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Pampers Pure vs. Honest: Compared In-Depth

We know that all diaper manufacturers promise the best diapers for your babies. But not all of them are suitable or durable as promised in their advertisements. They may be good quality diapers, but that does not promise they will hold for long periods.

Or your child might have an allergic reaction to the diapers even if the diapers have good quality. You can never know for sure; it will take a couple of tries and errors until you find what suits you best.

I have tried the Pampers Pure and Honest diaper brands, so I will give you my outlook on them and how they turned out for us.

Main Points

  • Pampers Pure is more absorbent and has less leakage than the Honest diaper brand.
  • Honest diapers are less soft and comfortable than the Pampers Pure diapers.
  • Pampers diapers are fragrance-free, latex-free, lotion-free, and chlorine-free plant-based diapers.
  • Honest diapers are chlorine-free, latex-free, and plant-based, but they contain lotion.
  • Pampers Pure and Honest diapers both have low durability ratings.

Pampers Pure vs. Honest diapers: How do they differ?

Users highly rate both diaper brands. They are the two most popular brands of diapers at the moment. They are very much alike, except for a couple of differences. First, the Honest diaper brand is more eco-friendly and plant-based than the Pampers Pure diapers.

The Honest diaper has fun prints on the diaper, but at the same time, those prints are visible through thin girly clothes.

Meanwhile, Pampers Pure diapers have very subtle prints, which do not show through the clothes even when the fabric of the garments is thin. Pampers pure have fewer prints to choose from, while the Honest diaper brand has many patterns.

Absorbency – Pampers Pure and Honest

For a diaper to be efficient and considered good, it has to have a good level of absorbency. We don’t want our babies sleeping in wet diapers all night because they will eventually wake up crying, and we don’t want that.

Many users have rated the Pampers Pure and Honest as average absorbency diapers. They are not bad but neither very good. But if you test the Pampers Pure vs. Honest diapers, the Pampers Pure has shown to absorb quicker than the Honest diapers.

When the absorption is not fast enough, it automatically means that the leakage is high, and the fluids will manage to leak through the diaper or from the sides.

Leakage – Pampers Pure and Honest

The leakage of the diaper is also a massive problem for mothers and babies. If the diaper is leaking when it is not full, it means the quality of the diaper is not very high. Pampers diapers perform better in this area than Honest diapers because pampers pure diapers do not leak so quickly.

Meanwhile, the Honest diapers tend to leak more, especially during the nighttime; at least, that was my experience with these diapers. I was not fond of that since I had to wake up and change my son’s pajamas several times during the night.

Comfort and softness – Pampers Pure and Honest

Imagine if you were a baby with harsh fabric attached to your skin 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That would be so nerve-wracking and frustrating, especially for a baby who cannot express what is bothering them.

That’s why we, as mothers need to watch out for the comfort and softness our baby’s diaper provides. Pampers Pure diaper brands are well known for being amazingly soft and comfortable for your baby’s skin.

The leg elastics do not have a material that might feel like it is scratching the skin; they fit perfectly around the baby’s legs and don’t cause friction rashes. While the Honest diaper brand is not as soft as the Pampers Pure, its fabric is slightly harsher.

Chlorine – Pampers Pure and Honest

Chlorine is a well-known substance used in pools to bleach and disinfects them. As a result, many diaper brands have put it throughout the years into the diapers they manufacture.

But it has been proven toxic and may cause rashes, irritation, and many other complications when it comes into contact with a newborn’s skin. That’s why many mothers try to find a chlorine-free diaper brand that is more eco-friendly.

Pampers brand has been using chlorine on the other models of diapers they manufacture, maybe in minimal quantities, but it is still present. But now the Pampers Pure model of diapers, as they claim, are chlorine-free and more natural.

Honest diapers have been chlorine-free since their production; it is a brand dedicated to its products’ natural and nontoxic materials and ingredients.

Fragrance – Pampers Pure and Honest

Babies have very delicate and sensitive skin; their skin can get irritated and have a severe reaction very quickly if it touches a chemical that is too harsh.

Some babies are even allergic to perfumes, lotions, and stuff. So, you should always be careful what products you put on your baby. Pampers Pure is pure, free from any lotions, fragrances, and other harmful substances for sensitive babies.

That’s what makes them safe for the baby, at the same time, safe for the environment. For allergic babies, Pampers Pure are a great choice; they have prints on them, but those prints are very faint, and they do not come in direct contact with the skin since they are on the outer side of the diaper.

Honest diapers do not contain perfumes and latex, but they do, however, have lotion on them. So, they can’t be considered free from artificial additives.

Durability – Pampers Pure and Honest

We all know how much babies like to wiggle around and move constantly; therefore, we need a diaper that can withstand all the movement, friction, and pressure. Pampers Pure and Honest diapers have proven less durable than other disposable diapers on the market.

Their tabs are not very strong, and they break off easily. Also, the diaper falls apart quickly. Their explanation for this issue is that the diapers are made from natural plant-based materials, which are very safe for the baby’s skin but have less strength for friction, pressure, and tugging.

Final words

Both diaper brands are well-known brands that mothers worldwide use daily. They rate on the high-paying diaper list, but their performance needs to match the price. They are average diapers regarding leaks and absorbency, which drops their ratings automatically.

Otherwise, they are very healthy, eco-friendly, and safe for your baby’s skin. It is up to you to decide which diapers suit you and your baby best.

Pampers Pure and Honest diapers are great during the day when you expect the diaper to hold for only a short time. But during the nighttime, when you need a diaper to hold for at least 4-6 hours, these diapers will let you down.

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