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Can You Jog With A Regular Stroller? Answered

After giving birth to their children, many mothers pick up jogging as a hobby and it is a really fun hobby. Again, having a baby in front of you tends to make things more confusing, and running with a stroller is entertaining enough until you’re unsure of what to do.

Can you jog with a regular stroller? This article’s whole focus is on this subject, which is your primary concern.

Along with the answer, you will also find other information related to this topic!

Main Points

  • You can’t use a regular stroller for jogging because it doesn’t offer everything you need.
  • The main reason why you can’t use a regular stroller for jogging is because of the wheels. 
  • The frame of a regular stroller is made of different materials and for jogging, you need the sturdiest ones. 
  • In jogging, babies need to be as comfortable as possible and the seats are super important parts to have in mind. 
  • Being able to use the brakes in a stroller is the main concern to have when jogging. 

Is a regular stroller suitable for jogging?

Jogging with a regular stroller isn’t the best thing to do! So, no! You cannot jog with a regular stroller!

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Why Regular Strollers Aren’t Appropriate for Jogging? – Main Reasons

Saying that you cannot jog with a regular stroller isn’t enough, and that’s because there are some reasons everybody should have in mind. Those reasons include wheels, as the most important, and also some other factors.


The wheels of a stroller are the main thing one should have in mind, but still, there are some specifications about them being a reason why you can’t use regular strollers for jogging.

Wheels’ Number:

The main and most important spotting difference between a

regular stroller and a jogging stroller is the number of wheels. A regular stroller has four wheels, meanwhile, jogging strollers have three.

Having four compact wheels is more than perfect for walking with it, but when it comes to jogging, they are never enough.

Wheels’ Materials

The wheels on a regular stroller are more than normal. They are

durable and strong, but still, a reason why you can’t use them for jogging is the material they are made of and how much they can withstand while jogging.

You should always have in mind that the wheels of a regular stroller aren’t made for any terrain you may encounter yourself in, and it will never be perfect for jogging.

Wheels’ Movements

Everybody has once struggled while moving around a stroller, right? I know because IO had some serious and funny movements while I was taking a walk with my children. However, those movements are another reason why you can’t use a regular stroller for jogging.

It is mostly related to the front wheels of the stroller as in a specific jogging stroller you will find only one stable wheel that doesn’t move around, and in a regular stroller, two wheels have completely no control.

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Even though jogging is mostly done at a steady pace, breaks in a stroller are super essential and sometimes you have to stop the stroller immediately because you never know.

The brakes that regular strollers have aren’t found on the handle of the stroller, and most of the time you have to stop and check the wheels for locking. You don’t really have time to lose when you need to stop immediately.


A regular stroller will always weigh more than other strollers for a specific use, especially when compared to jogging strollers in general.

When using a regular stroller you are kind of blocked from free movement and that’s because you will always deal with its weight. However, you should know that the heavier weight in a regular stroller is more than normal.

Other Parts of Strollers

Besides everything I mentioned above, there are some other specific things such as the frames and the seats of a stroller that make the regular ones not suitable.

The frames of a regular stroller are made of different materials and some of them are even made of plastic, so it isn’t enough for jogging because you need in front a sturdy frame of the stroller to jog properly.

When I say seats, I mean the adjustments that you can do to your babies’ positions while they are sitting in there. Some regular strollers have adjustable seats but still, when you go jogging your child should be as comfortable as possible.

Are there any exceptions?

I know that everything I mentioned above leads to the answer no, you can’t use a regular stroller for jogging. Many people seem to have found some solutions regarding this issue and they have found a common ground on using a regular stroller for jogging.

I know that you have your doubts but if you remember all the things that I mentioned above, you will come to the conclusion that if the regular stroller you use for your baby is lighter in weight when compared to most of them, owns a hand brake, and the wheels are super durable and can withstand anything, you can freely use the stroller for jogging.

Yet again, you will find a considerable number of budget jogging strollers you can find in the market and there is nothing better than using a specific thing for a specific purpose!

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Final Words

After all, now you understand that you can’t jog with a regular stroller as they can give a hard time to both you and your baby.

It is essential to mention again that there are some specific strollers made for jogging and when you use them, you will never have to deal with any problems.

I really hope that this article has helped you understand everything you needed to know, especially to find the answer to the question Can you jog with a regular stroller? Good luck!

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