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Bugaboo Fox VS Bugaboo Fox 2: Which Is Better?

When it comes to baby products, Bugaboo is as good as it gets. Strollers being an essential item for any baby, this company didn’t disappoint and made the Bugaboo Fox strollers. The Bugaboo Fox is the first edition, while the Bugaboo Fox 2 is the second. Now, let’s see how we’ll compare.

Because the Bugaboo Fox 2 is the newer, upgraded version of the Bugaboo Fox. In this comparison article, we’re first to check out what Bugaboo Fox has to offer, and see what changes the Bugaboo Fox 2 brings to the table. Read on!

Bugaboo Fox – A Detailed Run Through


The Bugaboo Fox has the usual stroller look. The 4 wheels, basket, bassinet, and handlebar, though its design is more simplistic than the Bugaboo Fox 2’s, that’s what we’d expect from the older generation.

The stroller’s height is 88.5 centimeters, its width is 60 centimeters and its length is 83.4 centimeters when it’s unfolded. Folded, the height is 66 centimeters, its width is 54 centimeters, and its length is 19 centimeters. The Bugaboo Fox weighs the same as its successor, 9.9 kilograms.

When it comes to their materials, the strollers are similar. The Bugaboo Fox also uses thick, water-repellent fabric for the best comfort and has a UV-protective canopy.

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Being the lightweight stroller that it is, the Bugaboo Fox is fairly practical. It has got developed wheel suspension making it easy to push and turn with, and its foldability and light weight make it easily storable.

Just like the Bugaboo Fox 2, the Bugaboo Fox has a recline option for its bassinet that you can find under the seat. The weight limit for the bassinet of this stroller is 22 kilograms, and 9 kilograms for the basket.

The canopies are a big feature of this stroller. Having a canopy made for keeping mosquitoes out, and one for UV protective lights.


When it comes to safety, you wouldn’t have to worry when using the Bugaboo Fox. With its 5-point safety harness and stable base, your little one is well protected in this stroller.


Just like you’d expect, the comfort on the Bugaboo Fox is also exceptional. The wheel suspension makes it ride smooth even on bumpier roads, and the thick fabric and inlay padding keep your child hugged the whole ride.

Bugaboo Fox 2 – What has changed?


The Bugaboo Fox 2 gives you four design options: full-black, grey and pink, grey and red, and grey and white. They all have a slick, modern look that’ll be appealing to most.

This stroller isn’t the smallest. When it’s in use, It has a height of 108 centimeters when the handlebar is at maximum height, and 88 centimeters when the handlebar is at minimum height.

It’s 60 centimeters wide, and 104 centimeters long. When it’s folded, it has a height of 34 centimeters, a width of 52 centimeters, and a length of 86 centimeters. The stroller has a weight of 9.9 kilograms.

Just like the premium product it is, its materials are no different. With its comfy fabric, this stroller is a child’s dream to rest in. The fabric is also water-repellent, and the canopy’s material has UV protection.

The Bugaboo Fox 2’s structure is similar to any other stroller, just more optimized. It has the usual 4 wheels, a big basket at the bottom for your goods, the base holding the bassinet, the bassinet itself that can face either way, multiple canopies on top of the bassinet, and the handlebar.

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One of the features a premium product must possess is practicality, and this stroller achieves just that. Being the lightweight stroller that it is, the Bugaboo Fox 2 is no hassle to push around.

Be it in the city or off-road, the stroller’s all-wheel suspension allows it to smoothly ride anywhere. The stroller is also very responsive, which makes turning an easy task.

Another positive that comes from the low weight is how easy it is to carry and store it. Its foldability allows it to fit in tight spaces and makes it easy to carry.

And if you’re worried about the difficulty of folding it, you shouldn’t be. It’s an easy fold that you do by using the fold triggers. The Bugaboo Fox 2 is intended for toddlers that weigh up to 50 pounds, and the basket holds 20 pounds of weight.

This stroller also has a recline option. The recline lever under the bassinet allows you to easily adjust the recline level and achieve the most comfortable position for your little one’s comfort.


Safety is always the number one priority and the 5-point safety harness belt means that you shouldn’t have to worry about any safety risks.

One thing that this stroller can’t do though, is to keep your child accommodated through the night. The materials on the Bugaboo Fox 2 are toxin-free and anti-retardant, so you don’t have to worry about any long-term health hazards this stroller may cause.

You have a canopy for UV protection and a tighter-netted canopy to keep mosquitoes out.


Just like any premium product, the comfort of this stroller is top-tier. Equipped with all-wheel suspension, your little one’s comfort zone is not interrupted even when your pushing it over bumpier roads.

The fabrics are thick and soft, and the inlay padding allows for a snug fit that would put your kid asleep in minutes.

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To conclude, all we can say is that even though both strollers have every aspect covered, and we didn’t question that, the Bugaboo Fox 2 being the upgraded version of the Bugaboo Fox is the better of the two but the difference is not much.

The few fine details that they’ve paid extra attention to in the newer version definitely show when using the stroller itself, but we don’t think that they’re worth the extra pay, so for us, the Bugaboo Fox is the winner. Good luck shopping.

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