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Puramino vs Nutramigen: What’s The Difference?

It is difficult to choose between two well-known brands of hypoallergenic baby formula. When considering the details put into both the Puramino and Nutramigen formulas, weighing all the benefits and drawbacks is a difficult task.

So, if you’re having trouble answering the controversy “Puramino vs Nutramigen,” do not even worry because you’ve come to the right place. By considering the important topics concerning these two formulas, you will have complete knowledge by the end to make the right choice.

Main Points

  • Puramino and Nutramigen are amino acid-based dairy-free baby formulas.
  • Puramino is completely lactose-free whereas Nutramigen contains a derivative of milk protein.
  • Puramino has above-average levels of DHA/ARA components.
  • Nutramigen has an average amount of DHA/ARA components.
  • Puramino is more hypoallergenic aware than nutramigen.
  • Puramino offers formulas for infants the age of 0 to 24 months and a junior line for children one year or older.
  • Puraminos junior line comes with a vanilla flavor.
  • Nutramigen provides a baby formula for the age range of 0 to 12 months and a toddler formula for ages 9 to 36 months.

In short: Which Formula Should You Choose?

However, I do intend to provide you with a straightforward answer as well. That answer is Puramino baby formula which is with strong reasoning of course.

Puramino offers a more hypoallergenic-aware formula that will not only ease your infant but also you as a concerned caregiver.

Being completely dairy free the overall benefits of this natural-based formula are wonderful. It aids the uneasiness that the baby might have due to various reactions while simultaneously providing the necessary nutrients for its growth.

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Puramino vs Nutramigen – How Do They Differ?

You may think that the two distinguished brands puramino and nutramigen do not differentiate since they have a similar end objective. Well, these lactose-free formulas differ in detail as a caregiver holds great importance.

Foremost the main dissimilarity that they have is their nutritional values. Although puramino and nutramigen have put their all into their mixtures the values have significance.

Following this first alteration, the next difference arises from their main benefits. these benefits that we will be discussing, later on, are impacted by the ingredients inside the formulas.

Besides the above-mentioned distinctions, Puramino and Nutramigen have other small specifics that set them apart from each other. Specifics such as sensitivity awareness, formula age variation and so on that will be thoroughly explored as we continue.

Nutrients Present

Both Puramino and Nutramigen make tremendous efforts when it comes to the ingredients that they put in their mixtures to secure the best results possible for your infant.

As lactose-free hypoallergenic formulas and the first ingredient, we need to discuss is milk. In Puramino’s case, there is no presence of dairy Whatsoever in the formula a feature that reassures parents of and fence with severe lactose allergies.

While in Nutramigen’s situation there is a presence of derivatives of dairy proteins used in the mixture. This amount may be small, but it still exists and may cause a problem with many newborns.

Puramino compensates for its dairy-free formula by using numerous natural oils that help in the development and protein gain of the child.

Using amino acids as the base of this particular formula secures all the needed elements for your infants’ growth. Puramino offers a variety of vitamins and minerals as well as ingredients like choline, inositol, linoleic acid, biotin, and many others.

Nutramigen is well-known for its use of vegetable oils, which aid in natural development. Nutramigen also contains essential vitamins and minerals, as well as substances like choline, inositol, linoleic acid, biotin, and other substances.

The amount of these ingredients in the mixture differs. The amino acid-based formula of Nutramigen also contains components like taurine, which are excellent for the digestive system.

Nutritional Values

The amount of each component of the mixture is more important than most people would think. This value impacts the benefits that your baby will receive upon consumption of the chosen formula.

Starting with the Puramino formula the iron levels are more present than in any other mixture. This of course is great news to any newborn for countless reasons. The value of linoleic acid is also higher, to be more specifically 80 mg more per 100 calories compared to nutramigen.

When discussing other values such as vitamins and minerals Nutramigen puts up the great competition. It is essentially equal in the values of all categories except in the above-mentioned elements.

One drawback that Nutrimigen does have when put on a scale with Puramino is the levels of DHA/ARA components.

Puramino has a higher amount of these important elements whereas nutramigen has a lower value. To be more specific nutramigen has 0.32% of DHA/ARA components which is an average quantity.

Main Beneficial Aspects

Naturally, the key benefits of both are the dairy-free status and the sensitivity awareness that they strive to maintain. However, you may be wondering what the main advantages of these formulas will be for your child.

Puramino offers calmness to your infant. With the list of ingredients that it has, it guarantees that any fussiness your infant might have will be gone.

Now, this is done through the soothing elements of the mixture allowing your child to not create any reactions towards any element of the formula. This is all done while fulfilling all of the nutritional feeding aspects necessary for your infant’s growth.

Its natural mixture allows Puramino to also aid in a healthy absorption in the digestive system of the elements mentioned up until now. This is great for instances where the infant is underweight due to irritations it might face through its nourishment journey.

Nutramigen on the other hand has a different goal in mind. This formula is great for infants that suffer from colic issues.

Through the reassurance of an easy feeding process, Nutramigen offers your infant comfort. The improvement of newborns that consume Nutramigen while having colic problems is remarkable.

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Hypoallergenic Awareness

When it comes to hypoallergenic awareness it is important to keep in mind that every infant has a different reaction toward formulas and elements in those formulas. Although there are steps that the manufacturers can’t take to assure maximum sensitivity consciousness of a formula.

The creators of puramino approach this problem by providing higher levels of various elements for example DHA/ARA that aid children with intense sensitivity issues. Puramino is also where of its dairy-free characteristic by making sure to not include any type of protein that is related to milk.

Although nutramigen Also has great components that battle sensitivity problems within the systems of an infant it lacks the awareness for more specific allergies that an infant can create or possess.

Containing derivatives of milk protein nutramigen poses a problem for many caregivers that have a newborn that is heavily allergic to lactose.

Age Variation

The diversity that a brand provides for the age variations of the formula is important since it assures consistency for the child.

Puramino provides a formula for babies that are aged 0 to 24 months and another line for children that are one year or older. This formula also provides a vanilla flavor for the junior line which is great if your child is picky about taste.

Nutramigen has the main line of baby formula directed for the age range of 0 to 12 months. The secondary line that is targeted towards toddlers covers the age range from 9 to 36 months. It is also important to note that nutramigen has a liquid option available for its toddler formula.

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Final Words

The final decision depends on numerous factors. The most important being your child and the requests that their body needs for healthy development.

However, I hope that by providing you with the necessary information about these two formulas the dilemma “Puramino vs Nutramigen” is easier to solve now.

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