints. Both seats come with cushiony inlay padding, and when you combine them with the thick fabric, they are a joy for your little one.

The recline settings and adjustable leg rest also help your baby rest in its perfect position. The wheel suspensions are like no other even on bumpier roads, being able to keep your child asleep anywhere.

Other Things To Note

When buying anything, we have to take a look at the price. They have an almost identical cost, which is a bit heftier than most strollers but totally justifiable.

The Bugaboo Fox offers you a 2-year warranty on any manufacturing defects that may occur in that time period, while the Joolz Aer offers you a lifetime warranty, and all you need to do to get it is register on their product registration site.

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To conclude this review, we must say that both products really are premium. The Bugaboo Butterfly and the Joolz Aer have every aspect that we reviewed, totally covered, and the differences are minor.

For example, you have much more design options on the Joolz Aer, though its fabric isn’t machine-washable, so they essentially weigh each other out any way you look at it.

There is one, slightly more significant factor that plays a role here which may be the deal breaker, and that’s the warranty. 2 Years versus a lifetime! For that reason alone, we suggest you get the Joolz Aer. Have fun shopping.

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