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How Many Changing Pad Covers Do I Need? (Exact Amount)

Changing pads are soft materials that are laid out on a flat surface when parents are in the process of changing their baby’s diaper.

Oftentimes, these changing pads require the use of a cover that can come in handy because it prevents from making an additional mess that comes together with changing a diaper.

Because of this, it is often recommended to own more than one changing pad cover in order to have a fresh and clean one every time you need it.

Main Points

  • The process of changing a diaper by using a changing pad cover can become less messy.
  • Usually it is recommended for parents to own at least three changing pad covers because the mess a baby can make is often unpredictable.
  • Changing pad covers are reusable after simply washing them in a washing machine which also makes them practical for parents.
  • The usage of changing pad covers can provide additional comfort for your baby because of their softness.
  • The price of changing pad covers is usually very low so owning more than one is easily achievable for almost anyone.

How Many Changing Pad Covers Do I Need?

The usual recommended amount of changing pad covers that parents need to own is at least three because you never know when your baby is going to make a mess. Changing pad covers can be reused and they are usually easy to maintain which also makes them practical for parents.

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Why Do I Need to Own Changing Pad Covers for My Baby?

Changing the diapers of their babies can be a challenging task for parents because of the mess that comes with it.

Usually, parents easily get the hang of changing their baby’s diapers on a regular basis and after some time, this requirement can become less challenging.

In order to ensure that the surface on which a baby’s diaper is being changed stays clean and mess-free, parents often choose to use a changing pad that is covered with an additional soft fabric called changing pad cover.

The softness of the changing pad covers allows the baby to be comfortably placed on the changing pad as well as keeping everything else clean and unaffected by the droppings from the diaper.

How Is Owning More than One Changing Pad Cover Helpful for Parents?

Owning a changing pad cover is proven to be very practical for parents in order to avoid making a mess everywhere around the diaper changing area. However, it is often recommended that parents buy backup changing pad covers.

The reason for this is that changing pad covers can easily get dirty after changing the baby’s diaper and parents may need a new one multiple times throughout the day.

Having at least three changing pad covers on hand may be the best way of dealing with this problem. The best thing about changing pad covers is that they are not overly costly so anyone can afford more than one changing pad cover.

Apart from the practicality of owning more than one changing pad cover, they are also very easy to maintain. A simple machine wash does the trick without spending much time on cleaning.

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Is Owning Changing Pad Covers a Necessity?

Because of the reason that changing pad covers are known to be very practical due to their ability to protect the changing pad from getting stained, it is recommended that parents have them.

However, this does not mean that changing pad covers are a necessity for every family with a baby. Changing the diaper of your baby on a bare changing pad can also be effective and easy.

The problems that can occur when changing your baby’s diaper on the changing pad are connected to comfort and high maintenance.

Changing pad covers are usually used because they provide comfort for your baby, are easy to clean, and prevent the appearance of stains on the changing pad itself.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Changing Pad Cover

Picking a good changing pad cover may not be the easiest challenge because of the different types that you can find. For this reason, being aware of certain things about changing pad covers may help you discover the type that is most suitable for your baby:

Comfortable Material

In order for a changing pad cover to be comfortable for your baby, it needs to be produced from soft materials that do not cause irritations on the skin. Materials such as natural cotton may be the best option for your baby.


Natural materials such as cotton are known to be highly absorbent. Due to this, a changing pad cover produced from natural material will successfully absorb any wetness.


Certain brands can go over the top when it comes to selling changing pad covers with the claim that their products are produced from the most high-quality materials. However, there are many other options that are very affordable and also effective when it comes to buying changing pad covers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need more than one changing pad cover?

It is often recommended that parents own more than one changing pad cover in order to ensure that they have a fresh and clean one every time they need it during the process of changing their baby’s diaper.

How often do I have to change a changing pad cover?

The amount of times a changing pad cover should be changed depends on how often it gets dirty and how frequently you wash the laundry.

Do you need to own changing pad covers?

Owning changing pad covers is not a necessity, but they can be very practical and easier to clean in comparison to changing your baby’s diaper on a changing pad without a cover.

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Final Words

Parents are usually in the need of having options and clean items whenever the process of changing their baby’s diaper becomes complicated and messy.

For this reason, buying a cover for your changing pad may save you from a lot of trouble. However, buying more changing covers can help you, even more, when you require a constantly clean diaper-changing area for your baby.

The affordability of changing pad covers allows the majority of parents to buy at least three so that they can change their baby’s diaper on a clean and soft material.

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