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Double Stroller vs. Wagon: Which Is The Best For You?

Before a child is able to walk on their own, parents are in the need of something in which they can put their baby and take walks together or even run errands.

For this reason, parents often choose either a double stroller or a wagon for their baby. These two carriages for babies differ in a lot of ways and the decision of purchasing either one of them ultimately comes down to the parents.

Main Points

  • The double stroller and the wagon are baby carriages that offer different features which make them unique on their own.
  • These two carriages differ in the way they are designed and wagons are usually larger than double strollers.
  • Wagons are harder to move when they are compared to double strollers.
  • Double strollers offer more comfort and safety features in comparison to wagons.
  • The capacity of wagons is larger than that of double strollers because wagons can fit a toddler or three babies and a double stroller can only fit two babies.

Double Stroller vs. Wagon – How Do They Differ?

Before choosing either a double stroller or a wagon to carry your baby, it is important to get informed about the different features these two carriages offer.

Double strollers and wagons differ in a couple of ways such as design and performance. The levels of comfort that they offer for your baby are also different as well as the safety provided when using either a double stroller or a wagon.

There are different types of these carriages and each type is tailored to fit the needs of various different families. Choosing which one is the best for your baby depends on the suitable features it offers in order to serve the baby and also the parents.

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A box-shaped four-wheeler is often identified with a baby wagon. These carriages are shaped in such a way to offer enough space for your baby and also all of the necessities that the baby requires.

The baby wagons also come with a handle for easy usage. Certain types of wagons are designed in such a way that they are large enough to fit not one, but up to three babies. These large wagons are also suitable for usage for toddlers who still need carrying and support.

In comparison, double strollers are most commonly used by parents who have twins because of the additional seat that is included in its design.

In a double stroller, there is also a seat that can be used for the baby to lean back, which makes this type of carriage very practical for parents with two babies.

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Double strollers are very useful carriages that can help parents spend time with their children while at the same time being able to walk around with them and complete their daily obligations.

The performance of double strollers is measured by their capability to endure the carrying of two babies at the same time. Also, double strollers are easy to maneuver and they offer space for storing the baby’s necessities.

Wagons are also very practical carriages because they can carry toddlers or more than two babies. Apart from that, baby wagons are easy to fold and store.

In comparison to double strollers, wagons are not the easiest to move because of their large size. It can be difficult for parents to push the baby wagon with more than two children inside of it.


When it comes to the comfort these two carriages offer, the double stroller has a slight advantage. The double stroller is produced in such a way to provide comfort for both babies that are carried in it.

The main seat as well as the additional seat of a double stroller are very soft and comfortable for babies. In addition, the double stroller also offers the possibility for a baby to rest their head on the seat.

When wagons are compared to double strollers, they are known to provide less comfort because it is difficult for toddlers to enter the wagon without the help of their parents.

Apart from that, the wagon does not offer soft seats in which babies or toddlers will be able to fall asleep or rest.


Both of these carriages are safe to use for your baby and that is the reason why their popularity has grown over the years. However, there is a slight difference in the safety features they offer.

The double stroller is known to have more safety features when it is compared to baby wagons. Even though both of these carriages are equipped with safety straps, the strap of the double stroller is more secure and its wheels are more durable.

In comparison to the safety features of double strollers, the safety strap of a wagon is less secure and the wheels are made out of plastic which makes them less durable.

The double stroller offers advanced safety features because it is usually used for babies. The wagon can be used to carry toddlers which is why its safety features are less emphasized than those of a double stroller.

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Final Verdict

The double stroller is a great choice for parents who have two babies because it is very easy to use.

Apart from its practical usage, the double stroller is also easy to move and it offers safety features that will ensure that your baby always stays stable in the stroller. The comfort that the double stroller offers is also another feature that draws parents towards buying it.

The wagon is a type of carriage that is most often used for toddlers or carrying more than two babies. Even though this type of carriage has a larger capacity, it does not offer a high level of comfort, safety, and simple operation.

This is why it is important for parents to determine their needs and preferences in order to make the right choice for their baby.

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