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How Many Bibs Do I Need? Things You Need To Know

If you are a parent of two or just expecting the first one, there are some items known as essential pieces that babies surely need, and one of them is bibs!

Bibs are worn around the baby’s neck and protect your children’s clothes, especially when they are eating, let it be breastfeeding or proper solid food.

Yet again, you can never be satisfied with only one bib for your baby, so in this article, I will tell you how many bibs you need while preparing your baby’s bag!

Main Points

  • Baby bibs will always help the babies and the parents; especially if babies are messy with their food!
  • Make sure to purchase at least ten pieces of baby bibs; they are indeed essential.
  • Three factors have some key roles in how many bibs you will purchase. They include the washing, age, and feeding schedule.
  • Remember that there are some types of bibs you can choose from, including feeding bibs, drool bibs, bandana bibs, disposable bibs, and long-sleeved bibs.
  • Disposable bibs are known for their affordable prices; you can purchase many of them, at a reasonable price range.

Does My Baby Need Too Many Bibs?

As a parent, you may want to consider that the number of bibs goes higher than anything else you will have to buy for your babies.

Your baby will need ten to fifteen bibs hanging around their room!

Also, I have seen some moms purchase even more, and I wouldn’t say that it is wrong. You can buy twenty bibs if you want. It all depends on you and your baby!

What Affects the Number of Bibs You Have to Buy?

As said above, bibs are required in a more considerable number, but it is related to some factors that play some of the main roles in the number of bibs you need.

Those factors include the laundry, your child’s age, and the feeding schedule. Let me dive deeper into these factors!

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Washing Frequency

Without arguing, the washing frequency or the times you do laundry is one of the primary things that affect the number of bibs you buy for your baby.

The number of bibs can increase and drop simultaneously, depending on how often you do laundry.

For example, if you do laundry every day, you can purchase fewer bibs, but if you do laundry once a week, you may want to have more in your baby’s drawer.

Age of Child

Interestingly enough, the age of your baby also has quite an amount of importance when you choose how many bibs you will need for them.

Babies under six months old don’t have a feeding routine with solid food; instead, they breastfeed or drink bottled milk. Meanwhile, when they become older than six months, they start to find out solid food, which is way messier than liquids.

When breastfeeding, you don’t need a high number of bibs around. But, when they start eating solid food, you may want to increase the number of bibs you purchase.

Feeding Schedule

As I mentioned above, things get out of hand when the turn comes for solid food because babies cannot control the whole eating procedure.

That said, the feeding schedule you have for your babies is super important! If they eat more than three times a day, you need more bibs to have proper and clean clothes for your babies.

However, if your baby doesn’t eat that frequently, you can drop the number of bibs you purchase.

Choosing Some Types of Bibs

Besides knowing how many bibs you need, it is crucial to remember what types of bibs you can purchase and use on your babies.

Bibs come in different forms, and there are a few types you can choose from or make a combination of them.

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Drool Bibs

Hence their name, the drool bibs are made of cotton material mostly, and their job is to absorb drooling that may come out of your baby’s mouth.

Drool bibs are great for babies who are still breastfeeding. These bibs can absorb perfectly the milk that may come out. Also, they are great for the spits of babies after eating or drinking. Consider them as burp cloths.

Feeding Bibs

As I mentioned above, the feeding schedule is paramount and related to solid food, you should know that some bibs are specifically for solid food.

On the top, they look like standard bibs, but on the bottom, they have a pocket that is turned upside. That pocket will gather debris that may fall off of the food your baby is eating.

Most feeding bibs include rubber and plastic; meanwhile, some others include silicone. A feeding bib worth mentioning is the OXO Tot bib which has helped me keep clean my baby’s clothes and the floors.

Disposable Bibs

When something is disposable, it means that you use it once and you throw it away.

Anyways, a disposable bib’s job is basically the same as all others, and the difference stands on that you can’t use them every day, and you can’t put them in your washing machine.

Something worth mentioning is that disposable bibs stay more in the economical and budget choices. Perfect when you travel a lot with your baby!

Bandana Bibs

Bandana bibs are the most common and most used bibs by many people, and bandana means the form of the bib that comes as a triangle.

Most moms choose these types of bibs for their babies as they are super beautiful, and if you are a fashion lover, I am sure you will be super satisfied with them.

Smock Bibs – Long-Sleeved Bibs

Smock bibs, known as long-sleeved bibs, are the best ones to use on your babies if you really hate mess.

Being long-sleeved, these types of bibs won’t allow any dirt in your baby’s clothes in general, and besides protecting the chest of your baby, they also deal with their arms. These bibs are mostly made of polyester fabric.

If you have no idea what smock bibs look like, you may want to check out the Bumkins Sleeved Baby Bib. This bib is the best version of smock baby bibs.

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Final Words

Bibs are the items for babies that a parent should always consider putting on the list when they go shopping for their babies. The article above concludes that you will need to purchase more than ten pieces of baby bibs, and it is more than important to have them around your house.

If you are a traveler, put them in your traveling bag or your baby’s diaper bag. They are super essential pieces for your babies and you as well! Bibs will help parents keep clean the whole surroundings!

I hope you liked what you read thus far in the article, and I hope that now you know and you understood how many bibs you need! Best of luck!

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