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Educational Learning Toys for Baby, Toddlers and Young Kids

As parents, we are always looking for ways to improve/enhance our children’s development, while still encouraging them to have fun. Educational learning toys bring great value to a child’s life. After writing our guide on the best double strollers for travel, I checked out some of the best educational toys out there and found something for everyone: baby, toddlers, and young kids.

Baby Educational Toys

Baby Educational Toys are valuable to your child because they are proven to be one of the earliest exposures to learning. Instead of having your child amused by nothing or just the TV – why not educational toys? A multitude of options are available when it comes these educational toys. Some delight your child with a mixture of sounds and lights and help your baby recognize animals or simple letters. Baby educational toys provide your child with the entertainment and education they need to start off on the right foot to life.

LeapFrog Learn & Groove™ Musical Table


Provide a world of learning and musical fun for your child with the LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table. Designed for children ages six months to three years, this innovative toy is chock full of learning and musical activities designed to provide visual and auditory stimulation and motor skill development, as well as opportunities to learn about colors, the alphabet, and opposites for older children — and much more.

Playskool Step Start Walk ‘n Ride


It’s 2 toys in 1! As a sturdy, stable walker, the Step Start walk ‘n Ride toy helps babies learn to stand, take their first steps, and walk. As the grow older, it easily converts to a first ride-on toy! It has a locking mechanism that only parents can activate, so children can’t change modes by themselves. Kids can explore the hands-on activities in both the walker and ride-on modes to see fascinating sights, hear silly sounds and touch interesting textures.

Manhattan Toy Put and Peek Birdhouse


Four colorful rattling birds all have different textures, and the easy-open roof and door are perfect for tiny hands. Classic “fill-and-pour” play encourages development of motor skills and cause-effect understanding.

Busy Zoo Activity Center


The activities are simple enough for one-year-olds to understand and large enough for them to manipulate with ease. On top, they can move animals along tracks or twirl wooden shapes along looping wire. Choices around the four sides include rotating picture blocks until they form a picture of a variety of animals; turning any one of interconnecting gears to make them all spin; opening and closing a door and window.

Toddler Educational Toys

Toddler Educational Toys, are simply the best play things for the children to learn with, as children are growing up we need to be able to distinguish the various types of toys to give during their playtime each toy is designed for a different personality. We should be able to distinguish our children’s interest before purchasing any toys for examples we have artistic, athletic,  geographical and science kits. We need to look for toys that will both teach and improve the learning interest of the child. Toys improve the learning pleasure of a child which will reflect throughout their lives.

Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker


Keep children busy stacking all different shapes, colors and sizes. This fun Geometric Stacker comes with 25 durable pieces to match and stack on a solid base. Perfect for building shape, color and size differentiation skills. Pieces made of solid wood.

Haba Walker Wagon


The walker wagon aids children in moving. The seat allows brother and sister to ride along. Beyond the seat there is sufficient place to store utensils. Sturdy construction, rubber tires on wooden rims.

Plan Toys City Series Parking Garage


Plan Toys create to inspire children’s imagination as well as promote their physical and intellectual development. Plan Toys also proves that it is possible to maintain superior quality standards while steadfastly following a path of environmental and social responsibility. The set includes a figure, car, gas station and car washing machine.

Step 2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table


The falling water action from this Waterwheel Play Table encourages creative exploration with cause and effect learning. This imaginative water play center encourages hours of outdoor fun. Pour water into the wide funnel, and activate the water wheel which then spills into the inner and outer harbors.

Young Kids Educational Toys

Young Children’s Educational Toys are a valuable instrument in helping children learn and succeed. From gross motor skills to learning how to manipulate an object, children are offered many opportunities to excel in their development. Educational toys have the ability to teach children without the child even realizing he/she is learning! Enjoying a toy and learning at the same time are invaluable. In today’s market there are toys that help children learn concepts from grasping a toy to even learning to read! Making learning fun is the fundamental concept behind these toys, and it’s a concept that truly works!

Guidecraft Wooden Sand Tray


Little learners can create shapes, patterns and outlines using a smoothing tool, pattern rake or their fingers! Place colored paper under the glass to enhance drawings and color exploration! Great for ideal educational toy.



In this unique word game, players use tiles to create words crossword-style. The first player to use all their tiles is the winner. With multiple ways to play, this game is perfect for beginning spellers, as well as more advanced players. No pencil, paper, or board required.

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100


Curious young minds can learn the basics of electronics as they build more than 100 exciting projects with this kit. Work on projects that make sound effects, engineer different types of alarms, build touch circuits and play games.

Melissa & Doug See & Spell


Place the colorful wooden letters in their proper places to spell words on the cut out two-sided wooden boards. Includes 20 playful pictures with three and four letter words to keep learning fun.

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