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How Many Burp Cloths Do I Need? (Well Explained)

If the list that you are making for your new coming baby isn’t already completed, make sure to add some burp clothes to it! I am more than sure that you will need them!

What are burp cloths? How many of them do you need? Are they really important? To find the answers to these questions and some other information regarding burp clothes in general, stick until the end of today’s article!

Main Points

  • Burp cloths are baby garments that will help in the absorption of all the spit that comes out of babies when they are fully fed. 
  • Having more burp clothes is always better and you should have from ten to fourteen burp cloths laying around your room when you feed your baby.
  • The best fabric for baby burp cloths, generally, is cotton; it is perfectly absorbent and very soft. 
  • The bigger the size of the burp cloth, the better for you! It will help with the baby’s spit and it will protect your clothes as well.
  • You must wash burp cloths immediately after use because the spit of your baby shouldn’t stay in there for too long. 

What Are Burp Clothes?

Bur cloths are some essential pieces of a garment your baby will surely need. After feeding your kids, they tend to make a burp and spit. A burp cloth will deal with that spit in a blink of an eye because they are absorbent cloths that will not let anything move around.

Also, burp clothes absorb vomit and drool so they come in handy for everything you need in order to keep the baby’s surroundings completely clean.

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So, What Is The Exact Number of Burp Clothes I Need?

Babies get fed more than twice a day, and burp clothes surely need to be there whatever they do, whether you breastfeed them, they drink bottled milk, or they have started eating solid food.

Based on that, you will need ten to fourteen burp clothes packed in your baby’s bag! If you are becoming parents of twins, make sure to double that number.

I know that this number may be too high for some pieces of cloth, but based on everything that I mentioned above regarding what burp clothes are, you will surely need them.

Advice From Me: I use the amazing Burt’s Bees Baby, and they come as a package. I am super-satisfied with them as they have an impressive absorption and I can choose different designs.

What Fabric Should a Burp Cloth Be?

Burp cloths are made of different fabrics, but still, you may know that cotton is a step further when compared to the other ones. By the way, most baby garments are made of cotton as it is the best fabric to ever have contact with a baby’s skin.

Anyways, burp cloths need to be absorbent and soft at the same time, and cotton really does that!

How to Use Burp Cloths?

Burp cloths are not put on the baby, so don’t confuse them with bibs. A burp cloths place is on the should of the parent, whether it is the mom or the dad.

Just put it on the shoulder and help your babies burp on your shoulder so that the spit won’t go somewhere else around the room. I put it on my shoulder because after feeding my baby I hold him in my arms vertically.

Yet again, I have seen some moms put them on their knees and over a nursing pillow. I haven’t done it myself, but still, it sounds pretty logical if you feed the babies while having them in your lap or if you breastfeed and use a nursing pillow.

Burp Cloths for Your Baby – Things to Know

After everything I mentioned above, there are a few things that I want to mention, all related to burp cloths in general.

So, the material is an important factor in finding a burp cloth for your baby, but there are some other things that you should have some considerations in mind, but also you should think about other things as well.

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Shape and Size

Even though it may sound weird somehow, the shape of a burp cloth has an interesting importance on the ones you choose. There goes the size as well!

The shape and the size of a burp cloth will always tell how much of your clothes will become dirty. When choosing a round shape and a big size of burp cloth, you will be protecting yourself as well.


Durability is quite an important factor you should have in mind related to burp cloths overall. You don’t want to use disposable burp cloths because there is no end to the expenses you will have.

Make sure to choose durable and thick burp cloths for your babies so that you can use them longer.


Washing baby items may be boring for you, but you should know that burp cloths are a kind of garment that requires to be washed.

In fact, it is a must to wash burp cloths just after one use. Keeping them safe and clean is one of the first things everybody should keep in mind while maintaining overall baby garments or items.

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Final Words

Altogether, burp cloths for your baby are some of the most important things you should always have laying around in your room or your baby’s room.

They are quite essential items that help you with the cleaning procedure, so the spit of your baby won’t be moving around the room in any way.

I know that the number of burp cloths I mentioned in the article above may sound too much for you, but still, you know that having more baby items in your surrounding is better for you and the baby too. Plus, burp cloths for babies come in different price ranges, and all of them are quite affordable.

I hope that in the article above you have found everything you needed to know, from the question of how many burp cloths you need for your babies to everything related to them.

Good luck and don’t forget to pack fourteen burp cloths in your bags!

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