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How Many Swaddles Do I Need? (Detailed Answer)

Newborn necessities never end, and a few things will catch your attention. In a list of outfits, the things you need for your baby, you will see swaddles. They are mandatory items for your baby, but you should know how many of them you need to pack.

How many swaddles do I need? It is the question and the aim of today’s article! Alongside the answer to this question, you will also find other important information related to baby swaddled!

Main Points

  • Two swaddles are enough in case you are preparing your baby’s bag. 
  • You can increase the number of swaddles since it is all based on your preferences.
  • There are a few things that play a huge role in choosing the exact number of swaddles you need.
  • Swaddles can help your baby in many things, as there are a lot of benefits. 
  • Important: Swaddles help prevent scratches, startle reflexes, and most importantly, they can prevent SIDS. 

What is the Exact Number of Swaddles My Baby Need?

Swaddling a baby means offering them better sleep and more comfort. A short answer to the question that you asked is that you need two swaddles!

When you choose two swaddles you can wash one while using the other one, and vice versa.

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Choosing the Right Swaddle – Can I Buy More?

You surely can buy more swaddles, and you can increase the number of two that I mentioned above. Yet again, you should know that the exact number of swaddles you need for your baby varies in different things: laundry, season, materials, affordability, and sizes.

How does the number of swaddles rely on these things? Let’s find out!


If you are a perfectionist related to having clean clothes and garments for your babies, you surely wash those garments frequently.

Well, you can increase the number of swaddles you will buy for your newborn. A crucial fact to mention is that babies cannot control themselves by making messes of all kinds. They can create dirt of any kind and they can destroy swaddles quite easily.

In this case, if your baby is one of them, you can buy more than two swaddles for them.


Your baby may be born in different seasons, and this fact can make a big difference in the number of swaddles you want to buy for your baby.

For example, I have seen many moms wrapping their babies in two swaddles at the same time when the temperatures drop too much during winter, even though I wouldn’t prefer it, still, it is your choice.

However, you can buy three or four swaddles when the winter is here, especially if you dry flat swaddles in general. There is no way that during winter they will be dried as they do during summer.


Some babies are allergic to some kinds of materials and those materials can cause an extreme rash on the babies’ skin.

Better choose swaddles with different materials in order to find the best one for your baby. I use cotton swaddles mostly because they are more comfortable and my children love them. Although, not all babies are the same.

Find four swaddles with different materials until you can see that your baby loves any material the swaddle has.


If you can afford to buy more than two swaddles, buy ten, it is completely up to you! Still, I want to mention that swaddles are really affordable and you can buy as much as you want.


Depending on your baby, swaddles, just like baby clothes, come in sizes as well and you may need two pairs of them. That makes four swaddles in number. Of course, it is related to your preferences, if you want to use swaddles for a longer time.

A 34 x 34 inches swaddle will do perfectly fine for your babies until they are three months old. After three months, you may want to choose a 43 x 43 inches swaddle.

Are Swaddles Important for My Baby? – Do They Help?

Swaddles are quite vital garments that moms need when they just gave birth to a little soul. They do help a lot and there are many benefits to using swaddles to wrap your babies.

Startle Reflex

A startle reflex in babies means the immediate reactions they may have while they are sleeping. When wrapped in a swaddle, your baby will always have a better nap time. You, as a parent, will also sleep well while having in mind that there is no kind of reflex.

Colic Babies

Swaddles are known to be great helpers when your babies are crying too much! Colic in babies is prolonged crying even though they are completely healthy.

While in a swaddle, your baby is completely comfortable and there is no crying going around.


Babies move around a lot and their hands are always running around on their faces and bodies. While doing so, they can make some scratches on themselves.

When using a swaddle, you completely avoid scratches on your babies as their hands are in the swaddle while allowing no movement.


Pillows, blankets, or any toy (stuffed toy) in your baby’s crib are never a good idea. Something that is super viral to know is that there is SIDS – a syndrome that relates to sudden infant death and swaddles have the capability of avoiding and preventing that!

Swaddles will prevent it by just wrapping your baby’s body and they won’t cause any harm related to breathability.

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Final Words

How many swaddles do I need? The exact number of swaddles that many people prefer stands on two, but as you read in the article above, you can notice that the numbers can change, all based on your preferences. Yet again, two are essential!

As said above, swaddles are comfortable items for your babies, and purchasing some of them is something you should do even before your baby has come.

So, this is it! I hope the article that you read was a service in helping you choose the number of swaddles for your babies.

Don’t forget to pack two swaddles when preparing the bag for your coming baby! Good luck!

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